"Erectovit": reviews of doctors and buyers

What is "Erectovit" for? The doctors' comments indicate that this drug belongs to dietary supplements. And it's for men. He restores an erection and increases the potency. A biologically active additive in the form of balm is produced. Due to this, all active substances are rapidly absorbed and act after the first use.


Good or not dietary supplements "Erectovit"?Reviews note that the supplement is designed to increase the sexual activity of men, regardless of age. Balm of vegetable origin, suitable for long-term use, since it is not a medical product. The peculiarity is that "Erectovit" rarely causes side effects. Active components of dietary supplements do not accumulate in the blood and are safe if they are used simultaneously with other supplements or medicines.
erectovit reviews

After receiving "Erectovita" blood actively poured to the organs of the small pelvis and causes an erection. The following changes also occur. Increase:

  • duration of erection;
  • amount of lubricant and semen;
  • mental and physical activity.
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If you drink "Erectovit" for a long period of time, the condition of the reproductive system improves, that is, the mobility of spermatozoa increases. The drug is popular due to not only the composition of plant origin, but also a wide range of action. It well removes inflammation, has an antioxidant effect, lowers cholesterol in the blood, promotes the collection of muscle mass, regenerates connective and bone tissue.

Composition of

What does "erectovit" consist of? Customer reviews confirm that the remedy is completely herbal. It contains natural components.

The root of ginger. Improves the function of the reproductive system, stimulates libido, positively affects the composition of the blood, leads to normal blood pressure.

Extract of longleaf eurycoma. Increases the sensitivity of the penis, increases tone, stimulates blood circulation.

Honey Improves the work of the heart, the nervous system, makes the vessels more elastic, enhances excitement and attraction.

Zinc. Responsible for producing testosterone.

Royal royal jelly. Positively affects the general condition of the human body.

Selenium .It synthesizes hormones, increases the erection.

Vitamins C and E. Improve physical activity, well-being, fight against viruses, nourish cells of organs and tissues, increase their elasticity and elasticity.

Pumpkin oil .It removes inflammatory processes, accelerates the regeneration of cells.

L-arginine. Brings the smooth muscles of the penis into tone, normalizes blood circulation.

erektovit reviews of doctors

Men with problems in the intimate sphere are recommended "Erectovit."The opinions of the majority agree that the dietary supplement really helps.

Indications for use

What is written in the instruction "Erectovita"?Reviews of doctors advise to take dietary supplements, following the recommendations of the manufacturer. The main indications include ejaculation disorders, unstable erection, hormonal failure, low semen quality, chronic prostatitis."Erectovit" should be drunk as an auxiliary medicine for the prevention of infertility. Thanks to the fact that only natural ingredients are present in the composition, the balm restores the general strength of the organism, increases physical endurance, vitality, strengthens reproductive function, rejuvenates, strengthens immunity, and is used as a preventive tool for age-related malnutrition.

Supplements are not recommended to drink alone, without the appointment of a doctor. The supplement is advised if a man has hormonal disorders, infertility, prostatic hyperplasia, inflammation of the urinary tract, genital organs, including cystitis. Sometimes, a biological active supplement "Erectovit" is prescribed for men after surgical interventions as a restorative therapy, as well as for the prevention of malignant neoplasms, asthenia, the syndrome of "chronic fatigue".

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Long-term non-healing wounds, cuts, infections, viral diseases, dystrophy, unbalanced nutrition, increased mental and physical loads are indications for taking dietary supplements. In addition, "Erectovit" strengthens the heart, blood vessels, is considered an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. The intake of antibiotics during viral diseases, nervous tension, hypertension, neuroses - all this is an indication for the use of a male drug.

instruction Next. How to take "erectovit" correctly? In the instructions for use, and the reviews confirm this, explains in detail how to drink balm. It is recommended to take a drug of twenty grams( four tea boxes) in the morning, washing down with water. Before use, balm should be stirred. The course of BAA intake is twenty days, after which you should take a break for ten days. For a sustainable effect, the rate is repeated up to three times a year. After opening the bottle it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator.

erektovit instructions reviews


In what cases it is impossible to drink "Erectovit"?The reviews confirm that the dietary supplement can harm the health if there is an individual intolerance to the components, liver, kidney, vessel, heart disease, a violation of carbohydrate metabolism, hypertension, CNS pathology, including neurosis. Do not use the drug for men under 18 years and women, as well as people after a heart attack. Before taking it, you should always consult a doctor.
erectovit instructions for use and reviews

Side effects of

Is it worth taking "erectovit"?Reviews of doctors and contraindications - this is something that you need to pay attention to during the purchase. A man may have redness on the skin, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of strength, a rash, an allergic reaction, an upset of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, vomiting, bloating, and diarrhea. Such adverse reactions have a short-term character. But their intensity increases if you take BUD along with alcoholic beverages. Overdosing causes nausea, vomiting, chills, headache, but not intoxication of the body. If "Erectovit" is taken in large quantities, it causes a deterioration in well-being.


How much does "erectovit" cost? This is a completely affordable product, available in the form of balm. If you use it for one course, the price of dietary supplements will not seem too high."Erectovit" from the manufacturer LLC "Amulet of Health" costs 1050 rubles per 100 ml. Quite an acceptable cost.

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"Erectovit": feedback from

What do patients say? Does the "erectovit" really help? Customer testimonials confirm his positive influence on the body and the genital area. Men note that after the course of the course pain gradually decreases with potency and problems with urination. Supplements relieve nervous tension, and thanks to natural ingredients, it does not hurt men in their ages."Erectovit" gives confidence in their abilities, really improves the erection, stimulates the production of hormones. The drug enhances sexual attraction to the partner, and also helps relieve tension.

The plus is that the supplement is able to normalize sleep. Judging by the reviews, it reduces night urination to urinate. The drug intake increases the sexual act, strengthens the body, relieves prostatitis, fights against its cause and symptoms. Some men claim that "Erectovit" did not help them. Despite the natural composition, BAD has many contraindications and side effects. However, doctors recommend it as a means to prevent heart disease and the central nervous system.