Sprays nasal "Sinuforte": reviews for sinusitis, instructions for use, composition and effectiveness

Genyanthitis is the most common form of sinusitis. For such a disease is characterized by inflammation of the mucosa of the maxillary sinus cavity, or the so-called paranasal sinuses. sinuporte reviews for genyantema

Various pathological conditions can cause the development of this disease. Most often, sinusitis occurs as a complication in the flu, acute cold, scarlet fever and measles, as well as other infectious diseases.

The course of the disease

Sinusitis can be acute, subacute and chronic. The first include such symptoms as:

  • Unpleasant sensations( gradually increasing) in the near-nasal region and nose. As a rule, in the morning they are less pronounced, but closer to the evening are greatly enhanced. Over time, the localization of pain is gradually "lost", and the patient begins to get a headache. If a patient was diagnosed with unilateral sinusitis, unpleasant sensations arise only on one side.
  • Complications in nasal breathing. Nasal congestion is characteristic of the disease in question. The voice of the patient becomes nasal.
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  • Coryza. With genyantritis, purulent and mucous discharge from the nose is very often observed. Although such a sign may not be.
  • The patient's body temperature in such a disease rises to 38 degrees or more.
  • Also for the genyantritis is characterized by a general malaise, which is expressed by weakness, fatigue, refusal to eat and sleep disturbance.

As for the disease subacute or chronic, the signs are much weaker.

How to diagnose and how to treat?

It is possible to detect sinusitis using computed tomography and x-ray of the paranasal sinuses.

Disease acute character is treated conservatively, and chronic - surgical.

Which remedies are most effective in this pathological process?"Sinuforte" with genyantritis( reviews, analogues of the drug will be presented below) are used very often. We will talk further about what the medicine is. sinufort treatment for sinusitis price and reviews

Form of the preparation and its packaging, composition and description

In what form do manufacturers produce a medication such as "Sinuforte"?Remedy for sinusitis( price and reviews will be discussed at the end of the article) with this name can be purchased in the form of lyophilizate. It is designed to prepare a solution that is used for intranasal administration.

Undiluted, this preparation is hygroscopic and has a white to brown color. As for the prepared solution, it can be colorless or have a light yellow tint.

What does it contain a cure for sinusitis Sinuforte? The reviews suggest that the drug in question consists of an extract and juice of tubers( fresh) European cyclamen. It should also be noted that for the preparation of medicinal product, a solvent in the form of water is inserted into the carton of cardboard( volume 5 ml).

In which packaging can I buy drops from sinusitis Sinuforte? The reviews state that this remedy is placed in a colorless glass bottle. Also included are a spray nozzle and a plastic pallet. As for the solvent, it is contained in a polyethylene container.

Pharmacological action

Why do doctors prescribe the drug "Sinuforte" for sinusitis? The testimonials and instructions say that this medicine was developed specifically for the treatment of diseases of the sinuses( subordinate) nose, which are inflammatory.

This product has a plant base( consists of extract and juice of European cyclamen).When it hits the mucous membrane of the middle nasal passages, there is a reflex secretion of all mucous sinuses and nose.

According to experts, this reaction develops immediately after injection of the drug and continues for half an hour-hour( depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and its sensitivity to the agent) in the form of abundant mucous and purulent discharge. Sinuporte instruction price in pharmacies analogues

Properties of medicinal product

What are the properties of the medicine "Sinuforte" for sinusitis? Reviews( the price of this medicine is very high) report that this drug has a local anti-edematous effect. This is due to the considerable dehydration of the mucous membrane after stimulation of glandular formations in the nasal cavity.

Thus, the combined action of this drug( reflex hypersecretion and anti-edematous effect) leads to an expansion of the sastia( natural) between the sinuses and the nasal cavity. This promotes the free removal of serous-purulent components from the sinuses into the nasopharynx.

Results of treatment of

Does the preparation "Sinuforte" help with genyantritis? The doctors' comments report that after the application of this remedy, the patients improve the ventilation of all sinuses, and their natural physiological drainage is also observed. In addition, this drug restores mucociliary transport of the mucous sinuses and nose. This is due to the normalization of liquid secretion in their surface layers( due to vasodilation of blood vessels and blood supply to the glands).

Reflex stimulation of secretion also contributes to parasympathetic effects. Thus, microcirculation of blood in the mucosa of the nasal cavity and sinuses improves.

Kinetic parameters

What effect does Sinuforte have on the human body? The instruction( the price in pharmacies, the analogues of the agent are indicated below) states that no residual irritant effects are observed with this medicine. Moreover, it does not have a systemic effect on the body.

Studies on the pharmacokinetic parameters of this drug can not be carried out. This is due to the fact that the result of the action of the drug is cumulative. In other words, it is impossible to trace the kinetics of this agent with the help of biological studies or markers. For the same reason, it is not possible to detect drug derivatives and determine its concentration in tissues and blood plasma. nasal sinupert spray reviews of doctors and patients

Indications for the use of the intranasal solution

When should I use a nasal spray Sinuforte? Reviews of doctors and patients report that this drug is most effective when:

  • Combined therapy of acute and chronic sinusitis: sinusitis, etmoiditis, frontitis and sphenoiditis. In purulent sinusitis, which occur with orbital complications or generalization of infection, the drug should be used only in conjunction with antibiotics. In case of uncomplicated illness the medication can be taken as monotherapy, but only under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Complex therapy of rhinosinusitis, which are accompanied by otitis media( exudative).

In what other cases is the "Sinuporte" medication used? Reviews( with genyantritis this drug is prescribed most often) say that the drug in question can be prescribed during the early rehabilitation after endoscopic and surgical interventions on the paranasal sinuses.

Prohibitions on the use of the intranasal solution of

When should I not prescribe Sinuforte? Reviews( with a sinusitis intranasal solution used only on the advice of a doctor) indicate the following contraindications:

  • cyst of the paranasal sinuses;
  • hypersensitivity to the elements of the medication;
  • rhinosinusitis polyposis;
  • hypertension arterial II-III degree;
  • rhinosinusopathies are allergic;
  • gestation period;
  • allergy( immediate or delayed type);
  • breastfeeding( safety of use of this drug in such periods has not been studied);
  • age to five years( application not studied).

Method of application( treatment of sinusitis)

"Sinuforte", reviews of which are mostly positive, can be used by children from the age of 12, as well as adults. reviews on nasal sinuport spray

Each pressing of the nozzle results in the spraying of about 2-3 drops of the preparation( about 0.13 ml).This is a one-time dosage of a medicine. The prepared solution contains about 38 single doses.

The medication in question is injected into each nostril once a day. Usually this remedy is used daily. However, in some cases it can be used every other day.

The duration of treatment with the drug in question is 12-16 days( if it is used every other day) or 6-8 days( with daily use).

As a rule, in order to achieve a therapeutic effect, a course of treatment comprising 6-8 injections is sufficient. Thus it is necessary to mean, that elimination of a headache or its or her reduction usually comes after 3-5 injections.

Preparation of

solution How to prepare intranasal solution "Sinuforte" for the treatment of sinusitis in children? Reviews recommend adhering to the following rules for adult treatment:

  • Remove the cap from the lyophilized powder container and then remove the stopper.
  • Remove the upper part, the vial is opened.
  • The contents of the container with the solvent are poured into the vial of the drug substance.
  • Screw the dispenser into the bottle.
  • The preparation is shaken thoroughly until the drug powder is completely dissolved.

Application Technique

How should the tool be used? What does this say about the reviews? On the nasal spray Sinuforte, many people who have problems with nasal sinuses hope. Apply this drug is quite simple. For this, the following rules must be observed:

  • It is required to remove the protective cap from the dispenser.
  • Before using the product, it should be sprayed into the air, making 2-3 pressures on the dispenser.
  • It is necessary to enter the dispenser in the nasal passage and with a vertical position of the head to do one push. At this point, breathing should be delayed.

sinuporte with genyantritis reviews analogues

Side effects

Is the medicine "Sinuforte" harmful? Reviews( for sinusitis, this drug is very effective), it is claimed that its use can cause a feeling of mild or moderate burning in the nasal cavity, as well as excessive salivation or lacrimation, which occurs in response to irritation of receptors( sensitive) trigeminal nerve.

It should also be noted that, in some cases, the use of the intranal spray promotes reddening of the face, a brief headache in the frontal region and staining the discharge from the nose in a pale pink color( as a result of capillary diapedesis).

All listed physiological reactions indicate a reflex mechanism of action of the drug and do not require the withdrawal of treatment.

If the drug in question causes an allergic reaction( eg, skin rash, dyspnea, etc.), then in this case, stop taking it and immediately consult a specialist.

Cases of overdose

Until now, no cases of overdose with the medication in question have been reported. The use of the drug over the recommended doses usually does not lead to an increase in the therapeutic effect and can cause severe burning and pain in the nasopharynx.

If such symptoms appear, symptomatic therapy should be given, or rather, rinse the throat with warm water, rinse the nasal cavity and use antihistamines.

Special recommendations

If the drug in question was prescribed during the postoperative rehabilitation period, then Sinuforte should be used only on the second day for the purpose of cleaning the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, as well as reducing the mucosal edema.

When using a spray, it is necessary to avoid getting the medicine in the eyes because of the possible irritating effect and the development of acute conjunctivitis.

During the introduction of the drug in the nasal passages it is recommended to hold your breath. sinuporte with genyantritis отзывы инструкция

The drug must be sprayed with one short push on the dispenser in the vertical position of the head.

Before using the spray, consult an otolaryngologist.

The cost of the drug and its analogues

The price of the lyophilizate "Sinuforte" is very high and is about 1800 rubles. This cost of the drug discourages the majority of patients who eventually give their preference to cheaper drugs. Such similar means include the following: Aqua Maris, Tizin Xylo, Akvalor, Naftizin, Afrin, Nazospray, Briisolin, Nazivin, Galazolin, Midimax, Grippostad Reno, Xilen, Doctor Theiss Alergol, Influrin, Doctor Theiss Rinotheyss, Berberyl N, and others. Although experts say that such drugs are less effective.

Sinuforte: feedback from

With maxillary sinusitis the drug in question is the most effective. This is the opinion most patients adhere to. They note that such a medicine acts very quickly and perfectly copes with the existing problem.

According to consumers' reviews, the effect of this medication is noticeable in a few days. Though some of them constantly complain that such drops from a genyantritis and other diseases of nasal sinuses often cause a burning sensation.

Those who have used this drug believe that its price is fully justified.

As for the comments of the doctors, they are also mostly positive. In addition to a quick and effective action, otolaryngologists note a convenient form of the drug.