The drug "Artoxan": instructions for use, reviews, analogues

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are sold in all pharmacies. However, not every patient is allowed to use such painkillers. This is due, above all, to the fact that they have a large number of side effects. arthoxan instruction manual

Today we will tell you about what is a drug such as "Artoxane".Instructions for using this tool will be discussed later. Also from this article you will learn the cost of this drug, its contraindications and side effects.

Composition, form, description and packaging

The drug "Artoxan" goes on sale in the form of a lyophilized powder of green-yellow color. Also in the cardboard pack contains a solvent in the form of a colorless and transparent liquid.

Tenoxicam acts as an active element of this drug. In addition, the preparation includes the following excipients: sodium hydroxide, mannitol, disodium edetate, ascorbic acid, hydrochloric acid and tromethamine.

The drug is sold in vials( solvent - in ampoules) and cardboard packages, respectively.

What is a medicine like "Artoxan"?Instructions for use indicate that this is an effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that has a strong analgesic and slightly less antipyretic effect.
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The properties of this medication are due to the inhibition of two isoforms of the cyclooxygenase enzyme. As a result of this influence, the metabolism of arachidonic acid is disrupted and the synthesis of prostaglandins is blocked. arthroxane injections

The anti-inflammatory properties of this drug are caused by a decrease in capillary permeability, inhibition of the synthesis of inflammatory mediators( histamine, prostaglandins, lymphokines, bradykinin and complement factors), and stabilization of lysosomal membranes.

Also, the use of this drug reduces the number of free radicals in the inflammatory focus, inhibits phagocytosis and chemotaxis, slows the proliferative phase of inflammation, has a chondroprotective effect and reduces post-inflammatory sclerosis of tissues.

It should also be noted that the drug "Artoxan", analogues of which are presented below, reduces pain in the inflamed focus and affects the thalamic pain centers. Also with prolonged use it has a desensitizing effect.

In rheumatic diseases this medication weakens joint pain, reduces their morning stiffness and swelling. In addition, it improves functions and increases the number of movements of the ligament apparatus.

Kinetics of

Medication "Artoxane"( injections) has a long half-life( about 60-75 hours).It quite easily passes through the histohematological barriers, and also penetrates well into the synovial fluid.

This product is characterized by high bioavailability( almost 100%).artoxane price


What diseases treats the drug "Artoxane"?Instructions for use indicate the following indications:

  • arthritis rheumatoid, ankylosing spondylitis and arthritic gouty;
  • inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by a strong pain syndrome;
  • osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis;
  • nonspecific polyarthritis of an infectious nature;
  • bursitis, tendonitis, myositis and periarthritis;
  • Neuralgia, arthralgia, ishalgia, myalgia and lumbago;
  • burns and injuries.


Medication "Artoxan", reviews about which are more positive, is contraindicated in:

  • gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • hypersensitivity to tenoxicam, as well as other NSAIDs;
  • erosive and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract;
  • pregnancy;
  • "aspirin triad";arthoksan reviews
  • breast-feeding;
  • in childhood;
  • of renal failure;
  • expressed violations of kidney and liver function;
  • heart failure;
  • blood diseases.

The drug "Artoxan": instructions for use

How should I use the drug we are considering? According to the instructions, this medication is for intravenous or intramuscular injection. As a rule, it is prescribed in a dosage of 20 mg once a day. As a maintenance dose, 10 mg of medication per day is used.

With severe pain, the amount of the drug used can be increased to 40 mg once a day.

In the presence of acute attacks of gouty arthritis, medication is prescribed 20 mg twice daily for the first three days, and then 20 mg once for five days.

Side effects of

What are the undesirable effects that occur when using the drug "Artoxan"?The injections examined by us can cause:

  • from the NA side: headaches and dizziness;
  • from the digestive tract: nausea, discomfort and pain in the abdomen, flatulence;
  • allergy: urticaria, itching, erythema, Lyell's syndrome and Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Also, the use of this agent can alter laboratory parameters( increased concentrations of urea and creatinine in the blood, as well as an increase in the activity of liver transaminases).arthoxan analogues

Drug Interaction

The administration of this agent enhances the effects of lithium preparations, as well as indirect anticoagulants. In this regard, it is necessary to monitor prothrombin index of the patient.

When using this medication with diuretics, it is necessary to take into account the probable delay of sodium and water in the patient's body.

Special recommendations

In the course of prolonged use of Artoxan, it is necessary to monitor the function of the liver and kidneys of the patient.

For surgical interventions, it should be borne in mind that this medication may prolong bleeding time.

With special care, this drug is prescribed to persons under 18 years of age due to a lack of sufficient information about the use of tenoxicam. The drug "Artoxan": the price and analogues of

The analogs of the medicine in question are the following agents: "Oxitene", "Ketorolac", "Aspicard", "Ketoprofen", acetylsalicylic acid, "Indometacin", "Diclofenac sodium".

The price of this product is not very high. It is 60-80 rubles. arthoxan

Reviews about the drug

As mentioned above, NSAIDs are very popular among people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system."Artoxane" is the most effective drug. It quickly removes pain, relieves swelling and swelling.

Like any non-steroidal medication, this medication very often contributes to the occurrence of adverse reactions, especially from the digestive tract. Therefore, use of this medication should be done only on special indications.