Prostamol uno - there will be no problems with the prostate

The drug "Prostamol Uno" is pretty much advertised on TV, while promising with it to quickly and easily get rid of male diseases. In this article, we will try to find out the principle of the action of this medication and to understand how much it helps in the treatment of diseases.

"Prostamol Uno" is effective in the treatment of prostatic adenoma. This proliferation of prostate tissue, which is benign. With an increase, the prostate presses on the urethra and the person becomes hard to urinate over time. The use of this drug is effective in 1-2 stages of the disease.

In the presence of the first stage there will be a decrease in the pressure of urine and a fairly frequent urination.

In the second stage, the bladder is not able to push out all the urine and its part constantly remains in it. From this there is a gradual stretching of the walls of the bladder.

The composition of "Prostamol Uno" includes an extract of a dwarf palm, and it helps to reduce edema of the prostate, and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The use of this drug stops further growth of the prostate.

"Prostamol Uno" - the effectiveness of treatment

There is no unambiguous opinion on this issue yet. Many experts consider its use possible only as an auxiliary, while others show high results of treatment only with this drug. The course of treatment lasts a month, after the examination can appoint an additional intake of the drug. If, some time after taking "Prostamol Uno", the patient resumes the symptoms of the disease, then the doctor can appoint a permanent use of it. As already mentioned, the drug has herbal ingredients, so its long-term use does not harm the kidneys and liver. Do not forget that this drug does not cure the disease itself, but only significantly reduces its manifestation. More than half of patients, after taking "Prostamol" note a significant improvement in health.

There are a lot of fakes on the domestic market, so if the first course of taking the drug helped you, and then the next one is not, you probably got a fake medicine. In order to protect yourself from buying a counterfeit, you need to carefully study the integrity and quality of the package, the availability of holograms and other external signs.

Some people do not know the difference between "Prostamol" and "Gentosa", which is also actively advertised, and they are considered to be equivalent medicines, but it is not."Gentos" is a biologically active additive, it is not a medicinal product, so no one conducted a study of its effect on the body in clinical conditions. In contrast to it, "Prostamol" is a full-fledged medicine that passed all the stages of official registration, as well as checks of its effect on the body in many urological clinics. Now they produce an analog of "Prostamol" - "Prostaplant".It practically does not differ in its composition, it also contains an extract of dioecious nettle. Nettle extract is added for a more active treatment of the main extract( Serenoa Repens), although many patients indicate that "Prostamol" is still more effective.

Prostamol suppositories and Prostamol tablets are issued, depending on the severity of the illness the doctor can prescribe a reception of 160 or 320 mg of the drug, which is taken once a day. The amount of the drug depends on the individual qualities of the patient, its tolerability, and the effectiveness of the treatment. When using tablets it is recommended to drink them with a lot of water, this will protect you from the appearance of pain in the stomach. In some people, taking this medication may cause heartburn. In this case, you need to contact a specialist who will determine the cause and, most likely, prescribe the taking of another drug.

When you have frequent urination and no other signs of illness, you can take Prostamol for preventive purposes. But still, first of all, it is necessary to turn to a specialist. Self-treatment can lead to untimely diagnosis of other dangerous diseases, such as malignant tumors of the prostate.