"Complivit", vitamins "11 vitamins, 8 minerals": composition, instructions for use

"Complivit" is a series of vitamins and minerals produced by the Russian pharmaceutical plant UfaVita. This is one of the most common vitamin complexes that are popular among the population, which allows us to consider the real folk product as "Complivit".Vitamins "11 vitamins of 8 minerals" provide the body with the most necessary substances for normal life.

What is unique about "Complivit"?

The complex of vitamins is very popular. This is not only an affordable way to undergo treatment with avitaminosis and general weakening of the body, but also a wonderful drug for preventive purposes. The fact is that during the development, the daily dosage of the necessary components was taken into account. Each element is contained in the amount in which its use is most optimal. It turns out that even with prolonged use of an overdose does not occur. This allows the drug to be used for a long time for preventive purposes. There is even a special package of the drug "Complivit" - vitamins "11 vitamins of 8 minerals" marked "365", ie for year-round use.

A bit about the minerals

Mineral substances are necessary for the body for its normal life. At their shortage, metabolic reactions and water-alkaline balance are disturbed, the structure of the skeleton weakens. Deficiency of even one of the minerals can lead to serious health problems.

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The main problem with the lack of minerals in the body is that they can not be produced independently, but must come from outside, with food. Previously, when people ate natural products of their own farming, and the soils were more enriched with mineral compounds, the person had enough of the amount of substances that he consumed with food. But now it is increasingly necessary to talk about the scarcity of soils and, as a consequence, reduce the enrichment of vegetables and fruits with useful elements. In this regard, a person, even in a balanced diet, sometimes can not provide the body the necessary amount of minerals. Experts recommend taking them in the form of vitamin-mineral complexes to avoid deficiency of nutrients and deterioration of health.

Basic macronutrients

Mineral substances are divided into macroelements and microelements. The first group is required in large quantities by the body than the second. However, each of them is significant for the normal functioning of the organism. Among the macroelements, the following are the most important inorganic substances and their compounds:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • chlorine;
  • phosphorus;
  • sodium;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium.

Each of these elements somehow participates in the life of the body. According to experts, a lack of calcium can lead to the development of 80 diseases. This element is needed everywhere and at once. Without it, the nervous, cardiovascular, muscular and bone system of man can not work. In addition, calcium actively participates in the synthesis of protein, the production of many enzymes and hormones, and also affects the coagulability of the blood.

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Sodium and potassium are involved in the reduction of muscle tissue, including the heart muscle. Magnesium affects the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Phosphorus and calcium are invariable "fellow travelers".Without the interaction of these substances with one another, no exchange process is possible. Phosphorus is a universal energy carrier.

Macro-elements in the Complywite

"Complivit"( vitamins "11 vitamins of 8 minerals") contains macronutrients in daily dosages:

  • calcium - 50.5 mg;
  • magnesium - 16.4 mg;
  • phosphorus - 60 mg.

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The specified amount is contained in one tablet. As you can see, most of the "Complivit" vitamins contain phosphorus and calcium, which are the main elements by which metabolic reactions occur. Thus, vitamins can provide the body with a normal amount of calcium and phosphorus salts, as well as prevent their shortage.

Trace elements and their importance in human life

Microelements are found in the body in much smaller quantities, but the role they play in life processes is unlikely to be called secondary. For example, iron is a trace element. Few people do not know about its importance for the composition of blood. This is one of the main components of red blood cells - erythrocytes. In addition, iron directly affects the amount of hemoglobin, which performs a very important function: it transports oxygen throughout the body.

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Copper is considered a female element, as it is contained in collagen, which is responsible for the youthfulness of the skin. But zinc is considered as one of the main elements that ensure the health of the reproductive system of men. Iodine is the main component of mental activity and development. Its lack reduces intellect and worsens overall health, immunity decreases, endocrine problems occur. Silicon takes care of the preservation of the youthful body and strong skeleton. A decrease in fluoride in the body leads to problems with the teeth.

Microelements in the complex "Complivit"

Of the 8 minerals, 3 positions were due to macroelements. This means that the bulk is accounted for by microelements, including the following in the "Complivit" vitamins:

  • iron - 5 mg;
  • manganese - 2.5 mg;
  • copper - 750 mkg;
  • zinc - 2 mg;
  • cobalt - 100 mcg.

c2 riboflavin

Manganese is required for bone and connective tissue. Cobalt is involved in the production of proteins, hormones, carbohydrates, fats and certain enzymes."Complivit"( vitamins "11 vitamins of 8 minerals") is enriched with the necessary set of microelements to maintain the health and youth of the body.


Vitamins are organic compounds, most of which the body is also unable to synthesize on its own( except vitamin D and some species of B).Therefore, the use of high-quality food is also relevant for the prevention of avitaminosis. Vitamins are very important for the body active substances, in which a person needs constantly, and especially during a period of intense growth and development, with mental and physical stress, during illness.

The complex vitamin and mineral preparation "Complivit" contains the following fat-soluble vitamins:

  • A( 1,135 mg) has a positive effect on the skin, the retina of the eyes, is involved in the synthesis of proteins and lipid metabolism. It supports growth processes and provides resistance to infections.
  • E( 10 mg) normalizes muscle tissue, is the strongest antioxidant. Vitamin is a beauty and youthful skin.

The second group of vitamins is called water-soluble. As part of "Complivita" you can find the main ones:

  • C( 50 mg) is involved in all kinds of metabolic reactions, increases the body's resistance to the external environment.
  • B1( 1 mg) is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, is necessary for the nervous system and digestive processes.
  • B2( riboflavin - 1.27 mg) is involved in the process of tissue respiration, the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, is necessary for most body systems.
  • B5( calcium pantothenate - 5 mg) is involved in the exchange reactions.
  • B6( 5 mg) is required for the exchange of amino acids and proteins.
  • B9( folic acid - 100 μg) is important for growth and development.
  • B12( 12.5 μg) is required for the nervous system and hematopoiesis.
  • P( 25 mg) is an antioxidant.
  • PP( 7.5 mg) stimulates cellular and energy metabolism, is a catalyst for oxidative reactions.

Also included is lipoic acid, which improves lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. The "Complivit" tablets influence the organism as best as possible, providing it with all the necessary organic and inorganic compounds.

phosphorus and calcium

Instruction for use, form of release and cost

We already wrote about the fact that "Complivit" can be used all year round. But most effectively take vitamins courses: a month after three or six months, depending on the need. For preventive purposes, it is recommended to take 1 tablet 1 time per day. With severe symptoms of avitaminosis - 1 tablet 2 times a day. The average duration of one course of treatment is 1 month. It is important to take vitamins daily, not occasionally.

Vitamins are produced in plastic swirling bottles, in which 60 pieces of "Complivit" tablets. The price of one package is about 120 rubles. Buyers are comfortable with low cost and good result from the application.

Good vitamins have now become a necessity for every family. To maintain the health of the body, it is recommended to drink at least once a year the course of such supplements, for example, the drug "Complivit."The price of the complex is low, which makes it accessible to all segments of the population. According to doctors, the content of vitamins and minerals in the "Complicant" is optimal for human health.