How do liquefied blood drain folk remedies? Products that dilute blood. Preparations

In all the golden mean is desirable, and any deviations from the norm are fraught with bad consequences. This applies to the density of blood. If it is inadequate, some health problems may arise, but if there are others, there may be some.

Than the dense blood is dangerous

Some people have increased blood clotting. On the one hand, there is a plus in this: a man whose veins flow a thick liquid, is unlikely to die from hemorrhage. His wounds heal very quickly and often by themselves. But the cons, alas, much more. how liquefy blood is liquefied

Viscous, rapidly curling blood tends to form blood clots that clog vessels. And this is a direct road to a heart attack or stroke. In addition, the slow flow of blood through the veins causes oxygen starvation of tissues and a deficiency of nutrients in the body, which negatively affects its work. Immunity decreases, a person feels sluggish and tired, loses interest in life, and persistent headaches, varicose veins, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis are still flowers.

Unpleasantness can be avoided if one knows how thin the blood is liquefied. This article - to help all those suffering increased viscosity of blood.

Blood thinning products

In order to reduce the viscosity of blood, first of all it is necessary to conduct an audit in your refrigerator and correctly plan the ration. After all, why poison yourself with chemistry if you can just eat right? Sea fish and other seafood, sea kale, linseed and olive oil, ceps, apple cider vinegar, coffee, cocoa, red wine, bitter chocolate, oatmeal, nuts, spices, garlic and onions - these products must be on the menu,as liquefy the thick blood. Dishes cooked with their use become a medicine in themselves, and thus a person combines pleasure with usefulness - deliciously eats and solves the problem with health. All of the above is in stores all year round and is available for everyone. thick blood as liquefied

With regard to seasonal products, it is easiest to answer the question of how to thin the thick blood in summer or autumn. This is a period when fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, green beans, eggplants, melons, cherries, strawberries, celery, zucchini, beets, apples and other natural gifts are perfectly in abundance, perfectly absorbing the viscosity.

But in winter you should not be discouraged. In addition to the above-mentioned "demi-season" products, the buyer has lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits and other citrus fruits that perfectly handle the task.

What to refuse

For those who wonder how liquefying dense blood is not from idle interest, it is very important not to aggravate the situation. That is, at least limit the consumption of ingredients that perform opposite functions.

Viscosity of blood increases foods rich in vitamin K. These are bananas, cabbage, kiwi, avocado, green vegetables( such as lettuce or spinach), some cereals( buckwheat, lentils, etc.), mountain ash, pomegranates and grapes, as well as juices from them.

It is noteworthy that food, traditionally considered harmful to health( fatty meat, smoked meat, canned food, sausage, cream, etc.), also serves as a thickener of blood. It is desirable to be more careful with her. Meat can be consumed, but not fat, and limit it to several servings per week. But you need to drink more - at least two liters of water, green tea or natural juice without sugar per day.

how to thin the thick blood in summer

Those who have too much blood should also avoid herbs such as nettle, plantain, horsetail, tansy, valerian, St. John's Wort, shepherd's bag, yarrow, etc.

Traditional medicine: herbs that dilute the thick blood

Traditional medicineknows the answer to almost any question about the treatment of diseases. And in many cases it serves as an excellent alternative to traditional medicine, which often not only heals but also maims.

How to dilute dense blood folk remedies with the help of herbs, it was known even to our great-grandmothers, who did not know what doctors and hospitals are. They had to look for salvation in improvised means, because many people died from the "blow", as well as from problems with blood vessels, and droppers, intensive therapy, heart surgery and other therapies appeared relatively recently. what kind of grass dilutes the dense blood

So, what kind of grass dilutes the thickest blood best? As saviors are good bitter wormwood, licorice root, red clover, hawthorn, lemon balm, medicinal gazleg, vyazolistnaya tagolga, chicory, red clover, sweet potato, ginkgo biloba, acacia, mulberry and aspirin's predecessor - willow bark.

The most powerful means in terms of liquefaction is the horse chestnut, on which many recipes are based.

The most effective recipes

But it is not enough to know what foods and herbs are useful to people with too much blood. It is also necessary to be able to apply them correctly. How to dilute dense blood folk methods, will tell the following recipes:

  1. Fifty grams of horse chestnut peel chop and pour half a liter of vodka. Hide for two weeks in a dark place. After that, strain and drink on a teaspoon two or three times a day for half an hour before meals, diluting a quarter of a glass of warm water.
  2. Two or three medium sized garlic heads cleaned and chopped. Fold in a glass jar and pour vodka to the brim.14 days to keep in a dark place. Always shake once every three days. After 2 weeks, strain and mix the infusion with the same amount of honey and lemon juice. Stir well. Take once a day on a tablespoon at night.
  3. Grind the root of the ginger and mix with a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of green tea. Pour 400 grams of boiling water. A little to insist, strain, add juice half a lemon and a little honey( for taste).Drink during the day in several visits.
  4. One tablespoon of dry sweet clover pour 200 grams of boiling water. Infuse for three hours. Drink 60-70 grams every day. The course of treatment is a month.
  5. Grind and mix in equal proportions herb wormwood, vulgaris vulgaris and sweet potato. In the evening, a tablespoon of this collection, pour a glass of boiling water. In the morning, strain and drink in three portions - before breakfast, lunch and dinner. The course of treatment is a month.

how to dilute dense blood with folk remedies

Blood thinning during pregnancy

Quite often, women who had not previously known such problems, staying in an interesting situation, suddenly find out that they have thick blood. How to liquefy during pregnancy? What can and can not be? And than such situation threatens?

Blood clotting in expectant mothers may increase for various reasons, including metabolic disorders, intake of iron-containing drugs, restriction of fluid intake( to avoid edema), etc. If abnormalities are significant, the problem can not be left without attention. Too thick blood is fraught with varicose veins, thrombi, oxygen starvation, heart attacks, strokes and miscarriages. thick blood as liquefaction during pregnancy

Because during pregnancy, taking medications is limited, women are left with only folk methods, which can also be used only after consulting a doctor. It is best to do without medicines at all and dilute blood by eating the right foods. Their list is given above.

And only in the extreme case the doctor can prescribe pregnant such, for example, drugs, like "Flebodia", "Cardiomagnum" and the like.

What does traditional medicine say?

And what does official medicine say to other patients? If thick blood, how to dilute it? For a long time, aspirin was considered a universal tool that reduces blood coagulability. It is now recommended to take even for the prevention of people at risk. A quarter of a tablet a day. But we must remember that aspirin is cunning. It dilutes the blood, while having a lot of side effects. Therefore, doctors recommend to replace it with more gentle options. This, for example, "Aspekard", "Warfarin", "Fenilin" and others.

herbs liquefying thick blood


As mentioned above, everything should be in moderation. And treatment including. People who have thick blood, how to dilute it, now know. But God forbid, that we did not have to look for "thickeners" in an emergency order! After all, you can so liquefy that the dangerous internal bleeding will open. .. Therefore, the main precaution is not to overdo it! And be sure to consult a doctor.