Ingalipt aerosol: reviews of doctors and patients, instructions for use, indications and composition

For the treatment of sore throat, many medicines are currently being manufactured. However, their use does not always make it possible to cope with the cause of the pathology. Sore throat is usually caused by viruses or bacteria. To eliminate pathology, an integrated approach is often required. One of the components of the drugs is Ingalipt. Reviews about it will be presented to your attention further. Also, you will find out what information for the user is given by the instruction on the use of the medication.

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What is this drug?

Ingalipt is a spray. Reviews about it you will learn a little later. To begin with it is necessary to tell, from what the given agent consists. The active substances of the drug are streptocide, norsulfazole, thymol, peppermint oil and eucalyptus, glycerin and alcohol. The medicine is produced in a 20 and 30 milliliters bottle. The box contains a sprayer, Ingalipt product, instructions for use.

Customer feedback reports that, before use, it is necessary to remove the protective cap from the bottle and put on the spray nozzle. When the treatment is completed, it is worth the back manipulation, and the sprayer is thoroughly rinsed. Patients say that if this is not done, the hole may become clogged.

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Indications for the use of the medicine

On the composition of the spray "Ingalipt" reviews of the doctors respond positively. This means that it can be used in pediatrics, therapy and dentistry. The spray is prescribed for diseases of the larynx, throat and mucous membrane of the mouth. The instruction reports the following indications:

  • angina and tonsillitis( acute and chronic form);
  • stomatitis ulcerative and gingivitis;
  • laryngitis and pharyngitis;
  • damage the oral mucosa and so on.

Doctors remind you that the medicine is not used for prevention purposes. He is appointed directly for the treatment of a particular pathology.

Contraindications to the use of

About the agent "Ingalipt" reviews pediatricians report the following information. The medication is a great help in the complex treatment of childhood diseases. However, it is not assigned to babies until three years. All this is explained by the lack of investigation of the drug and the possibility of inhaling the vapors of medicinal products.

Contraindication to the use of a medicament is an increased sensitivity to its components. If the patient previously had an allergic reaction to one of the active substances, the medicine is not used.

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Method of using Ingalipt medicament( instruction)

The doctors' testimonies indicate that the drug is administered in an individual dosage for each patient. In this case, the age of the patient and his general condition play an important role.

Instruction for use indicates that the mouth must be rinsed before using the formulation. This can be done with the help of medicinal broths or simple boiled water. After that, spray for one second for children and two for adults. The tip during this should be slightly turned from one amygdala to another. Multiplicity of application is 3-4 times a day.

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The possibility of side effects

The drug "Ingalipt" reviews in its majority is good. However, there are reported cases of side effects. These include an allergic reaction. Often it is manifested by swelling, redness of the skin, itching.

Less common is a digestive disorder in the form of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Headache and general malaise are caused by an overdose of the medicine or by its misuse.

Application in pregnant women

Spray-aerosol "Ingalipt" reviews are good even from the fairer sex in an interesting position. The instruction informs that the drug is prescribed only after consulting with the doctor and comparing possible risks and benefits. However, the held mummies say that they used the medicine according to the instructions during pregnancy and nothing bad happened.

Doctors also report that there is a small chance of getting active substances into the patient's blood. That's why you need to refrain from using the drug at the earliest stages of pregnancy, when the formation of organs and systems of the fetus.

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Reviews of doctors

Doctors say that Ingalipt is a proven and safe drug. Reviews for children about him are only good. However, experts remind that the drug is prohibited for children under the age of three.

Doctors testify that the drug binds to viruses and microbes, blocking their reproduction. As a result of use, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect occurs. The refreshing effect is due to the constituent substances.

Opinions of consumers

The preparation "Ingalipt" reviews( for children including) has positive. Consumers say that the drug has a sweet sweet taste. This makes it easy to apply it to children of any age. The children gladly give a spray composition.

Patients report a rapid action of the drug. A few minutes after the application, the pain disappears, the breathing becomes easier and the perspiration disappears. With regular use, as indicated in the instructions, unpleasant symptoms disappear after 3-5 days. The convenience of the drug lies in the fact that it can always be taken with you. The aerosol has a collapsible tip or a separate cover. The container with the medicine does not break, however the manufacturer advises to protect it from falling.

What do pharmacists say?

Medication sellers report that this nebulizer is one of the most commonly purchased. Recently, manufacturers produce many drugs with a similar effect. However, the agent "Ingalipt" is familiar to everyone and causes more confidence. Also, positive reviews indicate the inexpensive cost of the drug. One balloon will cost you about 60-100 rubles. Everything depends on its volume. Also important is the supplier of the drug and the pharmacy chain.

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You became aware of the preparation "Ingalipt".Instructions for use, price, reviews are described in the article. The positive side of the medicine is that it can be used simultaneously with many others. So, often it is prescribed for antibiotic therapy or during the use of antiviral agents. At the same time, the time for using drugs is not limited. Remember that before using this drug, you should make sure there are no contraindications. At the first use, follow the reaction of the body. Be healthy!