How does a fracture occur?

The increased attention of a strong half of mankind to "man's dignity" at many people causes smiles. However, the penis deserves careful and careful treatment, because in its essence it is a very vulnerable organ and, despite the fact that there are no bones in it, fractures do happen. Moreover, such a trauma as a fracture of a member, unfortunately, is not uncommon. And it is worth noting that a man who received such damage, needs the obligatory help of doctors.

Reasons for a fracture of the male genital organ

A man can get a similar injury only while in a state of sexual arousal during erection. Most often, a fracture of the penis happens due to careless behavior with sexual intimacy of partners. For example, with sexual contact in any unusual poses or with aggressive sexual intercourse. The cause of the injury can be severe careless partner movements during sex. The inexorable statistic says that almost 60% of the fractures of men are obtained by having sex with a partner in the position of "rider".The closer the lady to the peak of the sensations, the more active and sharper she moves, while the phallus can suddenly jump out and hit hard on the pubic bone, or the bone of the thigh or perineum. As a result, a man can get a fracture of the penis.

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Signs of a fracture

As a rule, fracture is accompanied by an unpleasant crunchy sound, characteristic for ruptures of cavernous bodies, after which a man feels a sharp severe pain. Erection stops instantly, the penis begins to swell due to severe internal bleeding. The hematoma grows almost in front of the eyes, acquiring a blue-violet dark color, and the pain becomes more intense, after which a shock may occur. In addition, a fracture of the penis may cause the urethra to be obstructed, after which it is impossible to empty the bladder.

What should I do if I have a fracture?

Despite the appalling external picture of damage and severe pain, one should maintain self-control, since this damage is avoidable, provided timely medical assistance is provided. Therefore, immediately you should go to the doctor's office or call an ambulance, or about any psychological difficulties in this case, it should not go.

Penile fracture - treatment of

In the hospital, the patient will undergo ultrasound together with dopplerographic mapping, which improves the quality of diagnosis, and X-ray studies such as urethrography and cavernosography.

The size of the lesion of the gall bladder and the severity of the hematoma that caused the fracture of the penis affect the purpose of treating the injury. If the hemorrhage is extensive, with the help of surgical intervention, the hematoma will be opened. The doctor will do everything necessary to remove the accumulated blood clots, stop the bleeding, eliminate the defects of the cavernous bodies and the gallbladder shell, drainage will be performed in the area of ​​the hematoma.

In case of damage to the urethra, recovery is also carried out by surgery. Then follows antibacterial therapy, prevention and therapy of erectile dysfunction.

It is worth noting that in some cases, there is no characteristic deformation in the fracture of the phallus, and the man may decide not to go to the doctors, but this is a mistake, because if the envelope does not properly co-exist, the penis curvature and erectile pain will inevitably follow, which in general canlead to impotence. To avoid serious complications, specialists should not be ignored.