How to properly wear condoms? Tips for the future

Many people, despite the fact that they use contraceptives for a long time, are wondering how to properly dress condoms. This topic is in fact very important today, as well as relevant. According to statistics, one of the most common causes of infection during sexual intercourse with a condom is incorrect dressing or damage( occurring during unpacking).

How to properly wear condoms?

A condom should be unwound with ease. And if this does not happen, then it means that the party was chosen incorrectly.

What are the different types of condoms? First, it is necessary to understand the dimensions. There is a standard size, with a contour, and also large. As for the species, there are a number of them. Ordinary( that is, smooth), close-fitting, contoured, textured( with various dressings, for example, pimples or ribs), without lubrication or with abundant, spermicidal or flavored. .. also super thin, extra strong, luminous, etc. should be added to the list.

Latex condoms are reliable contraceptives and, accordingly, provide reliable protection against infections that are sexually transmitted. It is necessary to observe the expiration date, which is always indicated on the package. Often young people wear condoms in the wrong place. The most common is the back pocket. It is more secure and safe to keep it in the shirt pocket or in a special protective case.

How to properly wear condoms? Certainly not with teeth, as some partners like to do, and it's also not recommended to open the package from under the contraceptive with teeth. Also, when using, always leave a place at the end of the condom. In the event that there is no place, then you just need to squeeze the top of the product. If the condom is torn during sex, then it must be replaced immediately with a new one.

Dressing a condom is a delicate matter, since you need to do everything carefully, to avoid undesirable consequences and possible problems. It is necessary to carefully tear off the strip along the side of the package and get the product. Condoms are strong, but if the product is hooked on a sharp nail or jewelry, then it can tear. How to properly wear condoms? Only on the erect penis. Before you put on the product, you need to pull the foreskin( if, of course, there is no circumcision).Then you need to squeeze out all the air from the condom, holding it by the tip. This will provide a place for sperm. Then you need to put it on the end of the penis( to have a curled edge outside) and unwind it completely.

It is very important to remove the condom correctly. After ejaculation occurs, you need to carefully remove the penis, holding the product for the basis. Only after this, you can remove the condom to exclude any possibility of vaginal contact with the sperm. After the product is used, it will need to be wrapped in a paper napkin and discarded, but not in a toilet bowl, but in a garbage chute.