AIDS and its prevention

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a disease that every year declares itself more and more often. Everyone can face such ailment, so it is very important to get acquainted with all the precautionary measures and to protect yourself as much as possible. AIDS and its prevention is a topic that every inhabitant of our planet should be familiar with. In this article we will consider what this pathology is and how to properly prevent it.

A few words about the disease

It's no secret that at the moment AIDS is one of the most terrible diseases of all mankind. So much attention is paid to him, because scientists have not been able to create a medicine that will help get rid of such a dangerous ailment of our time. Therefore, the only thing that humanity can do is to ensure the maximum possible preventive measures.

AIDS and its prevention

In every city, you can visit the AIDS prevention and prevention center and take the appropriate tests. Also in such institutions you can find out all the information about pathology that interests you.

People say that AIDS can be very slow, but it is true to kill the human body. The infection itself is capable of penetrating into the DNA structure and within a few years it will become a full-fledged element that is part of the blood.

Basic methods of contracting AIDS

What is AIDS and its prevention? These are two very important issues that every inhabitant of our planet should be familiar with. For some reason, most people believe that you can get AIDS even if you just contact the infected patient. However, in reality this is far from being the case. You can get such ailment only in three ways. It is very important to know what exactly:

  1. When unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. Very often there are situations that a person does not know himself that he is a carrier of the virus, and massively infects other people.
  2. The virus can be transmitted from mother to child, which has not even been born. AIDS can pass to the fetus, safely bypassing such a barrier as the placenta.
  3. Another way to transmit the virus can be using non-sterile surgical or other items. For example, infection can occur during a blood transfusion or a surgical procedure.

According to medical data, the largest number of AIDS victims are drug addicts who inject drugs under the skin with an unsterile needle that is passed from person to person.

AIDS prevention center

As well as it sounds strange, but very often infected with this virus and homosexuals, as in such sexual pairs condoms are used extremely rarely. AIDS and its prevention is a very important information that everyone who cares about their health should know about. It is the centers of the fight against this infection that should inform the population.

Regarding blood transfusion and the use of surgical instruments, today this problem is not so acute. After all, every person who wants to become a blood donor will necessarily undergo a complete examination, as a result of which it will be clear whether he is the carrier of this or another virus that can be transmitted through the blood.

Every year the control over the sterility of tools becomes more stringent. Therefore, there is a very small chance of "catching" the AIDS virus during a surgical operation.

What happens to the human body when the virus enters it?

AIDS and its prevention is a very serious problem of modern civilization. Despite the fact that scientists have not yet invented a medicine that would become an absolute panacea, everyone can take care of their health and minimize the risk of spreading this infection.

AIDS Fighting and Prevention

Once the virus enters the human body, it immediately begins to affect the DNA of all cells, so over time, all tissues and organs of the human body begin to function poorly and die. Despite the fact that the signs of this disease with the naked eye it is almost impossible to notice immediately, it is still possible to put the exact diagnosis even at the earliest stages. Once the virus enters the human body, a blood test can show that the plasma contains the genetic material of the disease.

If before the genetic program worked without interruptions, now it starts to change. All cells of the human body begin to mutate and reproduce material containing elements of the cells of the virus itself. If the treatment is started at the stage of the virus multiplication, then it can be quite successful. After all, during this time, experts recommend taking special drugs that can stop the production of mutational elements.

prevention of fight with AIDS

However, despite the fact that medicine does not stand still, it is still impossible to create a drug that could have a full curative effect. That is why every year there are more and more AIDS patients.

The course of the disease

The AIDS Prevention Center is an institution whose activities are aimed at strengthening measures to combat this disease. According to studies conducted in different countries, a person can not guess that he has been infected for several years. In each case, the situation can be different. The rate of progression of infection may depend on factors such as poor genetics, poor environmental conditions, emotional health, and many other factors. However, most often the disease proceeds according to the same scenario, in which five main stages can be distinguished.

The main stages of AIDS

Struggle and prevention are the only measures to eliminate such a dangerous ailment. Therefore, it is necessary to take with full responsibility to this problem and become a useful member of society.

Center for AIDS Control and Prevention

So, let's consider the main stages of such ailment, as AIDS.

The first stage manifests itself a few weeks after infection. A person begins to feel very bad. On the body appears a rash, lymph nodes increase, body temperature rises. Many other symptoms also appear. Usually this stage lasts about a month, after which there is a temporary lull.

Next comes the stage of the carrier. Such a period can last even about a decade. Usually it is asymptomatic, so it is very difficult for a person to guess about the presence of pathologies in the body.

The next stage is characterized by a noticeable and painful enlargement of the lymph nodes. It can last for several months.

In the next stage, the symptoms are already evident. A person begins to lose weight very sharply. At the same time, incoming food in the body is very poorly digested. The patient begins to ache all the organs, while the appearance of the skin also worsens.


At the last stage, the patient's condition deteriorates significantly. All symptoms begin to manifest themselves to the maximum extent. The disease progresses very quickly and leads to death.

Prevention of the fight against AIDS: how to prevent the disease?

In fact, it is not difficult to prevent the spread of a disease like AIDS.The main thing is that every inhabitant of our planet should take part in this. The first thing you need to pay attention to is informing the people. This can be done through the Internet, magazines, newspapers and television. After all, the more people will know about this problem, the easier it will be to solve it.

Safe sex

Prevention of AIDS is primarily to accompany the sexual life of each person. Think about your health. Be engaged in sex only with the checked up person. Of course, many people may misunderstand you, but for maximum security, offer to give your partner an AIDS test. Also, during sexual intercourse, use only the highest quality condoms. The use of good barrier contraception protects against diseases that are sexually transmitted, almost one hundred percent.

Prevention of blood poisoning

Prevention of infectious diseases and AIDS can be a guarantee of your health and longevity. In order to prevent infection through the blood, it is necessary to carry out such measures:

  • To begin with, a complete refusal of narcotic substances should be carried out. After all, as it was said above, it is drugs that cause the maximum amount of infection with AIDS.
  • It is necessary to carry out the maximum disinfection measures when working with tools for manicure and tattoo, which are intended for reusable use.

Prevention for Medical Workers

AIDS is an infection whose prevention is the only panacea to date. Every medical worker must fulfill such requirements as:

  • Compliance with the order on the desktop, as well as observance of safety precautions with the tools necessary for blood analysis.
  • During medical work, every health worker should use disposable gloves.
  • Any damage to the skin should be hidden under the adhesive plaster.

prevention of infectious diseases and AIDS


AIDS is one of the most terrible diseases of mankind. Everyone must take care of themselves, as well as the health of their loved one. Therefore, it is very important to inform all of humanity about how dangerous this virus is. Since preventive measures are the only thing that we can do for ourselves at the moment, each of us should think about how important this is. Take your responsibility to your health with all responsibility, because you have only one life.