"Creon 10000" for babies. Reviews about "Creon 10000"

Parents of babies often complain about the work of the intestines of their crumbs. These problems are caused by many factors. Especially it concerns those newborns, who for some reason were transferred to artificial feeding. To adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract, doctors appoint "Creon 10000" for babies. Reviews about this medicine are only positive. But nevertheless there are nuances about them and we will talk in the article. How to give Creon 10000 babies

What is the prescription for?

The baby is born with a fully formed system of the digestive tract. But it still takes time to adjust to the changes that will occur. The diet of the woman in the first months should be balanced. The menu at the same time should not differ in diversity and variegated with overseas dishes and products. Only in this case the child will feel comfortable. After all, everything that mom ate, he gets into the intestine through breast milk.

If the crumb has stomach problems, lacks enzymes, or is switched to artificial feeding, pediatricians recommend giving "Creon 10000"( for babies).Reviews about the drug are positive. Parents noted significant improvements in the crumbs that take this medication.

There are diseases and cases when a child can not do without this medicine. Among them:

  1. Pancreatitis.

  2. Diarrhea or constipation in an acute form.

  3. Cystic fibrosis.

  4. Gassing in the intestines, which causes constant colic in the baby.

  5. Restoration of intestinal flora after chemotherapy course.

  6. Constant vomiting.

  7. Non-digestion of food. Creon 10000 for babies dosage

In these cases, the doctor necessarily recommends giving "Creon 10000" for babies. Reviews about the drug are positive. Even in difficult cases, improvement is noted.

What do we know about the preparation "Creon 10000"?

"Creon 10000" is recommended for children who have digestive problems, poorly gaining weight and, as a result, often get sick. The drug is able to help develop the body the necessary enzymes, which will properly break down nutrients.

The basis of the drug is pancreatin. It is obtained from the pig's pancreas. The active substance passes through all the biological and chemical processing processes, so its purity and effectiveness can not be experienced. The enzymes obtained are completely cleared of possible viruses and bacteria. After long manipulations, the substance is dried in special laboratories and compressed into tablets and capsules.

"Creon 10000" for infants, reviews about which are positive, is made in German laboratories. Only the latest equipment is used in the manufacturing process. The drug has proven itself in Europe and recently appeared on the Russian market. kreon 10000 for babies how to take

How to correctly calculate the dose of the drug

In children, especially those who receive the mixture, very often there are problems with the digestive tract. To facilitate and completely remove the symptoms, doctors appoint "Creon 10000".For babies, the dosage should be accurately measured. Everything depends on the weight of the baby and his state of health.

Doctors note that the daily dose for children of the first months of life should not exceed 10,000 IU.The appointment is made by a pediatrician. The first time the drug is best given under the close supervision of doctors.

Many parents often ask: "Creon 10000" for babies how to take? "First, you need to gently open the gelatin capsule and pour the drug into a small amount of breast milk or mixture. Second, never add the powder to the hot liquid. Otherwise, the proper effect will not be achieved Creon 10000 for babies reviews

Are there any side effects?

Considering the preparation "Creon 10000"( for babies), the instruction manual for which is quite simple, we can note the following negative aspects that may arisekid:

  • Nausea and vomiting.

  • Allergic manifestations on the skin.

  • Constipation.

To cause fewer side effects, you need to know how to give "Creon 10000" to the baby. This should happen in several stages.1/3 of the capsule is given before meals, the remaining powder is taken after eating. Thanks to this enzymes are better absorbed.

Another important point - abundant drink when taking the drug. Do not be surprised that the crumb will constantly ask for breast, if he is on natural feeding. But you can not overload his stomach. Doctors recommend giving boiled baby water for 1 spoonful( tea) after each drug intake. In this case, you will remove the crumb from constipation.

Before buying a medicine, you need to pay attention to the timing. The fact is that over time, the effectiveness of enzymes is reduced to break down useful substances in the body. For longer than 3-5 days, doctors do not recommend taking the drug, as it is habit forming. And in the future the pancreas can not work at full strength.


Actually, there are few contraindications to the use of the drug:

  • individual intolerance of pork protein;

  • hyperfunction of the pancreas.

It should be noted that "Creon" significantly reduces the absorption of iron. Therefore, it should be taken with caution to children with anemia.

Parents' reviews

When familiarizing themselves with the responses of parents whose children took this medicine, the most popular question is: "How to give" Creon 10000 "to the baby?"Experienced moms advise it to do with a spoon: express a little milk, pour out the contents of the capsule and, throwing back the baby's head, give him a drink. Another tip: do not overload the stomach after taking the drug, otherwise it can spew. And the medicine will not have time to assimilate.

In general, the "Creon 10000" has proved itself well. After its reception, the digestive system of babies began to work much better. Disappeared colic, diarrhea and other symptoms. This drug does not treat dysbacteriosis, therefore, if it is necessary to restore the intestinal microflora, it is better to take bifidobacteria. Creon 10000 for babies instructions

"Creon 10000" for babies, reviews of which are mostly positive, well-established among parents whose children are faced with intestinal problems. The German quality of the drug does not cause doubts about its medicinal properties.