Ointment "Levomethyl Pro": instructions for use, indications

It's no secret to anyone that purulent wounds heal very long. Moreover, such lesions are often infected with mixed flora, which leads to serious complications. levomethyl about application instruction

What means can you treat such pathological conditions? The drug "Levomethyl", the price of which is indicated below, is suitable for this best. About how to use the mentioned tool, we will discuss further.

Packaging, form of the preparation, its composition

"Levomethyl" white ointment or yellowish shade contains methyluracil and levomycetin, as well as auxiliary constituents.

This product is intended for external use( local).It is available in an aluminum tube of 30 g or a polymer can.

The principle of the external agent( ointment)

What is a drug such as "Levomethyl Pro"?Instructions for use indicate that it is a combination drug that is actively used for topical application.

The ointment in question has an anti-inflammatory or so-called dehydrating effect, and it also has antimicrobial properties.

Specialists confidently state that this medication is active against such gram-negative and gram-positive microbes as staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and intestinalis.

"Levomethyl" ointment easily penetrates into deep layers of tissues and does not damage biological membranes. In addition, this agent well stimulates regeneration processes. ointment levomethyl

What other properties are characteristic for the drug "Levomethyl Pro"?Instruction for use informs that even in the presence of necrotic masses and pus, the antibacterial effect of this drug is completely preserved.

Indications for the use of external ointment

In what cases is used a drug such as "Levomethyl Pro"?The instruction for use says that this drug treats well purulent wounds( including those infected with a mixed flora) in the first stage of the wound process( that is, purulent-necrotic).

Prohibitions on the use of

external medicine According to the instructions attached to the ointment, this medication does not have a serious list of contraindications. It is not advised to use it only for hypersensitivity to active or additional components.

"Levomethyl Pro" medication: Instructions for use

The ointment in question is used only topically. She thoroughly impregnated napkins from gauze( sterile), after which they loosely fill the existing wound.

It is also possible to administer this drug into the purulent cavity through a drainage tube or a so-called catheter using a syringe. To perform this procedure, the ointment should be preheated to 35-37 degrees. levomethyl and levomecol

Dressings should be performed every day or once every two days until the wounds are completely cleansed of the purulent necrotic masses.

Side effects

What are the consequences of improper use of the drug in question? The instruction states that when applying the medicament in excess quantities, as well as with individual intolerance of its ingredients, allergic reactions may develop in patients.

Similar drugs, synonyms for

Synonyms for Levomethyl are Levomecol( in the form of an ointment for external use) and Netran. As for the analogs, they include the following drugs: "Levomycetin", "Levosin", salicylic-zinc paste, "Lingezin", "Protegmentina ointment", "Fastin", "Streptonitol".

Preparations "Levomethyl" and "Levomekol" are the same?

This question is often asked by patients who need an inexpensive, but at the same time, effective drug for the treatment of purulent wounds. Only an experienced doctor can answer it. Therefore, before using one of these means should always consult a doctor.

Specialists claim that Levomethyl and Levomekol are synonymous drugs. In other words, they contain the same active substances. They also have the same properties and indications for use. left price

The only difference between these tools is their manufacturer. By the way, it is for this reason that the prices of these drugs can be quite different( "Levomethyl" - about 30 rubles, "Levomekol" - about 60 rubles).