How to improve the functioning of kidney folk remedies: features, effective methods and feedback

Kidneys are designed to cleanse the body of toxins. During the day, this organ is capable of clearing up to 20 kilograms of blood. However, the kidneys are very vulnerable due to poor food, poor water purification, the use of drugs and alcohol. Do not write off the infections and infections that fall into this body with blood. It is necessary to think about how to improve the functioning of the kidneys before there are typical symptoms of violations - fast fatigue, swelling and problems with urination. In the absence of prophylaxis, sooner or later the poor functioning of these organs leads to intoxication of the whole organism and the appearance of various diseases. Avoid the occurrence of cystitis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis can, using drugs that improve the work of the kidneys, or by turning to traditional medicine.


Before selecting a remedy to improve kidney function, it is necessary to exclude from the diet foods that can lead to the depletion of such an important organ. These are marinades, various pickles, strong coffee, mushrooms, alcohol and much more. All this has a negative impact on the functioning of the kidneys. However, products that improve kidney function are also present in the diet. Their use must be increased. Such products include:

  • milk;
  • seasonal vegetables and fruits;
  • greens;
  • vegetable oils;
  • special herbal teas.

For example, cabbage, thanks to vitamin C, folic acid and minerals, removes toxins from the body. This allows us to find an answer to the question of how to improve kidney function with folk remedies. Normalize the water-salt balance helps fresh pepper. When clearing the kidneys indisputable leaders are the watermelon and raw beets. Pumpkin juice can not only cleanse, but also provide a diuretic effect. If you are worried about periodic swelling and need to decide how to improve the work of the kidneys to remove fluid, you should stop your choice on the dog rose. how to improve kidney function


Products that improve kidney function in the summer are berries, vegetables and fruits. Cowberry-cranberry diet perfectly copes with the removal of excess fluid from the body. This method is quite simple. Every day you need to drink a glass of berries.

Watermelon diet is most effective. There is a purification not only of the kidneys, but of the body as a whole. This diet lasts only one week. For this period of time it is allowed to use only watermelon and rye bread. This diet is the undisputed leader. It is indispensable if it is necessary to decide how to improve the functioning of the kidneys for removing the fluid. Cucumber diet lasts 10 days. Nothing other than cucumbers and cooked potatoes is included in the diet.

Vegetable oils

When thinking about how to improve the work of the kidneys, do not forget about vegetable oils. Beneficial effect on the work of these organs is olive, pumpkin and sesame oil. Any of them is suitable as a dressing for a salad. Taking on a tablespoon of one of the above oils a day, you can restore the urinary system in just a month. Vegetable oils can not only improve kidney function, but also improve the body as a whole. drugs improving the work of the kidneys

Medicinal herbs

Choosing how to improve the work of the kidney folk remedies, you can stop on phytotherapy. The method helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Most often used such herbs:

  • immortelle;
  • goose goatee;
  • sunflower root;
  • flowers cornflower;
  • chamomile flowers;
  • parsley;
  • Bearberry;
  • juniper berries;
  • cumin;
  • calendula;
  • sporish;
  • mint;
  • St. John's Wort.

When considering the question of how to improve the work of the kidneys to remove fluid, it is worth noting that not only herbal tea but phytotea help. They are prepared most often with the addition of dogrose, which is an excellent diuretic. No less useful is tea karkade with the addition of thyme and lemon balm. These teas are useful not only for the kidneys, but for the body as a whole. They can be consumed by replacing regular teas. kidney improvement products


Since ancient times, aroma oils have been widely used in the treatment of many organs. In improving the functioning of the kidneys, they also found application. Possessing a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, oils of grapefruit, dog rose, geranium and nutmeg can reduce the burden on the kidneys. Improve the work of the kidneys to remove fluid can be with the oils of patchouli, rosemary and lemon.

Treatment of kidneys with the help of soda

Soda is a universal product, without which no family can. However, very few people know how to improve kidney function with ordinary soda. This chemical is capable of normalizing blood pressure, relieving a person from swelling, and also preventing the multiplication of bacteria.

Kidney improver such as herbs or vegetables will do their job better if you drink extra soda every day. It is added to warm milk or tea. An average of 70 kilograms of weight requires one teaspoon. how to improve kidney function for excretion

Treatment of kidneys with the help of bath

In the old days we went to the bathhouse with an enviable regularity. It exerts an effect on the upper layer of the epidermis and already from the first minutes expels the slag from the body. Under the influence of humidity and heat, the work of many internal organs, including kidneys, improves. In urine, the sodium content decreases. It should be noted that drugs that improve the functioning of the kidneys, wash away from the body and potassium. In the bath, these processes are not available. Bath treatments in combination with eucalyptus aromatic oil is the best answer to the question of how to improve kidney function to remove stones and fluids, as well as get rid of chronic cystitis.

How to improve kidney function for removing stones

Urolithiasis is one of the most common kidney diseases in the population. Modern medicine offers drugs that improve kidney function and remove stones and sand. However, we should not forget that traditional medicine can help in this problem. There are many effective recipes.

  • Powder from carrot seeds perfectly copes with crushing stones and removing them from the body. To achieve the desired effect, you need to use only 1 gram for half an hour before meals three times a day.
  • Root and parsley leaves also improve kidney function. Roots and leaves of this spice should be filled with boiling water. For 1 glass of water, you need a teaspoon of root and leaves. After 2 hours, the infusion is ready for use. It is enough for 3 times reception. The broth is drunk before eating.
  • Flowers of sweet clover, juniper, nettle, shepherd's bag and rosehip are taken in equal parts of 20 grams and filled with a glass of boiling water. After 2 minutes, honey is added to the warm infusion. This drink is drunk 2 times a day between meals.
  • The root of barberry, mixed with leaves of strawberry, birch and corn stigmas, also excellently displays stones.
  • The infusion of the rose hips root not only helps to get rid of stones, but also relieves excess fluid in the body.2 tablespoons of the root is ground and poured a glass of boiling water. A day requires 2 cups. The infusion is divided into 4 parts and is drunk between meals.
  • If the size of the stones is critical and they need to be shredded within a few days, lemon juice will help. It is diluted with half a glass of warm water and half a glass of vegetable juices - cucumber, carrot and beetroot. The drink is drunk up to 4 times a day.
  • No less useful is birch sap. He should drink a glass before meals 3 times a day. remedies for kidney function

Treatment of inflammatory processes in the kidneys

A frequent disease of the urinary system is pyelonephritis. It is inflammation of the kidneys, which manifests itself as a complication after colds, flu, or when alcohol is consumed. With these ailments, doctors often recommend taking drugs that improve the functioning of the kidneys, but negatively affect other organs.

But milk can rid the kidneys of inflammation. Folk remedies relieve them from inflammation and pain sensations quite quickly. With this problem helps to cope with infusion of flowers cornflower. No less effective are field medicinal horsetail, bearberry leaves. Infusions of these herbs are active for several hours. However, even with the disappearance of symptoms, the broth should be drunk within a month. how to improve kidney function folk remedies

Kidney Diseases in Diabetes Mellitus

Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus of both types often ask themselves the question of how to improve the work of the kidneys to remove toxins from the body. Many methods for such patients become inaccessible. So, a cucumber diet can not be used because of the ban on eating potatoes. For the same reason, the watermelon diet is also prohibited. At the same time, the body loses its ability to get rid of toxins on its own. And an excessive amount of protein in the urine increases the burden on the kidneys.

For such people, the question of how to improve kidney function is acute. In this case, you can help infusions of herbs and vegetable oils. Reduce the burden on the sick body can follow a low-carb diet. Controlling blood sugar will help to avoid problems with this vital organ. how to improve kidney function for removing fluid


On how to improve the work of the kidney folk remedies, you should know everyone. But people realized that using this or that method, one should remember that during the treatment it is necessary to observe a strict diet. Many people say that you need to monitor the amount of liquid drunk. Each person must absorb at least two liters of water per day, in small portions. Doctors believe that in some cases, self-medication is harmful to health. Therefore, before starting a course of treatment, consult a specialist. Each herb has certain contraindications and is capable of causing harm. Many people write about this. Often for complete recovery, medical preparations that improve kidney function are still necessary. This will completely cure the disease and prevent the recurrence of the disease.