"Edas 801": description, manual, reviews

Adenoids are a common disease in both children and adults, which is an inflammation of the nasopharyngeal tonsil. It is believed that adenoids of the 2 nd and 3 rd degree must be removed. This measure allows you to restore nasal breathing, although it does not guarantee that they will not grow again. Many, in order to avoid surgical intervention, try to cure adenoids with the help of laser therapy and homeopathy. One of the most effective homeopathic remedies is considered oil of thuja "Edas 801".

Adenoids: a characteristic of

Tonsils provide nasopharyngeal protection of a person against infections and viruses that penetrate the body with air. Prevent the development of opportunistic bacteria found in the mucous membrane of the rhinopharyngeal cavity.

The adult tonsils are small in size, and the body's immune system does not accumulate immune cells in the nasopharynx. The sizes of tonsils at children are more, and often at cold, a flu or an angina there is their inflammation. The disease progresses and does not allow the child to fully breathe. As a result, you have to breathe through your mouth. This condition causes discomfort, interferes with full sleep and leads to oxygen starvation of the body, affects intellectual abilities, health. It leads to frequent infectious and viral diseases, since the nasopharynx is not naturally purified from viruses and bacteria. The child's breathing becomes difficult.

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Clinical picture of the disease specialists are divided into three types:

  • 1st degree. Violation of normal breathing occurs only at night when the child is in a horizontal position. There may be problems with sleep due to shortness of breath.
  • 2nd degree. There is constant breathing through the mouth. At night the child is snoring. Slime, formed at night, flows to the baby in the throat. The dream is broken. The child does not get enough sleep, it is too flaccid and apathetic.
  • 3rd degree. Air enters the body only through the mouth. There is a complete nasal obstruction. Slime flowing into the pharynx causes irritation. At this stage, children often get sick, have hearing problems and headaches.

Classical therapy for the treatment of adenoids practices the use of Protargol, homeopathic thuja oil( eg, "Edas 801") and Argolife.

Treating adenoids with thai oil

edas 801

Tuyu has long been considered the tree of life. She cured such ailments as bronchitis, tracheitis. Helped with a cold, stomatitis, otitis, or arthritis. It increases the general tone of the body, relieves fatigue, restores strength.

Tui oil contains resins, tannins, flavonoids, saponins, aromadendrin, toxifolin, pinipicrin, thuin, pinin, pilin.

Thuya oil restores epithelial tissues. Normalizes the chemical processes of the body, passing in the nasopharynx. For the therapy, not pure oil is used, since it is capable of burning the mucous membrane, and special homeopathic oil "Tuya Edas-801".

About clinical trials of tuya oil

edas 801 reviews

The first and second degree of adenoid disease allows for effective treatment with the use of thuja oil( eg, "Edas 801").So you can avoid surgical intervention in the body.

A similar study conducted by American scientists led by Philippe Stammer. The tests took place in New York. To the volunteers used a remedy with the oil of thuya. In 70% of cases, positive changes were noted. These are children who for two weeks were buried in the nose drops three times a day, two drops in each nasal passage. During the procedure, the patient took a horizontal position, threw back his head, in order to get the drug directly to the adenoids, lay for another ten minutes. After a therapeutic course, about 70% of opponents noted a decrease in lymphoid tissue. There were no fungal, viral and pathogenic bacteria on the adenoids.

Composition, form of release

oil edas 801

Oil "Tuya Edas 801" is a homeopathic remedy whose active ingredient is Thuja Occidentalis( Thuya Oxidentalis) D6 in an amount of 5 g. An additional component is olive oil - 95 g.

The preparation is an oily liquid of a greenish-yellow hue. During storage, a slight opalescence is observed, which disappears if the substance is mixed. The solution is packaged in glass bottles of dark color with a volume of 25 ml. Each bottle along with the instruction is packed in a cardboard box. Vials of 25 ml are closed with a polyethylene stopper, and bottles in 15 ml have a stopper-dropper and a screwable plastic cover.

Pharmacological application of

tuja edas oil 801

"Tuya Edas 801"( reviews this confirm) facilitates the state of nasal congestion, has a metabolic effect. It is characterized by antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. Has vasoconstrictive effect. Activates the body's immune system.

Thuja restores the epithelial tissue of the nasal cavity. Normalizes the functions of the secretory glands of the skin. Helps cure a protracted runny nose with mucous and dense secretions of green color. It is used for hypertrophy and atrophy of the mucous membrane, dryness in the nasal sinuses. Used for adenoid vegetation, polyps of the nasal passage. Possible application in chronic inflammation of the auricle with serous or purulent manifestations. Homeopathic remedy also helps to get rid of pain in joints and warts.

Tui oil is used to treat adults and children. It is well combined with other medical and natural preparations.

Indications and contraindications

edas 801 for adenoids

Oil "Edas 801" is recommended for diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. This is an acne, warts, various condylomas, chronic atrophic rhinitis and aphthous stomatitis. Use this tool for polyps of the nasal cavity, adenoiditis, otitis, parodontosis, arthrosis and arthritis.

There are no known contraindications to its use. No side effects were identified. Can be used in conjunction with other medical devices.

No cases of drug overdose have been reported. The drug has no addiction and withdrawal syndrome.

The drug during pregnancy and during the breastfeeding period is used only for the prescription of the treating doctor or after consultation with him.

"Edas 801"( reviews of many moms claim that it is completely useless) does not affect consciousness and the ability to drive traffic. It does not affect the concentration of attention.

"Edas 801": instruction

edas 801 instructions

With external use, a small amount of the drug is applied to the problem zone two or three times a day. With intranasal use, three to four drops are to be injected into each nasal passage two or three times a day.

Otitis is treated by lubricating the skin behind the ear. Also, a gauze or cotton turunda, abundantly moistened in oil, is placed in the ear sink.

Mouth disease cures regular lubrication of the mucous membrane three times a day. The procedure is performed after eating and rinsing the mouth.

The therapy of adenoids with long oil. The course lasts four to six weeks. You can repeat the event in a month."Edas 801" with adenoids drip two or four drops two or three times a day in each nostril. Before the introduction of the drug, the child's nose is washed with saline or any spray containing sea water. Often the following scheme is used to treat adenoids:

  1. Rinse the nose.
  2. "Protargol" is injected two drops into each nasal opening. He will clean the nose and perform anti-inflammatory treatment.
  3. After a lapse of twenty minutes, tuya oil drips into the nose - two drops in each passage.

So treat the adenoids for a week, then "Protargol" is replaced with "Argolife"( antimicrobial preparation with silver) in the same dosage. This therapy should be followed for six weeks. Next, take a break and instill only homeopathic butter thuya three times a day for two drops.

In some cases, use the following scheme. Over the course of fourteen days, wash the nose with any spray with sea water and drop four drops of tuya oil. After that - a break for two weeks and a repeat of the treatment course.

Price of homeopathic remedy

"Edas 801" can be bought at every pharmacy without a doctor's prescription. It costs about 130-160 rubles in the packaging of 25 ml. For a bottle in 15 ml it is necessary to give from 80 to 100 rubles. The medicine can be bought in online pharmacies, although in this case the price of the drug will be increased by the cost of delivery to the region or home.

«Эдас 801»: отзывы

thuya edas 801 reviews

Opinions about the drug are found both positive and negative. They say that it helps only in half the cases. Those people who helped the "Edas 801", the reviews left their approval. It is said that the medicine gives a good result in rhinitis, it softens well and does not narrow the nasal cavity. Opponents note that they got rid of adenoids, quickly cured a cold and removed stomatitis. Indicate the natural composition and harmlessness of the drug.

Negative responses pay attention to the uselessness of this tool. In some cases, it is noted that he did not improve a fortune in adenoids, but only worsened it. It is said that a sediment forms in the oil, and a 25 ml bottle goes without a dropper cap and it is required to buy an additional pipette.