Arthritis of the hip joint

Hip arthritis refers to inflammatory diseases. The ailment is also called "coke".

Hip arthritis can develop due to several reasons. The main ones to be mentioned are the following:

- disturbance of metabolic processes;

- excessive load on the joint and, as a result, its overwork;

- aggressive reaction of immunity( in particular, with autoimmune rheumatic ailments);

- complications after infectious diseases.

Hip arthritis can be of various types. Depending on this, the symptoms of the disease also appear. For example, purulent inflammation is accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, while other types of disease are accompanied by slowly developing symptoms. It should be noted that the common manifestation of arthritis is soreness in the lesion site. With the development of inflammation, lameness develops.

Hip arthritis is usually diagnosed on the basis of a survey and examination of the patient. In some cases, the precise definition of the disease is difficult due to the irradiation of pain from the hip to the knee. In such cases, measures are taken to confirm the diagnosis.

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First of all, such examinations include MRI.In case of disputable cases, this method is the most effective.

The most accessible and safe type of examination is the ultrasound of the joints.

For microbiological examination, puncture is performed.

Not always reliable and therefore rarely used is an x-ray.

To determine the causes of inflammation, laboratory tests of urine and blood are carried out. Analyzes also allow you to monitor the dynamics of the patient's recovery during the therapeutic course.

Hip arthritis. Treatment of

The choice depends on the treatment of a variety of disease. However, there is one general algorithm. Experts agree that the treatment of the inflammatory process in the joint should consist of a set of measures. The therapeutic course includes medication, massage, sanatorium rehabilitation, special exercises.

As a rule, at the beginning of treatment it is required to provide the joint with immobility. To do this, use a variety of fixative bandages. Almost simultaneously, the patient is prescribed special medicines. The therapeutic course includes surgical measures. They represent the rehabilitation of sites of inflammation. The purpose of treatment measures is to restore the main functions of the affected joint. After discharge, the patient is prescribed exercise therapy and physiotherapy. These measures are necessary in order to consolidate the therapy.

Hip arthritis in children

As practice shows, the disease can develop in a tubercular or transistor form.

In the first case, coke is a secondary disease and occurs after the defeat of an organ( usually a kidney or lung) by the pathogen. Tuberculosis coke is characterized by slow development. The main symptoms are soreness and lameness. Treatment of the disease is carried out in a hospital and involves the use of anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy.

Children in preschool and early school age are susceptible to developing arthritis in transistor form. The exact reasons for its occurrence have not been established for today. Experts associate the development of ailment with trauma or transferred inflammation. The main signs of this form are acute soreness in the inguinal region, joints, lameness during movement.

The development of arthritis in children is often accompanied by the involvement of other organs in the inflammatory process.