Shodnenskaya city hospital: address and reviews

City hospital Skhodni is a state municipal institution that serves residents of two microdistricts. The clinic provides all types of medical assistance on the basis of MHI policies or under a commercial contract.


Shodnenskaya city hospital was founded in the early 70's. The initial activity was limited to receiving patients in the polyclinic. In 1981, the medical facility was enlarged by the hospital department building, and comprehensive patient care was started. Throughout the years of operation, the hospital has repeatedly changed its name, it received its current name in 2014.

Shodnenskaya city hospital has the structure:

  • Two polyclinic departments.
  • Stationary department.
  • Inpatient day care unit.
  • Department of Pediatrics.
  • Women's consultation.

In the clinic, residents of the Skhodnya-Firsanovka microdistrict are served on the basis of MHI policies or at the commercial cost of services. The medical staff consists of 53 specialists, many have the highest and first professional qualifications.

city ​​hospital in Obninsk


The Shodnenskaya city hospital has two outpatient departments, one of them serves residents of the Firsanovka metropolitan area( 6, Rechnaya St.).The main polyclinic department accepts up to 375 patients per shift.

Clinic departments:

  • Day hospital with a capacity of 10 beds.
  • Therapy.
  • Dentistry, neurology, cardiology.
  • Gynecology, endocrinology, surgery.
  • Otolaryngology, ophthalmology, physiotherapy.
  • Specialized rooms - procedural, inoculation, massage, exercise therapy, infectious, preventive.
  • Diagnostic rooms - mammography, fluorography, functional diagnostics, X-ray, clinical laboratory.

surgery department


The main directions of assistance in the clinic:

  • Primary - pre-hospital, medical, primary specialized within the scope of outpatient treatment.
  • Emergency care for adults.
  • Prescription of prescriptions, provision of medicines for citizens of privileged categories of the population.
  • Dispensary observation of patients with chronic forms of diseases.
  • Preventive population screening.

The clinic conducts educational activities and active work with visitors, for which the schools of patients function in the directions:

  • Healthy way of life.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Chronic heart failure.
  • Arterial hypertension.
  • Quitting smoking.

The reception is carried out by appointment in the registry or through the electronic service of the clinic. Since September 1, 2017, the entry to the reception is carried out only through electronic service.

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Reviews of the polyclinic

Many doctors of the city hospital in the Shodnya microdistrict received positive feedback from grateful patients. Patients name by name the specialists - ophthalmologists, gynecologists, therapists, who helped get rid of the disease and gave recommendations on lifestyle changes, in order to avoid relapse of the disease in the future. There are words of gratitude to the diagnostic office.

Negative testimonials tell about administrative disorder - the entry to doctors is conducted in electronic form, which is a good undertaking. But as soon as it comes to implementation, failures begin - doctors take patients not on time, often delay reception, why one has to wait a long time for their turn. Also many patients come without coupons and try to build a "live" line, and the administration does not interfere, which generates nervousness, discontent.

Most visitors recommend to read reviews about specialists: in many departments there are unscrupulous doctors, but there are those whose calling is based on conscientiousness, knowledge, experience and responsible attitude towards patients.

Fixed department

Shodnenskaya city hospital, in the inpatient department, receives patients in the direction from the attending physician of the polyclinic or through emergency care. Hospitalization is carried out at the expense of the federal budget and is available to all citizens of the Russian Federation.

Many patients helped to gain health Shodnenskaya city hospital. The departments in the hospital have the following:

  • Cardiology .Up to 50 patients can be treated at the same time in the department. Indications for treatment - ischemia, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, rheumatic heart diseases, myocarditis, endocarditis, arterial hypertension, rhythm disturbances, etc.
  • department of otolaryngology accepts up to 40 patients in a 24-hour hospital and up to 10 patients on daytime stay. All kinds of profile assistance are rendered here, complicated operations are carried out using modern high-tech equipment.
  • Two ophthalmic departments annually conduct up to 1500 surgical operations. The hospital fund accepts up to 80 patients for round-the-clock observation. The patients have modern equipment and the best specialists who have a lot of grateful reviews and recognition of their colleagues, marked by Mechnikov Medal for an innovative method of obtaining suture material used in eye microsurgery.
  • Department of neurology of the hospital( Khimki, microdistrict Skhodnya) has a bed fund of 35 places. The basic amount is intended for a round-the-clock stay, and 5 places are given to patients of a day hospital.
  • Therapy is one of the largest departments. There is help in the areas of hypertension, asthma, liver cirrhosis, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies of various etiologies, arthritis, arthrosis, pneumonia, etc.

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Reviews of the inpatient department of

Patients receiving inpatient treatment gave good reviews to all departments of the hospital,while they pointed to doctors whose professional help brought the desired recovery. The surgical department in the clinic is absent, but ophthalmologic help includes surgical interventions and successful operations to many patients restored vision.

Patients note that the staff of the clinic as a whole is attentive to the needs of patients, the provision of medications is uninterrupted and full, regular cleaning is carried out in the wards.

Negative responses were written to doctors who did not pay proper attention to the patients, which caused an incorrect diagnosis and prescribed a worsening treatment. Many noted that some of the staff and doctors insist on additional payment for their services, but this phenomenon is not frequent. Neutral reports tell us about the standard situation in the hospital, when doctors do their best with limited funds allocated from the budget.

doctors of the city hospital

Pediatric department

The children's department appeared in the clinic as a result of the merger of the Shodnenskaya hospital and the Shodnenskoye children's polyclinic in 1973.Children are received by doctors of high qualification and strive to provide all-round assistance.

The specialists of such directions conduct the reception:

  • Pediatrics.
  • Surgery.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Otolaryngology.
  • Neurology.

To help young parents, there is a dairy kitchen where baby food is provided. The provision of medical procedures and routine vaccinations are carried out in specially equipped rooms. The pediatric service renders services to all small patients of the Skhodnya microdistrict, which includes the city hospital. The children's department is one of the most sought-after units of the entire medical institution.

city ​​hospital of the department

Reviews of the children's department

The department of pediatrics of the Shodnenskaya hospital received positive reviews for the responsiveness of all hospital staff. Some mothers report that there are doctors in the department who care for their children's health, without a backwardness, as they have repeatedly been convinced of the high professionalism of specialists. A lot of kind words were said to the nurses of the manipulation department, where the employees work so that the children do not experience stress and pain.

Some small patients were required to go to the surgical department, but the hospital is provided with only a narrowly directed surgical care. Parents of operated children in the ophthalmological, otolaryngological departments of the hospital left gratitude to the heads of the departments for their understanding and sympathy. Many doctors, nurses, thanks to the professionalism of which, the children regained their health, got rid of unpleasant diseases and their consequences.

Negative feedback was left to the patronage service, many mothers long waited for the sister and the doctor after discharge from the hospital. Everyone is complaining about the registry office and a poorly organized system for registering patients to see a doctor. Sometimes there are reviews that doctors are asking to buy medicines and drugs for treatment for personal money.

city ​​hospital children


The Shodnenskaya city hospital and the pediatric department are located at the Skhodnya microdistrict( Khimki town), Michurina street, building 31-A.The reception starts at 08:00, and ends at 20:00.

Firsanov polyclinic is located at the address - Firsanovka micro district( Khimki town), Rechnaya street, building 6. The reception is open from 08:00 to 20:00.