The drug "Mazepam": instructions for use. Reviews about the drug "Mezapam"

In what cases can the drug "Mazepam" be used? The price, indications and instructions of this medication are presented below.

Form, composition

"Mazepam" - tablets are round, flat-cylindrical. Their main substance is mesapam. As for the additional components, they are starch, lactose monohydrate and calcium stearate.

Mazepam instruction manual

Action of the preparation

What are Mazepam tablets? Instructions for use asserts that this is an anxiolytic remedy, or a so-called tranquilizer. This medication is a benzodiazepine derivative. It exhibits anxiolytic, antiepileptic and miorelaxing properties, and also has a weakly expressed timoleptic effect.

The hypnotic and sedative effect of this drug is observed to a lesser extent than the standard benzodiazepine tranquilizers. In this regard, the drug in question refers to a kind of group of "daytime" tranquilizers.

This agent interacts with the receptors( benzodiazepine) limbic system, as well as with the activating ascending brain stem( head) formation. Thanks to him, the opening of the chloride channels, which eventually leads to an increase in the slowing effect of GABA in the central nervous system.

It should also be noted that the drug "Mazepam", the instruction for which is described below, helps to eliminate anxiety, psychoneurotic stress, feelings of fear, excessive fussiness and general motor agitation. In addition, it has a stabilizing effect on the vegetative NS, restores emotional behavior and a critical assessment of one's own illness. Mazepam price

Kinetics of

What pharmacokinetic parameters are characteristic for a tranquilizer "Mazepam"?Instructions for use asserts that after ingestion, the tablet is rapidly absorbed in an amount of 50-75%.Their highest concentration in the blood is reached after two hours. Binding to plasma plasma proteins is 99.7%.

Metabolites of this agent are excreted by the kidneys and through the intestine for 20-175 hours.


Tablets "Mazepam", reviews about which you will find further, are used for irritability, neuroses, agitation and nervous tension. Also, this remedy is recommended for use in withdrawal symptoms in people who suffer from alcoholism, for the prevention of migraine and for menopausal syndrome.

In pediatrics, this drug is used with increased excitability of the child, mental lability and "school" neuroses.


This drug should not be taken during pregnancy, myasthenia gravis, "nocturnal" apnea, intolerance to medazepam, renal and hepatic pathology, breastfeeding and various forms of dependence( narcotic, alcoholic).In addition, this drug is contraindicated in cerebellar ataxia, organic pathology of NS, intraocular hypertension, respiratory failure and spinal ataxia.

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"Mazepam" tranquilizer: instruction for use

"Mezapam" tablets are taken three times a day, starting with a small dose of 5 mg. Gradually, the amount of this drug is adjusted to a level of 30 mg per day. In rare cases, it is permissible to take 40 mg of the drug per day.

For outpatient treatment, the following therapy regimen is recommended: 5 mg of medication in the morning and 10 mg in the evening. In a hospital, the maximum daily dosage of this drug can be increased to 60-70 mg.

The duration of therapy with this remedy is 2 months( not more).After 30 days, the course can be repeated.

Side effects

This agent can cause the following effects:

  • dyspeptic disorders, increased bilirubin, AST, ALT, dry mouth;
  • heart palpitations, blood pressure drop;
  • deafness, disinhibition, headaches, anterograde amnesia, accommodation paralysis, depression, dizziness, dysarthria, loss of strength, loss of orientation, ataxia, aggressiveness, confusion;
  • in people with COPD, when taking high doses of the drug, alveolar hypoventilation is noted;
  • with respiratory tract obstruction and brain damage, the respiratory center is depressed.

Special recommendations

The use of Mezapam tablets may contribute to impaired attention and memory, as well as impaired learning.

In conjunction with this product, the use of ethanol-containing beverages is unacceptable.

It is recommended to phase out the drug in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms.

Prolonged therapy can form a drug dependence on medozepam.

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Price and reviews

The cost of this tranquilizer is about 150 rubles.

Patients' feedback indicates a fairly good tolerability of the drug, subject to all prescriptions of the doctor and the dosing regimen. Although in isolated cases this remedy nevertheless promotes the development of drug dependence, decreased potency, delayed urination, paradoxical reactions, allergic reactions, chest pain and dysmenorrhea.