Treatment of prostatitis with herbs: the most effective prescription. Treatment of prostatitis with herbs and folk remedies at home

Prostatitis, unfortunately, is one of the most common male ailments. He is subject to every second representative of the strong half of humanity in the age range of 22-50 years. Medicine has provided many treatment regimens for this disease. However, do not forget about the time-tested national recipes. They are able to become the strongest support for drug therapy. And in the early stages you can do without medication, practicing only the treatment of prostatitis with herbs. The most effective prescription will allow a man to say goodbye quickly with unpleasant symptoms. But remember that only the therapy that will be agreed with the doctor will benefit.

treatment of prostatitis with herbs is the most effective prescription

Advantages of herbal therapy

Can popular recipes benefit? Treatment of prostatitis with herbs at home involves the use of various infusions, decoctions, juices, which include medicinal plants, donated by nature. What are the advantages of phytotherapy?

The benefits of treatment are as follows:

  1. Most people perfectly tolerate the treatment of medicinal plants.
  2. Phytotherapy does not provoke a number of side effects.
  3. If necessary, use infusions and decoctions allowed for a long time( about 1.5-2 years).At the same time, one should not worry about the harmful effects of drugs on other systems and organs. Recipes of phytotherapy do not have a negative effect on the body.
  4. During treatment, you will not experience hypovitaminosis or dysbacteriosis.
  5. Herbs are characterized by a complex effect. Therefore, except for the treatment of the underlying disease, you ensure the recovery of the whole organism.

Unfortunately, some men completely underestimate the folk treatment of prostatitis with herbs. Meanwhile, prescription phytotherapy helps to eliminate painful urination, reduce pain, improve bowel function.

Infusion of hemlock and celandine

So, what is the treatment of prostatitis with herbs? The most effective recipe is infusion of hemlock and celandine. However, with such a tool you need to be extremely careful. Do not forget that hemlock is poisonous grass, so it requires careful treatment! Be sure to consult with your doctor!

treatment with herbs prostatitis in men

You will need 0.5 tbsp.l.each herb. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Pour the herbal composition with alcohol( 100 g).Ten days, insist in a dark room. Be sure to strain it.

The drug should be used according to a certain scheme. A remedy is used before breakfast, once a day. On the first day in a glass of plain water or milk, add 1 drop of medicine. The next day the dose is increased to 2 drops. The procedure is repeated every day. On the 30th day you need to add 30 drops to the glass. After this day, the countdown goes in the opposite direction until you reach 1 drop.

Aspen bark

Treatment with herbs for prostatitis in men can bring a significant improvement in the condition. But do not forget that you should first discuss the method you chose with your doctor.

An excellent medicine is the aspen bark. Collect such a component is necessary in the spring, until the moment when buds will dissolve. The period of harvesting coincides with the beginning of the sap movement - this is the end of April.

The bark of aspen should be no more than 5 mm thick. Collect this ingredient, dry it in the oven or in the shade.

To make a healing drink, dry the bark( 100 g) to grind. Pour the powder into the jar. Top with ordinary vodka( 200 g).Close the jar and take it to a dark place. Insist the drug should be about 2 weeks, after which the medicine is filtered.

Use the remedy before eating, three times a day. It is necessary to dilute 20 drops of tincture into ¼ cup of liquid. The received amount of the drug, with daily intake, is designed for 2-3 months.

Pumpkin seeds

The treatment of prostatitis with herbs and folk remedies will be very beneficial. Since ancient times, the healing power of pumpkin seeds is known. This product contains a large number of zinc, which is simply necessary for men's health.

treatment of prostatitis with herbs at home

Improve your condition and ease the course of prostatitis will allow the following recommendation. Before each meal take 30 sunflower seeds. This will provide the body with the necessary amount of zinc.

A popular method of treatment is the production of pumpkin balls. Such a medicine will perfectly help with the prostate. In addition, it has a pleasant taste. You will need non-roasted pumpkin seeds in the amount of 500 g. They are twisted in a meat grinder and mixed with honey( 200 g).From the resulting mass, form small balls, the size of a chocolate candy.

The medicine is stored in the refrigerator. Daily before meals, about half an hour, you need to slowly dissolve 1 ball. This procedure is repeated 2 times a day.


If you turned your attention to the treatment of prostatitis with herbs, the most effective recipe is easy to find - it was provided by nature itself.

It is necessary to brew tea from 1 tsp.a leavened beetle and 250 g of boiling water. Drink recommended to insist 15-30 minutes. Before drinking, do not forget to strain the tea.

For therapeutic purposes, this remedy is taken half an hour before breakfast and dinner. A single dose of the drug is 200 g of liquid.

This therapy lasts 15 days. During the application of tea, it is useful to make microclysters from warm milk.

Excellent tincture

Phytotherapists claim that nature generously provided a person with medicines, you just need to be able to consider the healing power of herbs. In addition, it is important to understand how to properly combine plants, so that they provide the maximum benefit.

folk treatment of prostatitis with herbs

The following herbal infusions for prostatitis are often used:

  1. Mix corn stalks with stigmas( 10 g), hernia nude herbs( 10 g), flowers of blue cornflower( 10 g), bearberry leaves( 15 g).Add the buds of birch( 15 g), horsetail field( 5 g) and root of elderberry( 15 g).It is necessary to make tea from such a mixture. The proportions are as follows: 100 medicinal compositions are filled with 1 liter of boiling water. The drink is insisted for 12 hours in the heat. After filtration, it is advisable to drink this remedy for 1 day.
  2. Stock up with the following components: a mistletoe white, corn stalks with stigmas, goose grass, goose pepper, burdock root. All ingredients will need 15 g. Stir the ingredients. This mixture, take 1 tbsp.l. Pour it with a glass of boiling water. To combat prostatitis it is recommended to take 2-3 times a day for this medicine per 1 glass.

treatment of prostatitis with herbs and folk remedies

Tincture from Kalanchoe

This plant will help you get rid of the disease. To make effective products, you can use one of the following recipes:

  1. Shred the leaves of the Kalanchoe. You will need 1 glass of this ingredient. Pour it with vodka - 500 ml. Five days a drug should be infused. Use the drug for 1 tsp.per day. This procedure continues until the patient feels relief from the symptoms. Then it is recommended to take 1 tsp once a week.of this facility.
  2. Leaflets of Kalanchoe( 100 g), pass through the meat grinder. Pour the ingredient with vodka( 200 g).The agent must be insisted for 20 days. After that, strain it. Use three times a day for 1 tsp. The medicine very quickly relieves pain.

infusions of herbs for the treatment of prostatitis

Collection of herbs

For the treatment of prostatitis, healers recommend the use of special plants in a properly selected ratio.

Excellent results will provide the following fees:

  1. Take in equal proportions of birch leaves, grass horsetail, common hazel. This composition will need 4 tbsp.l. Pour the mixture with a liter of water. Boil the mixture for 5-7 minutes. Then within 1 hour, persist the medication. Three times a day, use it for 0.5 cup.
  2. You will need leaves of birch, cranberries. To them, add goat's goose, sage, grass of nettle, and also field horsetail. These components are joined in equal amounts. To prepare a remedy, you need to take 2 tbsp.l.mixture and pour them with boiling water( 300 ml).Minutes 15, heat the mixture in a water bath, and then allow the drug to stand for 1 hour.

collection of herbs for the treatment of prostatitis

How to take decoctions and tinctures?

Remember: if you are serious about treating prostatitis with herbs, the most effective prescription is one that is completely right for you and will be approved by your doctor.

The course of herbs treatment is usually 1 month. Then it is recommended to take a short break - for 10 days. After this interval, you can resume either the old course of treatment, or pick up another means to combat the disease.