The best cure for hoarseness

Will the medicine "Homeovox" help me from the hoarse voice, or should I use folk methods? Or maybe things are really bad, and the doctor's help is urgently needed? Some are convinced that this is not a problem at all, and others are well aware of the benefits of medication from the hoarseness of the voice in adults simply because of the specific nature of their profession. Is it frightening, what is caused, how to overcome the problem?

cure for hoarseness

Where did the trouble come from?

The voice may disappear for obvious reasons - due to illness, and quite suddenly. The second is usually provoked by overexertion, because of what literally one can not say a word. Many at the same time note that there are no signs of the disease, neither temperature, nor cough, nor runny nose. In this situation, doctors usually diagnose "laryngitis", and the doctor chooses the medicine from hoarseness of the voice, focusing both on the state of the human body, and on the cause that provoked such a manifestation.

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Risk group

Any modern person can face the loss of the opportunity to pronounce a word. In a number of cases, medicines for loss of voice, hoarseness are needed for those who by virtue of their profession should speak a lot, loudly. Overexertion of ligaments, especially chronic, strongly affects the condition of this organ.

drugs with loss of voice hoarseness

The situation is further complicated by numerous viruses, bacteria, in the abundance surrounding people living in cities. You can easily pick up this infection, and in combination with the already worn out ligaments, the situation becomes quite heavy. However, it is often necessary to use a child's voice to heal the hoarseness simply because the child shouted too much and spoke loudly in the dry air. This leads to damage to the mucous membrane of the larynx in the region near the chords. To choose the best treatment option, it is worth to visit a pediatrician, a therapist who will examine the patient and tell you what caused the trouble, and also help to choose an effective drug against it.

Laryngitis: this can be dangerous!

In some cases, laryngitis may indicate a serious threat not only to human health, but even to life. This is typical for a situation where simultaneously with the absence of a voice there is an acute pain syndrome. In this case, do not even try to figure out what medicines will help than to treat the hoarseness of the voice in adults, and immediately sign up for an appointment with a therapist or an ENT doctor. There is a possibility that the larynx in the upper half is swollen, and this may even block the way for air. You can not linger, qualified help is needed urgently. As a rule, in such a situation, a person even swallows a saliva with difficulty.

When still need help?

Do not practice self-therapy, using drugs to treat the hoarseness of the voice in an adult, if you hear rattles and noises in your throat. It is necessary to use qualified help. This also extends to a situation where the symptoms are complicated by problems with breathing or coughing up blood.

You need to contact a doctor even if the selected drugs do not help, hoarseness does not last a long time. If the laryngitis is disturbed by a prolonged period of time, this probably indicates a tumor process. Normally, the voice should come to its normal state in three, at most five days. If this did not happen, you need to make an appointment with the doctor.

First aid

Do not immediately start taking medicine from the hoarseness of the voice, the first signs of such a problem were barely noticed. First it is worth trying a more gentle method for the body of folk medicine. Recommend to soar hands for a quarter of an hour. Machined area - from the palms to the elbows. It is better to do this under running water. The jet should drain from the elbows down. The duration of the procedure is until the sweat on the forehead appears. It is necessary to adjust the water to the highest possible tolerable temperature.

from the hoarse voice of the medicine

Such a folk remedy for throat hoarseness will help if you go to bed right after the procedure. Before that, the hands are wiped dry and dressed in warm nightwear with a long sleeve. It will not be superfluous to drink honey sweetened with tea with a slice of lemon. Quality sleep after such procedures is guaranteed, and in the morning the voice should come back to normal.

What can not be done?

Often friends, acquaintances advise the patient to gargle with hoarseness with warm water. Doctors also pay attention: do not follow such recommendations. During the rinse, a person irritates an already mucous membrane, which only leads to a worsening of the situation. When rinsing you need to put effort, you suffer from vocal cords. The best remedy for hoarse voices in most cases is complete peace. This means that you need to keep quiet, do not strain your throat unnecessarily, avoid speaking sounds even in a whisper.

There is an opinion that a good medicine for hoarseness is "Aspirin".This is completely wrong. Doctors are urged to refrain from using the medication until the ligaments recover completely. The fact is that when hoarseness increases the probability of rupture of capillary vessels, and "Aspirin" lowers the coagulability of blood. Therefore, the bleeding will be very difficult to stop.

Home Conditions and Recovery

One of the rather unusual drugs from the hoarseness of the voice is the air humidifier. The drug is not medicated at all, so rarely does anyone think about its connection with the restoration of the voice. And yet the fact remains: using a moisturizer makes the atmosphere in the room more pleasant, easier for the mucous. It is known that when the air is dry, the tissue of the larynx also drains, the irritants adhere to the surface, and the body can not independently remove them because of a lack of secretion. The most effective way to deal with the problem is to regularly moisten the air, but to an adequate state. Too humid atmosphere, too, will not come to anything good.

Traditional medicine against the sore throat

The simplest remedy for hoarseness is: take a small piece of horseradish root( the size of a nut), chop, pour boiling water( about 70 ml), close and let stand for at least a third of an hour. Then sugar is added to the drink and gradually drunk in small sips - literally a teaspoonful. A prepared third of a glass should be enough for one day. In former times it was believed that such a tool is the most effective against a hoarse voice. In just one day, it normalizes the functioning of the vocal cords and returns the person "in order".

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Breathing health

Another good option is inhalation with the use of natural components. The effect can be achieved if you mix eucalyptus, lime, chamomile. All herbs are taken in equal proportions. In the absence of any of the options, you can do two or even do one thing. Pour dried leaves into the pan, pour water and allow to boil. After that, the mixture is covered with a towel and gently breathes for a third of an hour. You need to be careful not to get burned. To enhance the effect, essential oils can be added.

As an oil, cedar, basil, eucalyptus oils are optimal. It is known that it improves the condition of the throat of lavender. Only a few drops of the agent are sufficient for a liter of water. The duration of one inhalation is up to a third of an hour.

What else will help?

It is believed that the medicine from hoarseness of voice in adults "Homeocks" is well helped, but many prefer to resort to variants of traditional medicine. Indeed, it is safer than any industrial product, even manufactured on natural ingredients. In particular, many people practice the removal of wheezing, a sore throat with steam from the herbal infusion. It should be repeated every half hour. The procedure is simple. Take a glass of boiling water, pour them a mixture of herbal collection, the hour is kept closed in a warm room. Duration of enjoyment of natural odors - from 5 to 15 minutes.

You can use a wide variety of ingredients to make a herbal medicine. Known for their positive effect on the throat violet and string, which are mixed in equal proportions. You can make a decoction of pine buds, inflorescences of chamomile and dried lavender leaves. A good result will be a mixture of rosemary, plantain, calendula.

Separate and combine

One of the well-known medicines of traditional medicine, which allows to eliminate throat hoarseness, assumes separate preparation of decoctions from leaves of calendula, plantain, rhizome of the blood-groove. Each plant is brewed with a glass of boiling water and allowed to stand, closing the lid. Then the resulting infusions are mixed, give them a boil and inhale aromatic pairs of herbs.

treatment of hoarseness in adults

Similarly, you can make a medicine based on yarrow and calendula.

Folk wisdom rushes to the aid of

A good result is a mixture of sunflowers( use seeds, leaves), boiled for at least one and a half hours. Such a liquid must be carefully filtered, then let it cool in a warm room. You can use it three times a day for 30 drops.

Vitamins for fighting diseases

Exclusive benefits for throat hoarseness, especially caused by catarrhal factors, are ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is usually taken with food, a single dose - one gram. In a day, you need to use the medicine no more than three times. You can not combine vitamins and hot tea or alcohol.

But for those who like warming drinks, another vitamin prescription is suitable. Hot tea is drunk, before pressing into the cup a large lemon. Juice and tea should be present in the container in equal proportions. You can enhance the positive effect by introducing a spoonful of honey into the liquid. It should be remembered that honey and lemon are allergic to many, so the option is not suitable for everyone.

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Ossiposition of voice from the profession

In some workplaces, people face the problem of a hoarse voice very often. This is typical for teachers, teachers, singers, stage workers. Cope with the disaster can, if regularly carry out preventive measures. The most important and useful thing is the exercises for training the vocal cords. Usually the exercises are practiced up to three times daily, preferably at the same time. One approach lasts a quarter of an hour, during which time three exercises are done. There are a lot of options for actual actions, it's best to understand what and how to do if you watch video. Exercises should be alternated, and not all the time doing the same thing. This will make the load uniform and allow you to train strong vocal cords.

cure for hoarseness in adults

Simple exercises

From sitting position, bend over the trunk until the knees touch the chest, hands are allowed to hang down without additional stress. Breathe in with the nose, filling the posterior sections of the lung tissue with oxygen. The exhalation is delayed for a couple of seconds, straightened, throws up his hands and pronounces "pff", exhaling. They pause for a couple of seconds - it's a "breathing return".Exercise is repeated again.

The second option involves a standing posture, with the heels cut, hands down and a belly drawn. Fists clench, bending their fingers inward, lips make a tube, through the mouth - a strong, sharp breath. Exhalation is delayed for a quarter of a minute, arms are bent at the elbows, sharply raised to the shoulders, relaxed with fists and lowered. Inhale - up to 15 movements at first, but after a month the load is increased to 25 movements per one such interval.