Can pancakes be breastfeeding mom? We'll find out!

Pediatricians, nutritionists and breastfeeding experts are arguing about feeding issues of nursing mothers. The process of lactation is not dependent on food, since the production of breast milk is controlled by hormones. But it is necessary to eat the right feeding woman for the following reasons: to increase the nutritional content of breast milk and to ensure that her body has enough of useful substances. If this does not happen, then all the nutrient macro- and microelements will go into the breast milk for the child, and this will be due to women's health, so arranged by nature. Therefore, many nursing mothers are broken nails, hair falls out and teeth are destroyed.

Golden Rules

Specialists recommend that lactating women in the diet follow certain rules. First, the calorie intake should be increased. Secondly, food should be varied. It should contain meat, fish, cereals, dairy products and, of course, better, dairy products. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten daily.

can pancakes be breastfeeding mom

It is better to limit the consumption of sugar and confectionery. Third, observe the drinking regime. And fourthly, the diet should be safe for the milk produced. Food should not contain allergens, harmful substances, excess salt and smoking. So with the milk will be transferred harmful or irritating substances, which will harm the gastrointestinal tract of the baby.

Can I eat pancakes breastfeeding mom?

There are many different opinions on this issue. But some experts believe that pancakes - a product high-calorie and little-useful for the child. This dish is fried and oily, and such foods have no nutritional value for the baby.

Some rules for the preparation of pancakes for nursing

Opinion of others about whether it is possible pancakes breastfeeding mother, leaning towards the fact that if you really want, you can. But when cooking it is better to cook on a Teflon frying pan without using oil. Since fried in the body secretes toxins, and they are transferred to the baby with milk.

Can I breastfeed my mother with milk pancakes?

Now, nursing women often turn to the same mothers for any advice. Of course, they also talk about whether pancakes can be fed to a nursing mother. All converge in one. Pancakes are not lactating. This answer is based only on one argument: the products are very nutritious, and such useless calories will harm the figure.

Products in milk, kefir. Are they allowed?

Pediatricians, arguing about whether it is possible for a nursing mother to pancakes in milk, came to the conclusion that it is impossible. Protein of cow's milk is not desirable not only for the infant, but it is also not recommended for the woman herself. The use of whole cow, especially contained in the fried fat product, can create problems with the intestines of the baby and cause allergies. Therefore, if we talk about whether it is possible for the nursing mother to have pancakes on kefir, then a logical answer arises that yes. It is better to do them on this sour milk product. In kefir, the protein is in a partially altered form and will not harm the baby, as it is perceived by his body better.

For women who live in the village

Women living in villages do not even think about whether pancakes can be fed to a nursing mother. Several factors play a role here. First, they consume natural and organic products. Secondly, live in a remote place from the metropolis, therefore, have a lesser predisposition to allergic reactions.

Can I breastfeed my mother?

And thirdly, caring not only for the child, but also for household farming, villagers spend a lot of energy and burn a large number of calories.

Pancakes for nursing

Can pancakes be breastfeeding mom? If you analyze the opinions of specialists and lay people on this issue, you need to listen to the opinion of nutritionists. They are not so categorical in their conclusions. Dietitians give recommendations on how to cook pancakes without harm to the baby.

When preparing pancakes for nursing mothers, you must ensure that they are not greasy. To fry them is recommended without oil( in our time this is not a problem).For the test, it is better to use kefir or serum. In the flour should be added oat flakes in the proportion of 1: 1 - half the flour and half of the oatmeal. So they will become less caloric, better absorbed by the body. In addition, they will contain useful fiber.

can I eat pancakes breastfeeding mom

Do not add sugar and yeast. They can be made with stuffing, but you must exclude heavy products( for example, mushrooms or minced meat).

A small conclusion

So can pancakes be breastfeeding mom? The article examined various points of view, opinions of specialists and ordinary people. Summarizing the above, we can conclude: every mom should decide for herself how much this product is needed for her during the feeding period of the child. If you really want, then you need to take the recommendations of a nutritionist and prepare a useful and nutritious product.