How is cervical erosion treated in the clinic?

It is customary to call erosion a process during which a wound forms on the surface of the epithelium. A similar phenomenon occurs with abrasions on the leg or arm. There are external and internal wound surface. Erosion in the cervix is ​​a very common manifestation related to internal wounds on the mucous membrane. This is a benign process, which is observed in almost all women. How is cervical erosion treated? Sometimes this conditional ailment can pass itself to the full healing. But with the progressing process of this disease, you can earn oncology. In fact, erosion is an ordinary defect in the upper layer of the epithelium covering the vagina and part of the cervix.

Medicine considers erosion in two versions: ectopia and the present disease. Pseudo-erosion is essentially a displacement of the cell borders that lining the entire inner canal of the uterine neck outside the pharynx( external).The present disease is accompanied by complete rejection of cells with the manifestation of defects in the cervical integumentary tissues. To determine such an ailment as erosion of the cervix, photos are taken using a special endoscope. This device allows you to consider any, even the most minor, damage to the epithelium. Such a medical device is very effective in diagnosing erosion and other diseases. In addition, doctors perform a complete cytological and bacteriological analysis, as well as examining not only the cervix, but all the birth canal. Sometimes you have to do ultrasound if the results of the studies are bad, and the disease is not found. Histological examination is also performed.

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How is cervical erosion treated? The disease manifests itself specifically and does not last long. Within literally three to five weeks, it completely passes. But this spontaneous recovery does not happen in every case. If you do not eliminate the causes that cause the ailment, then the affected area begins to grow from other parts of the cells. In this case, the main problem is precisely these cells: they have other properties and perform other functions. Therefore, such a disease can develop into an oncological disease. Erosion can be caused by sexual infection or mechanical damage. It can also be associated with reduced immunity.

Women who have found this disease, want to know how to treat cervical erosion? There are several ways: laser destruction( burning out), treatment with radio waves, electrocoagulation, tablets, cryodestruction. At once I would like to clarify that you can not help here with candles, tablets and tinctures alone. Conservative methods of treatment can give only a temporary effect. If it is a complete cure, then it is better to use surgical methods. Where is cervical erosion treated? Of course, in the hospital! First, the production of hormones is normalized and the inflammatory processes and accompanying diseases are eliminated. This will enable the body to get rid of erosion on its own. If the disease does not go away, radical methods - surgery - are in play. This allows one hundred percent to get rid of the disease. The use of such radical methods is allowed for women who already have a child, otherwise a cervical spike can lead to complications in childbirth in the future.

How is cervical erosion treated with folk remedies? If the disease manifested itself as a result of a decrease in immunity, then you can improve your health with phytotherapy. Usually women are advised to use steam baths with the use of sea buckthorn oil, decoction of the clay fillet, etc. Tea and tinctures on medicinal plants also help quite well. But all the same it is better to apply for qualified help to a specialist.