The drug "Alben" in veterinary medicine: instructions for use, indications

Why is Alben used in veterinary medicine? Instructions for use and indications of this drug are listed below.

Form and composition of the veterinary preparation

Tablets "Alben" as an active ingredient contain 20% of albendazole, as well as auxiliary substances. This agent is also produced in the form of granules. They are packed in laminated bags of 500 or 1000 g. As for tablets, this form of veterinary drug is sold in plastic cans of 25 or 100 pieces.

alben in veterinary medicine instructions for use

Properties of the drug

Why use Alben in veterinary medicine? Instruction for use asserts that this preparation is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic. It is especially active in relation to immature and mature cestodes and nematodes, as well as sexually mature trematodes.

This agent shows ovocidal properties. It reduces the infestation of pasture helminths. The principle of action of this drug is the violation of microtubular function and carbohydrate metabolism of helminths. In the end, this leads to their death, as well as the withdrawal from the body of livestock.

The drug "Alben" from worms is practically nontoxic for warm-blooded animals. In recommended dosages this drug does not show local irritating, embryotoxic, teratogenic and sensitizing properties.

Indications for ingestion of granules and tablets

When is Alben used in veterinary medicine? The instructions for use indicate that the agent in question can be used for the purpose of de-worming goats, sheep and other cattle( horned), fur-bearing animals, horses, birds and pigs in the following diseases:

  • pulmonary nematodes( with dictyocauliasis, mulleriose, protostrongilease,metastronitis, cystocaulez, neostrongilease);

alben from worms

  • gastrointestinal and intestinal nematodes( with gnomonchosis, esophagastomosis, bunostomosis, nematodirosis, habertyosis, ostertagiose, cooperiose, trichostrongileza, strongyloidosis, giostrongileza, ascariasis, parascaridosis, ascaridosis, trichocephalosis, heterocidosis, toxaquaroza, hookworm disease, toxascaridosis, uncinariosis);
  • cestodoza( with moniesiosis, tizaniosiosis, avitlinosis);
  • trematodes( with fascioliasis, dicroceliaze).

Contraindications to the ingestion of tablets and pellets of

When is it forbidden to use Alben in veterinary medicine? Instructions for use indicate such contraindications as:

  • acute fascioliasis;
  • is the time of the earliest period( sheep - in the first half of pregnancy, and the females of other animals - in the first third);
  • depleted animals and infectious diseases;
  • laying hens at the enterprises for the production of commercial eggs( in view of the fact that the medicine is allocated with the egg for four days).

Dosage of the veterinary drug

The dose of this drug depends on the type of animal and its disease.

  • Cattle horned - as the main dose one tablet per 49 kg or 3.7 g granules per 99 kg. In patients with dicrocoliosis, fascioliasis, winter ostertagiosis and paramphistomatosis, 4.9 g per 99 kg or 1 tablet per 34 kg.

alben c for cats

  • Goats and sheep - as the main dose of 2.4 g of granules per 99 kg or one tablet at 69 kg. With dicrochelia, fascioliasis and protostrongyloidosis, 3.7 g per 99 kg or one tablet per 44 kg.
  • Pigs - 4.9 g of granules per 99 kg or one tablet per 34 kg.
  • Horses, mules and donkeys - 3.7 g of granules per 99 kg or one tablet per 49 kg.
  • Poultry( with ascariasis, heterokerosis) - 0.45 g granules per 9 kg( once a day for two consecutive days) or one tablet for 34 kg( once a day for a day on end).
  • Fur animals( with toxocarose, hookworm, toxasariasis, uncinariosis) - 2.45 g of granules per 9 kg or one tablet per 6 kg.

It should also be noted that the sale can be found "Alben C" for cats and dogs. It is used once in a dosage of 1 tablet per 5 kg of animal weight. The drug is taken in the morning with a small amount of feed( if necessary, enter forcibly).

Adverse events in animals

What side effects should be known before giving the animal the drug in question? According to the instructions, no adverse reactions are observed when all recommended dosages are observed.

Special recommendations for taking

The slaughter of sheep, goats and cattle to obtain a meat product is allowed only two weeks after taking Alben's medication. As for horses, poultry and pigs, their meat can be consumed 7 days after deworming.

It is impossible not to say that milk is allowed to be used for food purposes 4 days after taking the medicine to animals. When forced to slaughter previously set deadlines, the meat product must be given to the food of carnivorous animals or for the production of bone meal.

alben tablets


According to the opinion of most farmers, the drug in question is quite easy and quickly eliminates the problem. Thanks to him, animals are effectively cured of worms and other parasites.