Cheshutya hands between the fingers: the causes and treatment

If the hands are scratched between the fingers, this may indicate the presence of many dangerous diseases. Therefore, deal with the causes and take urgent measures.

There are several reasons that are the main source of itching. They can be different pathogens, so be sure to visit a dermatologist before starting treatment.

Dermatitis or allergy

Most often, an allergy occurs when directly exposed to allergens of chemical or biological species. But dermatitis is a chronic disease that makes itself felt with malnutrition, weakened immunity, sudden changes in temperature or under other conditions.

the hands between the fingers are scratched

It is necessary to fight such diseases with the help of antihistamines, which reduce the activity of blood cells that release histamine. It is this substance that affects reddening and itching between the fingers. However, if the skin is scratched between the fingers, do not self-medicate. After all, incorrectly selected drugs will lower your immunity and cause addiction. So, other drugs and ointments will act much worse.

Scab or scabies

Scabies has been haunting humanity for more than one century. Fortunately, for today such ailment is extremely rare due to new technologies and excellent hygiene means. However, the causative agent of the disease has not yet been destroyed. So, there is a risk of "picking up" such an ailment. And if it itches between fingers, what to treat? This question is asked by many victims of scabies. This microscopic being settles under the human skin and "builds" its labyrinths there. It is in these labyrinths that the scabies mite and lay their eggs.

between fingers on hands reddening and itches

The parasite can easily be carried over the host's body. It's enough just to hold any part of the body with a damaged arm. The same can be said about handshakes. Very often this disease spreads among children, because they play in the street and very rarely wash their hands. If you notice the slightest sign of the scabies, rush to the dermatologist. The launched disease will lead to itching all over the body and leave ugly scars.

Note the symptoms of scabies:

  • the skin between the fingers acquires a reddish hue and begins to itch strongly;
  • damaged places become wet;
  • the skin begins to thicken and peel;
  • appears a rash between the fingers, itches.

Than to treat and what to do in this situation, the doctor will tell you after taking all the tests. Usually, such a disease is treated with pills, ointments and drugs that increase immunity. The main thing is to observe the rules of hygiene: do not itch and wash your hands with soap.

Autoimmune diseases

Sometimes a person's hands scratched between his fingers. This may indicate the presence of autoimmune diseases. This ailment is caused by immune cells, which begin to actively fight the cells of the body. In those places of the skin, where there are violations, there is dryness, rash and itching.

the bubbles between the fingers are itching

This disease is treated with inhibitory drugs, that is, drugs that cleave histamine or reduce the activity of basophils. In no case do not self-medicate. Especially it concerns folk decoctions and ointments. So you just make the situation worse by the appearance of allergic reactions.


If there is redness between your fingers and it itches, you may have been attacked by fungal diseases. Such parasites penetrate the skin and damage it. You will notice redness, peeling, unpleasant odor, moisture and itching. If you do not urgently begin treatment, the fungus will pass to the nails and other parts of the body. A dermatologist will prescribe special ointments and drops, as well as drugs that increase immunity. In the period when you are infected, you must actively comply with hygiene requirements and avoid high humidity. Also, physical activities that lead to sweating are not recommended.

the skin between fingers is scratched

Be sure to complete the entire course of treatment. Even if it seems to you that the signs of the fungus are no more, still use the medication for a few more days. Perhaps there is still a small number of parasites under the skin, which will again multiply.


If your hands are scratching between your fingers, and you notice changes in the skin of your pets, it is most likely a deprivation. Urgently address to the doctor, in fact the given fungoid disease very quickly extends on all body. You will notice redness and scaling. A damaged skin will begin to itch. Treatment should be comprehensive and prescribed by a doctor. Do not expect that the people's means will help you. No, lichen is an infection that only special medicines can cope with.

itches between fingers of fingers than to treat

Be sure to treat the ringworm to the end, so that it does not appear again with weakened immunity or bad weather conditions. By the way, take care of your pet. Take him to a veterinarian or buy an ointment against lichen in a vetaptek.

Excessive dryness of the skin

Very often the hands are scratched between the fingers due to excessively dry skin. In this case, there is nothing terrible. It is enough to use a nutritious and moisturizing cream regularly and drink a course of vitamins. In winter, always wear warm gloves and hide your hands from the wind.

However, the doctor still visit. For such a trivial problem can hide a very serious disease. If the cream does not help you, immediately go to the dermatologist.

Causes of infection with

The causative agents of various fungal and infectious diseases are very easy to get infected in such situations:

  • during handshakes and donning of other people's gloves;
  • use of foreign manicure accessories without prior disinfection( especially for cheap beauty salons that do not monitor the cleanliness of their working tools);
  • use of shared towels, especially in canteens;
  • visits to swimming pools( fungi are very fond of wet places);
  • touching the door handles after an infected person touches them.

the spot between the fingers is itching

Each of these situations is very dangerous. But the risk increases several times if a person:

  • does not comply with hygiene requirements;
  • does not monitor its immunity;
  • has excess weight, diabetes or chronic diseases;
  • skin on the hands has many microdamages resulting from the use of chemical cleaners.

First Aid Assistance

If redness and blisters between your fingers are itchy, then it's urgent to take action. Be sure to go to the doctor right away, so as not to exacerbate your problem and not harm others.

the rash between the fingers is itchy than cure

During treatment it is best to stay at home. To make the itching between your fingers not so annoying, take a look at a few tips:

  • If the spot between your fingers is itchy, you can reduce the sensitivity with ice. Wrap it in a cloth and attach it to a harassing place.
  • Take three hundred grams of oatmeal and fill it with two liters of hot water. Allow the mixture to cool, then immerse hands in it and hold for about half an hour.
  • Try to limit the use of chemicals( especially detergents and powders).Wash your hands in warm water. About cold and hot is better for the time of treatment to forget.

Treatment of itching on the hands

Do not expect that the problem itself will resolve. Urgently address to the dermatologist. And the sooner, the better. The course of treatment is chosen individually and depends on your disease. However, there are also tips that help alleviate the symptoms at home.

Pay attention to your diet. For a while, exclude from it spicy, sharp and salty foods. Also try to give up coffee, tea, alcohol and cigarettes. All this can cause irritation.

Very often the doctor prescribes with his patient calcium-containing and iodine-containing drugs, as well as antihistamines.

Once the diagnosis is established, a course of treatment and procedures are prescribed. You can use soothing baths that reduce discomfort. For such a bath you will need natural products: oak bark, oregano or a string. Pour the listed items with hot water. Cool and put the hands in the solution for half an hour.

And finally. Watch your hygiene. Wash your hands as often as possible. Evil pathogens waiting for you at every step. Remind me about this more often to your loved ones. Buy an antiseptic and use it every time you get out of public transport or open the shop door. You are responsible for your health.