Regional sanatorium "Lipovka" in the Sverdlovsk region: indications, medical profile and reviews

Since 1953 the sanatorium "Lipovka" accepts tourists and residents of the Sverdlovsk region at home. A large-scale balneotherapy clinic of national importance specializes in therapy and rehabilitation due to natural and climatic factors. This is one of the few health resorts on the territory of the Russian Federation, where radon waters are treated.

In Soviet times, there were about 30 similar dispensaries, but today their number has significantly decreased. There are very few natural radon sources in our country. On the fingers you can find resorts with a similar medical profile: Uvildy, Pyatigorsk, Belokurikha and Lipovka.

The municipal authorities managed to preserve the original appearance of the balneological resort, thanks to which people can receive high-quality profile treatment without leaving Russia. It is located in the ecological locality of the Ural region "Lipovka"( sanatorium).The course( voucher) for outpatient therapy is purchased immediately upon arrival at the health resort.

A number of documents are required for obtaining it: a medical record on the passage of fluorography, a policy, a document identifying the identity of the citizen, and an extract of hospital treatment( if any).Accommodation and course therapy with children are allowed.


Sanatorium "Lipovka" has a relaxed and health-improving rest, as it is far from harmful plants, next to the purest river, surrounded by coniferous vegetation. The number of rooms is represented by summer houses( 4 pieces), which are open in spring and summer, and two buildings for year-round living.

Visitors can book any room they like, depending on their personal preferences and financial status. There are improved rooms with a private bathroom, a refrigerator and a TV.There are rooms of economy class with shared facilities.

Power supply system

Professional nutritionists and doctors developed a comprehensive balanced menu, including the necessary list of nutrients and nutrients. Adults and children eat 4-5 times a day in a spacious dining room. Dietary meals are provided on the recommendation of the treating doctor.

Types of therapy

For each patient, individual programs, procedures and a schedule of sessions are developed, based on the characteristics of the body and the course of the disease. Sanatorium "Lipovka"( Sverdlovsk region) has a wide diagnostic and therapeutic base. Experienced specialists of different therapeutic directions work here: gynecologist, urologist, neurologist, dermatologist, pediatrician, endocrinologist, dentist.

The institution carries out complex programs, such as: "Healthy spine", "Hypertension", "Women's health", "Men's health", "Slenderness", "Pure skin".Children's post-burn rehabilitation is carried out. Mandatory in the treatment program include radon baths - their adoption stimulates the production of important enzymes and eliminates radicals. Slabordonovye sodium water activates all the chemical processes of the body, restoring the work of internal organs, strengthening immunity and removing inflammation.

In the clinical hospital, guests can undergo a full course of psychotherapy, get rid of fears, depressive and nervous disorders. Individuals with diseases of the spine are given a manual massage. Purification of the intestinal tract is carried out, interstitial stimulation according to Gerasimov's known method, hirudotherapy and reflexotherapy.

To whom is the spa treatment indicated?

Sanatorium "Lipovka" invites patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine and metabolic disorders. Radon waters help to relieve pain, contribute to the normalization of the general condition and have a calming effect. Radon therapy is prescribed for nervous and heart diseases.

The list of approved diseases includes ulcers, gastritis, colitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis and enteritis. With the help of irrigation and baths, it is possible to cure inflammatory phenomena of female genital organs( adnexitis, endometritis, fibromyoma), and also to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in menopause.

Slaboradon waters restore reproductive function. After the treatment patients come with dermatological skin problems( lichen, seborrhea, dermatitis, eczema, scleroderma).Therapy is performed when the disease is latent.

Internal Infrastructure

The sanatorium "Lipovka"( Rezh) is aimed not only at the profile treatment, but also for a full and versatile rest. For the guests' leisure, the dance and concert halls are reconstructed, where entertainment events are systematically arranged. Equipped with a fitness club for gymnastics and morning warm-up.

In free time, you can play table tennis, billiards or chess. The hospital has a beach line, there is a boat pier on the shore, sports areas for active entertainment. Rented boats, water bicycles and fishing gear are rented.

In the free use of an indoor pool located in one of the buildings. There is a thermae, a library and a phyto-bar. For those wishing to organize educational tours in the Sverdlovsk region. All tourists are waited by fascinating travel from which pleasant memoirs will remain.


Sanatorium "Lipovka" is not a hotel, but a medical institution where people are helped to overcome physical ailments. Radon procedures should be performed under the strict supervision of a specialist and in limited dosages. Balneotherapy is not prescribed for acute forms of the disease. Contraindications are all mental pathologies, oncological formations, epilepsy, tuberculosis and blood diseases. For pregnant and lactating women, radon waters are also excluded.

Opinions of holidaymakers

Over the years of its existence, the health resort "Lipovka" has proved itself from the positive side. Sanatorium reviews from visitors are constantly getting enthusiastic. This can be seen by reading the book of complaints and suggestions. Many people gave the trip a chance to recover, others - returned to normal.

People with gratitude speak about the quality of service, professional medical personnel and the friendly atmosphere prevailing throughout the territory. Here, among the coniferous forest, I do not want to think about everyday problems, work matters and worldly vanity. The atmosphere has a relaxed, relaxing and relaxing atmosphere.