How to get rid of cystitis forever at home

Chronic cystitis is a diagnosis that is made with persistent symptoms lasting two weeks or more, and recurring several times a year. More often, cystitis occurs in women due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure, because the short urethra facilitates the pathway for bacterial infections.

In this article, we'll figure out how to get rid of cystitis forever. Can I get rid of cystitis forever?

Insufficient treatment of acute cystitis can lead to chronic inflammation of the bladder, and the symptoms may not be acute. Without proper treatment, the disease will change into a chronic one, and eventually the kidneys will be affected. Also the catalyst for the development of cystitis can be urolithiasis, diabetes, suppressed immunity, immunodeficiency states and obstruction of urine flow in both women and men. In older people, cystitis left untreated often leads to cancer of the urinary tract, especially in exposed to risk factors for life( alcohol abuse, work in a polluted atmosphere, smoking, etc.).

So, how to get rid of cystitis forever? About this further.

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Chronic infection leads to severe changes in the bladder. Mucous membranes lost a protective natural barrier. The urinary is strongly overloaded, squamous metaplasia and epithelium permeability increase. The urine composition and pH level change. The urine of a sick person contains a large amount of alkali, which leads to growth and colonization of bacteria. And so in a circle: a person thinks that he has cured the disease, and it again makes itself felt. Increased risk of developing a secondary tumor of the bladder and squamous cell carcinoma occurs with prolonged irritation of foreign bodies and microbes of the mucous membrane. In the mouth of the ureter, a tumor can occur, which blocks the work of the urinary tract and leads to kidney failure. However, there are many people's ways of treating cystitis forever. The main factor is the strict implementation of recommendations. Then it becomes clear how to get rid of cystitis once and for all.

Symptoms of

how to get rid of cystitis forever

The main symptoms are:

  • urinary incontinence, mainly in the elderly;
  • frequent urination in small portions;
  • dysuria or pain when urinating, which can be accompanied by burning in the urethra;
  • odor of urine is unpleasant;
  • pain in the area above the pubis.

In a person suffering from cystitis, it is possible to observe only one of the symptoms due to the latent condition of the disease.

The question of how to get rid of cystitis forever, interests many.

Bladder: causes of inflammation

During the urination of a healthy person, various fungi, viruses and bacteria are excreted from the urinary tract. However, with the abnormal flow of urine, the development of cystitis is possible. Colonization of the urethra by pathogenic microorganisms leads to their further migration to the bladder. Bacteria that live in the woman's vagina, the proximity of the anus and the length of the urethra make it possible to do so much more quickly. However, a considerable number of elderly men suffer from inflammation of the bladder. If the rules of hygiene are not observed, the development of cystitis is possible after sexual intercourse.

How can I get rid of cystitis forever? The answer is presented below.

Colonization of the bladder by pathogens is due to a number of additional factors besides disorders of the urinary duct:

- factors preventing the production of bacterial adhesion of the bladder and urethra on the epithelium;

- problems with proper emptying of the bladder due to anatomical defects;

- decreased urine volumes when the drinking regimen is incorrect;

- pH disorder of urine.

How to get rid of cystitis forever? What is the main treatment?

Treatment of

In the treatment of cystitis, the importance of proper prevention, observed hygiene and the elimination of adverse factors. Including to help you can call a number of folk remedies for the treatment of the disease, which we will discuss below.

Lingon leaves

how can I get rid of cystitis forever?

2 tbsp. Spoons of leaves are poured with boiling water( 2 cups) and put on for half an hour, then filtered through a sieve. The formula is suitable for women and men alike. To completely get rid of inflammation of the bladder, you need to drink this infusion for half a glass of 3 r / d.half a year.

Birch leaves

How to get rid of chronic cystitis? Birch leaves will help in this.

Birch leaves have healing power and can help in getting rid of cystitis. For cooking, take 2 cups of boiling water and 2 tbsp.spoons of the plant crushed. Drink a little throughout the day before each meal. The recipe is equally good for both sexes.

Pylea rhizomes

1,5 st. Spoons of crushed wheatgrass are poured with boiling water, 2 cups and put on a small fire. The broth is cooked for 7 minutes, then filtered and poured into a thermos bottle. Drink warm as a diuretic and cleanser for half a glass after eating after 1 hour 3 r / d. Treatment lasts until the complete cure of a man or woman.

Spore grass

Spore grass helps to achieve a good effect in the fight against cystitis. Pour 1 tablespoon of the plant dried and infused for about 10 minutes, filtered. Infusion helps not only with cystitis of any form, but also with many kidney diseases, displays stones. Take half a glass of infusion a day 5 times warm. Treatment is long, but effective.

Seat baths

how to get rid of cystitis reviews

1) The sitting bath is a good assistant in the fight against cystitis. It is better to cook by adding the following herbal remedy: 50 g of oak bark, 50 g of sage leaves, 50 g of horsetail grass. Herbs are mixed, 5-6 tbsp.spoons of the mixture are poured with boiling water, 2 liters, covered with a lid and languish on small fire for 5-10 minutes. The broth is poured into the tub, where you will sit, and diluted with water to about 40 degrees. The duration of the procedure is no more than 15 minutes. After such a bath it is recommended to lie down in bed( with a warm warmer in the bottom of the abdomen for women).

2) The second recipe: take clover, 2 handfuls, pour boiling water and insist 20 minutes, then filtered and diluted with warm water. You should not sit in such a bath for more than 20 minutes. With regular procedures, you can forget about cystitis forever.

If you regularly perform these activities, the question of how to get rid of cystitis once and for all, will stop torturing.

Collection of herbal 1

For the treatment of chronic cystitis apply the collection: 3 tbsp.spoons of heather flowers, 1 tbsp.spoon of herb bearberry, 1 tbsp.spoon of lemon balm leaves, 1 tbsp.a spoon of grass of a three-colored violet. Women need to add 1 tbsp.a spoon of white jaggies, and male stigmas of corn. The treatment will be described below.

For children weighing less than 20 kg, use ¼ of the indicated herbs. Children 20-40 kg - poludozy, and adolescents up to 60 kg - three quarters of adult dosage.

The broth is brewed in the evening. All the ingredients are poured into the thermos with a liter of boiling water.

After awakening infusion take 3 times a day before each meal for 30 minutes.before or 40 after eating. Home treatment with such decoction should last 6 weeks, and then repeat after a 3-week break for 6 more weeks, and so all year round. Even after the disappearance of signs of the disease should not stop treatment. Here's how to get rid of cystitis. The reviews confirm that folk methods are the most effective.

Collection of herbal 2

how to get rid of chronic cystitis

With chronic cystitis, it is possible to fight with the following collection: 100 g of chamomile flowers, 100 g of bearberry leaves, 50 g of yarrow herb, 50 g of peppermint leaves, 50 g of wheatgrass rhizomes, 50 g of juniper fruit, 50 g of nettle leaves,50 g of heather flowers. To prepare the herbs mixed, take 1 tsp mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and cover for 30 minutes, then filtered. It is taken 2-3 times after a meal hot for the treatment of cystitis. Suitable for women and men alike.

Ebony jam

How to get rid of cystitis forever? The reviews confirm that the elderberry preserves are good for the disease. It's easy to cook at home. It is necessary to take 1 kg of ripe fresh berries, rinse and crush in puree. Add 1 kg of sugar, put on low heat and cook until thickened, about half an hour. Jam can be packed on glass jars and rolled up with a lid, then put up to cool down the bottom. There is jam once a day for 1 tsp, it is possible with water. How to get rid of cystitis at home is a common question. With regular use, you can cure this disease completely as a man, and a woman.

Decoction of juniper

Take dried ripe juniper fruit( 1 tablespoon) and pour warm water( 1 glass), stir and heat on a small fire for half an hour, not allowing to boil. Filter and drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day. Treatment is suitable for both sexes.

Rowan tea

Sorbents often use ashberry for the treatment of cystitis in its chronic form. Take 3 glasses of water at room temperature and 2 tablespoons of crushed, ripe and dried berries, pour, mix and put on a small fire. Warm up about half an hour, not letting it boil, filter and take half the glass 2 times a day until the disease recedes.


Can I get rid of cystitis forever with soda?

Soda can also help get rid of cystitis. This affordable and simple product, sodium carbonate, accelerates the healing of the alkaline environment of the bladder. With cystitis, you need to dissolve 1 teaspoon of soda in 1 glass of water and take it once a day. Best of all, this treatment is combined with herbal infusions, suitable for both women and men.

Drinks from cranberries

how to get rid of cystitis at home

Take 1 kg of cranberries, rinse and put into a pan, pour water so that the berries completely disappear. Add 500 g of sugar and cook for about 15 minutes. Then filter the mashed potatoes from the cranberries through a sieve and pour over jars, sterilize. Take 2 tbsp.spoons of jam a day before meals 6-7 weeks. You can make a mors, diluting the jam with water. Pure juice is also useful in chronic cystitis. This method can help not only to get rid of inflammation of the urinary tract, but also to avoid relapses with constant use of it.

Birch juice

Drinking half a glass of birch juice 2 times a day, you can no longer remember that you had cystitis. In spring there is an opportunity to try an independent collection, but it is better to buy it from a trusted seller. Treatment with birch juice should be extended to 2-3 weeks.


If a person suffers from chronic cystitis, he needs to season all dishes with a lover, his leaves. This plant has a number of substances that help improve urination and purifying the kidneys. Women receiving lovage helps in the adjustment of the hormonal system and increased libido.

Currant broth

Excellent results in the treatment of chronic cystitis can be achieved with the treatment of currants. We take 2 handfuls of leaves from the black currant bush, pour 2 cups of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes in a sealed container. Then remove the leaves from the infusion and add a handful of black currant berries, ground beforehand. We boil the infusion and let it cool. You need to use the broth portionwise gradually throughout the day. With the help of black currant improves the work of the bladder and kidneys. Duration of treatment - two to three weeks.

How to get rid of chronic cystitis forever, it became clear.

Additional useful tips

how to permanently get rid of cystitis reviews

  • Do not delay urine. If you need to go to the toilet, rather do it. Retention of urine promotes the spread of bacteria and increases the likelihood of recurrence of cystitis.
  • In clothes, give preference to cotton, especially for the underwear material, which is in close contact with the genitals.
  • The consumption of alcohol is contraindicated, since the alcohol irritates the alcohol bladder, and it is not necessary to add to it problems at collision with an infection.
  • Coffee and caffeinated drinks should also be excluded from the patient's diet. They provoke an inflammatory process, irritating the bladder.
  • Before intimate relationships, it is necessary to wash the genitals of both partners, after urinating, to urinate and again to wash. This will help reduce the risk of introducing harmful bacteria.
  • Take care of the correctness of personal hygiene. To wash out it is necessary in a direction from the front back to prevent entering the bacteria from the anus in the urethra.

We figured out if it's possible to get rid of chronic cystitis.