Ointment "Evamenol".Instructions for use, reviews of the product

With the onset of a cold, a person immediately goes to the pharmacy network to purchase a medication. Currently, there are many tools that can eliminate nasal congestion and flow. In the absence of treatment, viral rhinitis takes about a week. With the allergic, atrophic, bacterial and medicamentous form of pathology, everything is different. Such snot can bother for a very long time, thereby reducing the quality of life. This article will tell you about the proven, but many forgotten means "Evamenol"( ointment).Instructions for use of this drug will be presented to your attention in the article. You will learn about the method of applying the medicine and the main indications for this. Also get acquainted with the main reviews about it.


What's this? Description of the drug

Ointment "Evamenol" is a medicine made on the basis of natural components. It includes eucalyptus oil and menthol. Also, to get the appropriate consistency, the manufacturer uses petroleum jelly. The medication is available in a metal or plastic tube with a volume of 15 or 30 milliliters. This bottle is placed in a cardboard box with the trade name. Depending on the manufacturer, the medicine may have a pink or purple color.

The cost of the medicine is very attractive. This is what the reviews say. The price of the medicine is about 70 rubles for 15 grams. A large bundle costs about 100 rubles.

ointment evamenol instruction

The use of the ointment "Evamenol": indications for the use of

The drug has antiseptic, antibacterial, irritating and distracting effect. Also, the medicament acts on the site of inflammation, contributing to the regeneration of tissues. The instructions describe the following indications for which you need to use the ointment "Evamenol":

  • acute, chronic runny nose of bacterial or viral etiology;
  • nasal congestion and drug rhinitis;
  • preventive measures in the period of viral infections and epidemics.

Often a medication is used in conjunction with other medications.

Restrictions on

On a medication such as the "Evamenol" ointment, the instruction says that it should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the components. It is also not recommended to use the product during an allergic reaction, as the condition may worsen.

The composition is not assigned to children of the first year of life due to the lack of clinical data. Also, independent treatment of expectant mothers and lactating women is prohibited. If therapy is necessary during this period, you should contact a specialist. With the development of allergies during treatment or exacerbation of symptoms, it should immediately appear to the otorhinolaryngologist or therapist. Especially it is necessary to pay attention to a condition at which the pain in the ear, the forehead or throat area develops. This may be a sign of complication of banal rhinitis.

evamenol ointment instructions for use

Method of application and dosage of medicament

The ointment "Evamenol" is distributed by nasal application. The medicine is used as needed, following the recommendations of the treating doctor. If no individual appointments have been given, then the composition is applied according to the instructions.

Adult patients are shown a three-fold application of this ointment on the mucous membranes of the nasal passages. Children are appointed from one to two times a day. It is recommended to use a cotton swab or a sterile swab when covering the mucous membranes. The duration of therapy depends on the type of pathology, but usually does not exceed two weeks. If necessary, prophylaxis is used with a break of several days to two months in a row.

"Evamenol"( ointment): patients' comments about the drug

Consumers leave extremely positive opinions about this composition. The undoubted advantage of the medicine is its low cost. This medication is available to almost every consumer. The composition covers the mucous membranes smoothly and does not drain. This consistency is very convenient. Since many analogues of this medicine simply flow from the nose.

Ointment "Evamenol" facilitates breathing after a few seconds after application. All thanks to eucalyptus oil and menthol. As a result of this action, there is no need for using vasoconstrictors. The composition is harmless and is allowed to treat even pregnant women. However, it is always necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the tendency to allergies.

application of ointment

Consumers say that the composition has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. The medication promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues. It also increases immunity. The ointment "Evamenol" can always be taken to work or on the road. For this, a small package of medicine has been created.

Be healthy and breathe freely with the drug "Evamenol".Good luck!