Famous Russian Pharmaceutical Companies

Over the past several years, domestic production has taken the path of import substitution, and this, in turn, means that the development of its own technologies and products, especially one that does not exist in the domestic market, is becoming more important. The pharmaceutical companies of Russia did not stay aloof, as a huge share of all medicines and equipment have to be bought abroad, they are actively expanding the range. Which of them have become leaders in the market of medicinal products at the moment?

JSC "Valenta Farm"

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The scope of production of new medicines based on innovative developments is an important niche in medicine."Valenta Farm" is a pharmaceutical company in Russia, which is engaged in just such production.

It was founded in 1997 and since then has been actively developing modern medical technologies.

More than 100 items, about 50 of which are of vital importance, are annually supplied by the company to the domestic market.

Among the products you can

find drugs for solving problems in the field of: virology, immunology, therapy, gastroenterology and others.

PJSC Otisipharm

The largest pharmaceutical company in Russia, which produces drugs that do not require a doctor's prescription. Such well-known medicines as: "Pentalgin", "Arbidol", "Kodelak", "Flukostat", "Rinostop", "Complivit", have long become daily aides for many compatriots, and these are products of Otisipharma.

Undoubtedly, the production of drugs is not limited only to widely available drugs, there are among them more serious, requiring expert advice.

A wide range of diseases can be won with the help of medications from this pharmaceutical company, including: infections of various kinds, cold and flu, sleep and nervous system disorders, vitamin deficiency, severe pain and much more.


largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia

Pharmstandard - is a pharmaceutical company in Russia, which has six plants in different cities, produces more than 1.5 billion medicinal packages per year, only the latest equipment is used in each production, all technologies comply with world quality standards, and all of them are confirmed by special certificates.

The range of products by area of ​​application is wide:

  • Neurology.
  • Infections.
  • Gastroenterology.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Oncology.
  • Cardiology and many other groups of diseases that can be treated with drugs from Pharmstandard.

The production is located in:

  1. of the Kursk region.
  2. Republic of Bashkortostan.
  3. of the Tomsk Region.
  4. of the Moscow Region.

More than 130 vital medicines, over 255 products and constant new developments that allowed to bring to the market more than 60 new names are the figures of production of "Pharmstandard", worthy of pride.

ZAO Evalar

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The largest manufacturer of natural medicines and dietary supplements, a pharmaceutical company in Russia, whose rating is annually confirmed by numerous awards and prizes - is the company "Evalar".

The company's activities include: scientific research, their introduction into production, production of medicines and sales in their own pharmacies or through sales points of partners.

A huge company started work in 1991, there were only 12 people in the state, and in 2011 more than 25% of the entire Russian market of active medicinal supplements already accounted for "Evalar".

Currently, about 1,500 specialists work at the plant, the number of product names has exceeded 300, representatives in Turkey, France, Poland, America, Australia, Germany and other countries are open, more than 65 specialized pharmacies operate in Russia.

Thus, many do not even suspect that when buying a drug in a store, they choose pharmaceutical companies in Russia, most of the products have long been checked by consumers and confirmed reliability. Also, there are new items that have become worthy Russian counterparts to foreign medicines at a more affordable price.