Sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody"( Tula region): address, description, treatment and rest

Among the many health resorts on the territory of Russia there is a sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" located in the Tula region, in the resort of Krainka. It has a strong medical base and offers its visitors the opportunity to combine sanatorium rest with an effective health amendment.

"Likhvinskie Vody", general information

The sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" has mineral springs, which in their composition are similar to the Pyatigorsk sulphate low-mineralized waters. They have a wide range of action and are used in the treatment of a variety of diseases. sanatorium of the Likhvin waters

The nature of the health resort also has unique features. For example, peat mud is successfully used for medicinal purposes.

The picturesque nature of the parks belonging to the 18th century, the aroma of trees and flowers make the walk here particularly pleasant. Bicycle rental offers the opportunity to combine the enjoyment of the pristine nature with sports.

During your stay you can get acquainted with the history of the resort, which starts from the end of the 19th century. The purest air, medicinal water and natural conditions that contribute to the recovery have become prerequisites for the opening of a health resort here.

The modern sanatorium offers many services for its guests. Indoor pool, therapeutic and recreational activities, recreational activities and the possibility of rest from the city bustle - this is what the Likhvinskie Vody sanatorium offers,

. Rules for placing

. In order to settle in the sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody", you must submit the following documents:

  • passport;
  • birth certificate of children;
  • certificate of childhood vaccinations;
  • voucher;
  • sanatorium-resort card.

Children from the sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" take from 4 years. However, it should be borne in mind that sanatorium-resort treatment is not provided for them. Also categorically forbidden to rest with animals.

Check-in is from 13:00, check-out is at 12:00.Thus, the first service of the health resort will be lunch, and the last - breakfast.

Rooms of the health resort

"Likhvinskie Vody"( Tula region) offers its guests accommodation in comfortable and comfortable rooms that meet international standards. Each of them belongs to the "luxury" class and is decorated in an individual author's style. The rooms are located on the upper floors of the building, which consists of three floors. The first floor is occupied by a modern medical center and a restaurant.

Sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" offers for its guests the following accommodation options:

  • Suite consisting of two rooms. One room here is a bedroom with a double bed, the second is a living room with a sofa.
  • Suite consisting of two rooms. One room - a bedroom with two single beds, the second - a living room with a sofa.
  • Suite consisting of three rooms. There are two bedrooms, each with a double bed, and a living room with a sofa.

Each room has wooden and upholstered furniture in an individual style, TV, telephone, Internet with restricted traffic, safe and air conditioning. indoor pool You will also find bathrobes, slippers, towels and a hairdryer. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom with a bath or shower. Cleaning is done every day, bed linen is changed every two days. There is an option to provide extra space in each room.

Food in the sanatorium

The sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" offers its guests five meals a day according to the "buffet" system. A wide choice of dishes makes it possible to fully and variedly eat during the entire stay in the health resort. In addition, there is a diet menu corresponding to the doctor's prescription. Also there is a special choice of dishes for children and the possibility of placing a child in a special highchair. bicycles for rent

Treatment in sanatorium

Stay here involves not only rest, but also qualified treatment of many diseases. Each guest receives an individual health program, developed by high-class health professionals. In the sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" they treat:

  • digestive organs;
  • locomotor system;
  • peripheral nervous system;
  • kidney and urinary tract;
  • respiratory system;
  • of ENT organs;
  • various diseases of gynecological nature;
  • infertility and erosion of the cervix.

Specialists of the sanatorium also offer pregnancy management and rehabilitation after various injuries. Doctors of the health resort adhere to the opinion that the disease is better to prevent. That is why special attention is paid here to the prevention of various diseases and to the improvement of the overall quality of life. Likhvin waters Tula region

To services of visitors - balneary, mud baths, various therapeutic showers, massage, physiotherapy, inhalations, as well as ultrasound examination of all organs.

Laser, magneto, ultrasound therapy, psycho-and dietotherapy, heat treatment and therapeutic exercise are available for you.

There is a wide range of various spa services, as well as therapeutic cosmetology.

Specialists of the health resort have developed special rehabilitation and rehabilitation programs aimed at improving the health of various organs.

Rest in the sanatorium

If you are not going to be engaged in treatment, then the sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" is perfect for a relaxing holiday. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet, enjoying the feeling of unity with the healing nature of the health resort. Such a holiday is perfect for couples with and without children, as well as business people seeking to relax from the bustle of big cities. In addition, "Likhvinskie Vody" is an excellent choice for expectant mothers who will be able to fully enjoy peace during their stay here. The presence of highly qualified specialists, ready to respond to any problem that has arisen, makes rest here during pregnancy sufficiently safe. Likhvin water reviews

Services of the sanatorium

Health resort workers take care that the stay here is as comfortable as possible for the guests. For you, there is a large spa and a sauna complex, which includes a sauna with a swimming pool, as well as a Russian bath. In addition, there is a large indoor swimming pool for swimming and wellness swimming. You can visit the solarium and the gym without time restriction.

For lovers of outdoor activities, bicycles and other sports equipment are available for hire. The library, the fireplace room and the winter garden will provide cozy evenings.

For children there is a special children's room and a rental of table games. The presence of the Internet and a guarded car park pleasantly complements the list of services provided.

Children's rest

The hotel accepts children from the age of 4 when the necessary documents are available. Little guests of the health center can have fun in a special children's room, with table games and other entertainment. Given the tranquility of this place, you can not worry about the children's walks on the territory of the sanatorium. Clean air and the silence of the health resort will benefit every child who comes here to relax. edge of the Suvorov district

"Likhvinskie Vody"( sanatorium), prices

The minimum cost of living in a health resort is 4200 rubles per person in a two-room suite. If the room is one adult and one child - the price in this case is 4650 rubles, 2 people in a double room - 5000 rubles.per day.

Accommodation in a three-room suite is 6000 rubles for one person in a room, 6300 rubles for 1 adult with a child and 7000 rubles.for two tourists.

It is also possible to provide additional space with power. The price of this service is 1700 rubles for adults and 1100 rubles for children under 12 years.

The price includes accommodation, the possibility to use a guarded parking lot, gym and swimming pool without time restriction, drinking mineral water, as well as five meals a day according to the "buffet" system.

Spa services and treatment are paid separately.

The address of the health resort

The sanatorium is located at the following address: Krainka resort, Suvorovsky district, Rozhdestveno settlement, 89.

You can book a place or find out all the interesting questions by the following numbers: +7( 906) 531-72-25, +7( 48763)) 3-22-22.

The health resort is open all year round, which makes it possible to go there regardless of the time of vacation.

How to get there

If you have chosen to relax "Likhvinskie Vody", one of the important questions will be how to get to the sanatorium. It is located 245 km from the Moscow Ring Road. You can get here by car on two roads. In the first case, you need to go to the Kiev highway and drive 149 km to the first turn to Kaluga. Turning to the left, you drive through the city, not turning anywhere, until after 43 km you will not see a signpost for Orel and Bryansk, from which there is a roundabout in 3 km, where you need a third exit. You will see a pointer to the Eagle and Kozelsk, after which, after 21 km you will go to the bridge. Go straight ahead, and after 8 km you will see a sign to the Eagle, which you turn to the left. After another 26 km, you will reach the city of Chekalin, which also needs to drive to the signpost for Suvorov. Turn right here and in just 5 km you will see a sign to the village of Rozhdestveno, where you have to turn left and after 2 km you will reach the sanatorium.

Also, after reaching Chekalin, you can turn left. Next, go straight for 28 km, until you reach the intersection with traffic police, where you need to turn to the right. Then drive straight ahead until you see a signpost for the Krainka resort, which should be turned to the right. After one kilometer, you will see the old sanatorium, where the road will turn to the left. Having passed on it, you will appear on a place. Likhvin water sanatorium prices

It should be taken into account that the second road is used only before the Oka River flood in Chekalin.

"Likhvinskie Vody": reviews

Impressions of those who had a rest in the health resort were mostly positive. People celebrate such advantages of the sanatorium as:

  • beautiful nature;
  • silence and tranquility in the territory;
  • comfortable rooms with everything you need;
  • delicious food and a varied menu;
  • good level of service;
  • upscale medical services.

As for the minuses of the sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody", there are fewer than pluses. The most basic shortcomings, which celebrate the holiday, is:

  • uncomfortable road;
  • lack of a lot of entertainment for children.

Everything else, according to the people who visited the health resort, is at a fairly high level. Many people say that they are going to come back here on vacation more than once.

So, if you want to rest comfortably and improve your health, the sanatorium "Likhvinskie Vody" will be an excellent choice for you.