Egg whites in the bottle: benefit, convenience and practicality

Let's look at such a useful product on all sides as an egg. Nutritious yolk, we will not touch, but we will stop on another no less useful part, we will analyze such innovation as egg whites in a bottle.

How useful is egg white?

egg whites in a bottle

Egg white contains an impressive set of amino acids useful for the growth and construction of your cells. Its huge plus - low-calorie, it as it is impossible by the way will appear to people on a diet, and also to those who adheres to a healthy food. Compare: it has 45 calories and 10 grams of protein per 100 grams of product! For example, let's take beef: 220 kcal and 15 grams of protein for the same volume. And milk: 70 kcal and 4 grams of protein. The difference is obvious, which allows us to conclude about the benefits of egg white.

What are the proteins?

Let's briefly discuss their pros and cons to understand the good liquid egg white in bottles on the background of other types of protein.

Whey protein. It is relatively inexpensive, well synthesized with other products, quickly absorbed( at a rate of 10-12 g per hour), in it a large volume of amino acids - 100% of the product. But its plus - fast absorption makes it expedient to use it only before and after training, and during the day it must be mixed with other proteins.

Casein. Absorbed slowly, this maintains a high concentration of amino acids in the body, biological value - 80%.But the egg whites in the bottle, unlike it, do not have an unpleasant aftertaste and a low dissolution rate.

Soy protein. Helps reduce cholesterol, in part, it is ideal for women, and the product is absorbed for a long time. But it causes estrogenic activity and has a low biological value - 74%.

Milk protein is a relatively cheap product with 90% biological value. However, this product contains lactate, which negatively affects the functioning of the intestine.

And finally, the egg whites in the bottle. Their amino acid indices are not only high, but they are also closer to those of the ideal protein than others. They have an average absorption rate, which is the best way to lose weight. And what is important, with 100% biological value, the deficiencies of egg protein have not yet been identified.

Why egg whites in a bottle?

egg white in a bottle of moscow Everything is simple. And the child knows that eating raw eggs is extremely dangerous. There will always be a chance of infection with salmonella. Of course, you can choose a quail egg, but given the size and cost of this product, it's far from the best option.

Egg white in a bottle - Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other large and small cities have such a product on the shelves - this is a 100% protein with the optimal amino acid composition, the main material for the formation of muscle fibers. And he will help to achieve a beautiful figure, build muscle, increase his immunity. This product is indispensable for those engaged in the gym, power training, bodybuilders, adherents of high-speed sports. Amino acids help the body of athletes to build up muscle fibers faster, restore the harmonious composition of antibodies, enzymes and hormones in general, and just to strengthen health. Therefore, this product will be useful to people who care about their health and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Comfortable use of

liquid egg white in bottles Egg white in bottles how to use? If the reader has asked these questions, then the answer is simple - you can drink it right from the bottle! It is absolutely safe, so it does not need thermal treatment. When you use it, you definitely will not catch salmonella. You can beat it in a blender with a gradual increase in speed, and you will get a delicious protein shake. You can fry a standard scrambled eggs. You can use it for dishes where you need to get protein from eggs, for example, for protein creams. At you with the given innovation process of preparation will borrow much less time. egg white in bottles how to use

Its easy and easy to take along on the road, to training. Many people care about the shelf life of proteins in bottles. This product is stored for about 50 days in a package and 4 days after opening the bottle. Recall that egg protein from the store in its raw form after opening is suitable for a maximum of two days. And most egg whites in bottles are not more expensive than the cost of ordinary eggs, so you will not suffer economically with such a purchase.