"Trusopt"( eye drops): instructions for use, analogues, reviews

In our time, healthy eyesight can boast of a few. Who suffers from myopia, who is farsighted, someone has a congenital eye pathology, someone got it, like a squint, for example. All these ailments are not the simplest. But the most complex eye disease that a person has encountered in the course of his evolution is glaucoma.

trasopt eye drops instructions There are many reasons for the development of this disease, but there is no clear definition of what exactly triggers its development. Modern medical luminaries refer this disease to the category of chronic.

Glaucoma is a lesion of the optic nerve due to increased intraocular pressure. The influence of such a process on the pupil leads to its complete dying and widening, due to which it spreads out, closing the eyeball, forming a bluish-green veil.

Effective glaucoma treatment is possible. ..

Glaucoma results in complete loss of vision. This ailment is very ancient and our ancestors did not know how to treat it, not now. Modern techniques and drugs can help prevent all the undesirable effects of glaucoma if its development is detected at the earliest stages.

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If the disease is triggered, it is possible that either surgical intervention or medication support for the eyesight is less effective in the timely treatment measures taken.

A glaucoma can be detected only by regularly visiting the oculist. How long have you been visiting this specialist? Surely you suffer from red eyes, their fatigue after working at computer equipment, lack of sharpness.

trusopt The health of your eyes depends only on your vigilance, as all oculist doctors say. And they are really right. After all, we always turn to the doctor, when it is difficult to help influence the cause of the disease, justifying ourselves with a lack of time, money, and this is called negligent attitude to one's self-feelings.

Although the treatment of glaucoma today has advanced several times in comparison with previous years, the process of its treatment is not so simple. There are not many medicines that help with this ailment.

One of the small number of effective preparations for glaucoma, which many patients are saying today, are eye drops "Trusopt" of American production. You can buy them today in almost every pharmacy.

trusopt reviews

New drug "Trusopt"

This medicine directly affects the decrease in intraocular pressure of the eye, due to which it is possible to achieve a balance of physiological work of all its components and not to endanger the dangerous death of the optic nerve. New drops for the eyes "Trusopt" are distinguished by a smaller set of side effects compared to other drugs, which is why they are so often found in doctor appointments. Medical luminaries today in their majority positively speak about this medicine.

Drops "Trusopt" - is a transparent medical fluid, produced in vials called droppers, in the amount of five to ten milliliters. They are very convenient to use in practice. The drip dispenser makes it possible to accurately dose the solution, which is very convenient for instilling the eyes by the patients themselves.

trusopt eye drops analogs An effective inhibitor of carbonic anhydrase allows to slow down the physiological processes of intraocular fluid development, as a result of which the intraocular pressure violation factor is not created.

The medicine "Trusopt" does not cause visual defects, such as blurred vision, loss of sharpness. The pupil does not narrow.

Drug "Trusopt": instruction

This remedy can be found on sale under the name "Dorzolamide".You need to know this by asking in the drugstores the medicine "Trusopt"( eye drops).The instruction of the preparation indicates that the main active substance of the therapeutic solution is the element dorsolamide.

Auxiliary components of eye drops are sodium citrate, water, sodium hydroxide, mannitol, hydroxyethylcellulose.

Drug "Trusopt" instructions for use describes how unsafe for general health means. His reception should be consistent and only under the supervision of a competent oculist doctor. Self-treatment of glaucoma with this drug, as well as, however, and others, is contraindicated.


Sequence of application

The drug "Trusopt"( eye drops) instruction recommends the use in the following order:

- if the bottle with drops is new, it is necessary to check the integrity of the protective strip, if there is no damage - remove it and open the drug solution;

- the top cap of the bottle opens according to the direction of the arrows indicated on it;

- after which you should tip your head back, lower eyelid eye to pull down so that between the eyeball and it formed a notch;

- flip the bottle down with a dispenser, direct into the recess and drip the eye with one drop of solution, without touching the tip of the dropper to the surface of the eyeball and eyelid;

- if the dose of the drug is written out more, the actions need to be repeated;

- after the procedure of instillation the bottle is tightly closed with a cap;

- should be aware that it is not possible to enlarge the tip of the tip to speed up the process of therapy, since it is possible to violate the clear dosage of the drug;

- you should carry drops with you during the appointment period and perform procedures strictly in time.

Dosage of eye drops

The drug from glaucoma "Trusopt"( eye drops) instruction recommends taking strictly according to the doctor's prescription. The dosage can not be adjusted independently, as it is possible to damage your health.

The duration of treatment for each patient is individual. Often drops are prescribed for administration three times a day. It is possible to use the drug with other eye solutions.

You can not bury at the same time drops "Trusopt" and another medicine, the interval between their reception should be at least ten minutes.

If the prescribed dose is missed in time, but the hour break is not too long, you need to immediately inject the solution, if the gap is large, the treatment is continued at the same dose, in no case doubling it.

If the dosage of the medicine is impaired, consult a physician who, after examining the eyes, recommends further action.

trusopt instructions for use Initiated therapy should not be interrupted until improvement of eye health is indicated.

Assignment of the drug

The instruction recommended for effective treatment of glaucoma "Trusopt"( eye drops) recommends the appointment of it in cases where it is necessary to continuously reduce the pressure inside the eyes. In primary glaucoma, it is attributed unambiguously, but in the secondary, careful eye examinations are necessary to obtain reliable data on their health in order to prevent deterioration of vision.

Contraindications for taking medication

The drug "Trusopt", reviews of patients and doctors about which confirm its effectiveness in regulating intraocular pressure and reducing the risk of death of nerve endings of the eye, is not recommended for people with kidney, liver, intolerance of the constituent elements of the drug.

trusopt instruction The effect of the drug on the fetus of a pregnant woman has not been investigated, so it is not prescribed to women in the situation. If such a moment is unavoidable, the attending physician compares the risks of vision loss or harm to the baby in the womb.

The medication is prescribed for breastfeeding mothers, but it is not recommended to breastfeed during the period of taking this medication.

During the treatment of glaucoma with drops "Trusopt" do not drive independently transport, because there is additional stress on the eyes, do not perform work that requires special attention. Overstimulation of the eyes is not recommended for adults or older children.

No treatment solution is prescribed for children under three years of age.

What should I look for when using drops?

During treatment with Trusopt, the patient should be observed by a doctor who monitors the K + content, the amount of electrolytes in the blood, and also its pH.

With caution should take a drop of face wearing contact lenses, it is better to stop using them during therapy.

People at risk of getting complications from taking Trusopt Drops include elderly people, often they have a hypersensitivity to the main substance of the drug.

Possible side effects of

Drug "Trusopt"( eye drops), analogues of this drug can also cause significant side effects. These include the following:

- tear;

- severe burning or itching in the eyes;

- severe irritation of the eyelids;

- progressive conjunctivitis;

- frequent headaches;

- skin rash;

is a disorder of the central nervous system;

- nausea caused by bitterness in the mouth;

is a manifestation of renal failure.

Reviews of those people who have been treated with this remedy indicate that one of the listed side effects has to be felt unambiguously. There are pronounced symptoms of poor health, after which the drug is canceled in appointments, and it happens that the ailments have an unstable fleeting character.

Drops "Trusopt": analogues

What kind of therapeutic agent can be replaced with the eye drops under consideration? Has a medicine "Trusopt" analogs, but they are not so much. These include the following drugs: Betoptik, Dorzopt, Dorzopt plus, Azopt, Kosopt, Timolol, Azarga, Fotil.

The above mentioned medicines "Trusopt" are analogs, which can be replaced. But it should be borne in mind that there are more auxiliary components than dorsalamine in them. Consequently, these are not analogues in the composition of the drug Trusopt. Analogues on the effect on the physiology of the eye are much less expensive, but the effect from them is less pronounced.

The price of the preparation

The cost of the bottle of eye drops "Trusopt" on average is five hundred rubles. This is a relatively expensive drug on the market of foreign medicines. Despite the high cost, it is quite popular among those people who are struggling with a serious eye disease, and oculist doctors who have had a repeated opportunity to investigate the effect of these eye drops on restoring a full-fledged vision of patients.

Treatment of eye diseases should never be postponed until later. Take care of your vision always by regularly visiting an ophthalmologist.