Instructions for use, composition, reviews and analogue of "Guttalax"

Drugs for the treatment and prevention of constipation could significantly alleviate the life of many patients. Such preparations can be produced in different forms and dosages. However, before using this or that remedy, you should always consult your doctor. This article will tell you about the drug with the trade name "Guttalax".Analogues in Russia are produced in large quantities. About what you can replace the medication, will be described below. Also you can get important information from the instructions for use. The responses that have been generated by consumers and doctors will be presented to you.

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General characteristics of the preparation: the form of production and the composition of the drug

The drug "Guttalax" is available in liquid form. The solution is placed in a plastic container with a volume of 15 or 30 milliliters. The cost of a medicine depends on how much you choose. The main active substance of the drug is sodium picosulphate. As additional components, the manufacturer uses sodium paraksibenzoate, sorbitol, hydrochloric acid and water. You can buy such a drug without a special prescription.

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In pharmacy chains, you can also purchase a medicine in the form of tablets. They contain the same active component - sodium picosulfate. Tablets of 20 and 50 are produced. The instructions for use are attached to each package of the preparation "Guttalax".Price, analogs will be presented to your attention below.


Before you say what the "Guttalax" drug has analogs - cheap or expensive, you should specify its price category. As you already know, the medicine has two forms of production. Tablets you can buy at a price of 250 and 500 rubles( for 20 and 50 capsules, respectively).Liquid medicine is available in small and large vials. They cost 350 and 500 rubles, respectively.

The analog of "Guttalax" can be complete and relative. The first type of medicinal products, which have the same active ingredient - sodium picosulfate. These are medicines "Slabilen", "Guttasil", "Laxigal", "Slabikap", "Regulaks".They can completely replace the described original tool. However, you need to pay attention to the dosage, which may slightly differ.

guttalax analogues in russia

Other preparations

The analogue of "Guttalax" may contain another active substance in its composition. Such drugs are usually chosen in the case when the patient can not be prescribed an original remedy for certain contraindications.

Among the most popular trade names are "Dufalac", "Lactulose", "Senade", "Glycelax", "Dulcolax", "Bisacodyl", "Castor Oil" and many others. Their cost varies in a wide range. One of the most affordable drugs can be called castor oil and "Senade".The cost of such drugs will be 40 and 50 rubles per unit, respectively.

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Indications for use

The analogue of "Guttalax" according to the active substance, like the original preparation itself, is assigned to regulate the stool. Indications for the use of such drugs will be atonic constipation, as well as hemorrhoids and anal fissures. In the latter cases, medications are used to facilitate the act of defecation.

The drug "Guttalax" is also prescribed in preparation for diagnostic manipulation. Analogues and medication prices are presented to your attention above. However, not all funds can be used in this case. Before using this or that drug, you must necessarily study the annotation to it.

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Restrictions in the use of

Has a "Guttalax" contraindication. The drug is never assigned if there is a high sensitivity to its components. If the patient has intolerance to sodium picosulfate, then it is recommended to use the analog of "Guttalax".It is also forbidden to use the medicine for inflammatory processes in the intestinal tract, with cystitis, obstruction and bleeding. It is not recommended to prescribe medicines based on sodium picosulfate to children under 4 years old, persons with spastic constipation and metrorrhagia.

Drugs with other active ingredients also have their limitations. They always appear in the annotation.

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How to use

The medication "Guttalax" is taken internally. In order for the act of defecation to occur in the morning, it is used before bedtime. The dosage of the drug is determined in accordance with age. Children after 4 years are prescribed half or a whole tablet( 5 drops).After 10 years, you can take 1-2 tablets. Adult patients are recommended to 10 drops or 2 tablets.

The drug should be taken with a sufficient amount of liquid. Do not wait for an instant effect. You will see the result of using the tool only after a while.

guttallax application instructions price reviews analogues

Opinions about the drug and its analogues

You already know what kind of drug "Guttalax" price. Reviews of the analogs are different. Most drugs are characterized positively. Some means, for example "Dufalac" or "Lactulose", can be used for a long time and even for newborn children.

There are also positive opinions about the medicine "Guttalax".Consumers say that if you take it before going to bed, then after awakening immediately feel the urge to defecate. Under the action of microorganisms inhabiting the intestine, the "Guttalax" helps to strengthen peristalsis. In this regard, after about 10-12 hours comes the maximum effect. Consumers are not advised to take the drug in the morning. Otherwise, during the day you may find yourself in an awkward situation.

Some patients say that they have developed diarrhea as a result of taking the drug. This can be when using too large doses. Therefore, doctors are often advised to start with minimal volumes. Among the side effects that arise in consumers, you can identify allergies, abdominal pain, increased flatulence. But all these symptoms pass after the act of defecation. The drug can cause seizures and lower blood pressure. If you encounter such a reaction, you should immediately cancel it and contact the doctor for help and advice. Perhaps, it is you prescribed medication is not suitable, and you need to choose its analogue.

What do the doctors say?

Physicians inform each patient that, before starting treatment, it is necessary to study what the instruction manual says about the Guttalax tool. Price, reviews, analogues of the drug are presented to your attention above. However, this should not encourage the initiation of self-treatment or the selection of a substitute. If you have any problems with the stool, then you must necessarily show yourself to the doctor. Only he can determine the origin of your constipation and pick up competent therapy. In addition, medics often prescribe an additional diet.

Doctors say that drugs based on sodium picosulfate are quite safe. But do not use them for more than ten days in a row. This can lead to a decrease in the intestinal peristalsis. In this situation, you will not be able to do without the drugs described above.

Doctors report that with the simultaneous use of antibacterial agents, the effectiveness of Guttalax can be reduced. It can also worsen the effect of sorbents.

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We will make the conclusion

You could familiarize yourself with the information that is given to the user about the Guttalax tool instructions for use( price, reviews, analogs are also presented in the article).Remember that it is a medicine, has its own contraindications and side effects. Therefore, it should not be taken in unlimited quantities and independently make appointments. Good health to you!