Capsaicin Ointment: instruction, composition, reviews, analogues

Pain in the joints and muscles can bother not only the elderly, but also quite young people. To eliminate these feelings use different drugs. The most effective of them is capsaicin ointment. Instruction, analogues, testimonials, testimonies of this tool are presented in the materials of this article. capsaicin ointment

Composition, package

It's easy to guess which components contain capsaicin ointment. The main ingredients of this drug is capsaicin. As you know, this is a chemically stable substance.

Also in the composition of the drug in question are: ethylene glycol salicylate, ethyl nicotinate and other elements.

Capsaicin ointment is available in aluminum tubes, which are placed in cardboard packs.

Features of medicament

How does capsaicin ointment work? The instruction says that such a remedy has vasodilating, warming and anesthetizing properties. In addition, the drug, based on capsaicin, is able to have a pronounced distracting and anti-inflammatory action.

The active ingredients of this medication affect the prostaglandins and the substance P, which is located in the peripheral nerve fibers. It is this effect that explains the high efficiency of this remedy.

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Due to the ability of hydroxyethyl salicylate to affect the structure of the epithelium, the medicament in question penetrates deeply into the tissues.

capsaicin ointment

The therapeutic effect of the drug in question is developing quite rapidly. It lasts for 60 minutes. In this case, capsaicin ointment copes pain syndromes, reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process, and improves the mobility of joints in people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Characteristics of capsaicin

What is capsaicin ointment? Reviews say that the effectiveness of this medication is entirely due to its composition. Capsaicin is called vanillamide 8-methyl-6-nonenoic acid. As mentioned above, this is a chemically stable substance, which has the appearance of a crystalline powder. This element has no pronounced color, but it has a rather sharp taste.

The powder begins to melt at a temperature of 65 degrees. One milligram of capsaicin in its pure form when it hits the skin can cause a chemical burn, comparable to that of hot iron.

Like many alkaloids, this substance is poorly soluble in water, but it dissolves well in chloroform, various alcohols, acetone, caustic alkalis and benzene.

capsaicin ointment analogues

Indications for use of topical

Capsaicin ointment, the composition of which was described above, is actively used to eliminate pain syndromes in people suffering from joint diseases, including arthrosis, arthritis and spondyloarthrosis( including spondyloarthrosis accompanied by neuralgia).

It should also be noted that this drug is prescribed to patients with myalgia of various origins and during recovery of patients with tendovaginitis.

Capsaicin ointment is often used by athletes during warm-up as an auxiliary.


Capsaicin ointment is contraindicated with increased individual sensitivity to its components. Also, this drug can not be used with an active inflammatory process. In addition, this drug is not prescribed to the fairer sex during pregnancy and lactation.

Capsaicin ointment is prohibited for use by minors because of a lack of reliable data on the efficacy and safety of the drug in these categories of patients.

capsaicin ointment reviews

Instructions for use

Capsaicin ointment, the analogues of which are listed below, only applied externally. According to the instructions, before using this remedy, skin areas should be thoroughly rinsed with water and soap, and then dry with a towel.

The drug is applied to the problem area with a thin layer 2-3 times a day. To achieve the best result, it should be rubbed into the covers with the fingertips.

If this medication was recommended to an athlete to warm up the muscles before exercise, then the ointment should be used with a strip about 4 cm in length.

For joint diseases, this medication should be used for the first three days once a day. Subsequently, the drug is applied to the skin two times( preferably in the morning and before bedtime).

Side effects of

This drug is well tolerated by patients. In some cases, the use of this medication can cause allergic reactions that occur at the site of application.

Overdose and drug interaction

No overdose has been reported by this agent.

According to experts, this drug enhances the absorption of other drugs intended for external use. Therefore, it is forbidden to combine it with other medicines. capsaicin ointment composition

Special recommendations

When capsaicin hits the mucous membranes, there is a burning sensation, pain, tearing and mucus. Also in some cases, this substance can cause spasm of the larynx and bronchi, which leads to a short-term loss of speech.

If, after applying the ointment to the skin, the patient is strongly irritated, the preparation is immediately removed with vegetable oils, soda, vinegar, honey or milk.

Similar products and price

Capsaicin ointment in its pure form is not sold in the pharmacy. However, based on capsaicin, there are many other drugs. They include: "Nikofleks", "Espol", pepper plaster, "Kapsikam" and others. These medicines have similar properties. They are used for local anesthesia and as an anti-inflammatory drug.

As for the cost, it can be different for different drugs. For example, the ointment "Nikofleks" is sold for 180 rubles, and "Kapsikam" - for 150-170 rubles.

Reviews of the local tool

Unfortunately, very many modern people suffer from various diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Use oral NSAIDs for analgesia is not always advisable. Moreover, such drugs have a large number of side effects and contraindications. Therefore, with joint and muscle pain, doctors recommend using local remedies. capsaicin ointment

Capsaicin ointment is quite difficult to find in pharmacies. Therefore, doctors prescribe patients drugs based on capsaicin. According to consumers' reviews, such drugs quickly and effectively stop pain syndromes. Moreover, they rarely cause side effects and have virtually no serious contraindications. Another advantage of this drug is that it can be purchased at a very reasonable price.