How to increase testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the human adrenal glands. It is formed in the body of a man and is responsible for the normal development of the body, the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics, patterns of behavior, etc. The decrease in the level of this hormone directly affects the work of the male body. To raise testosterone, certainly, it is possible - for this purpose there are both special hormonal preparations, and natural methods. What can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels?

This hormone is very important not only for the normal development of the male body, but also for its further functioning. The testosterone level in men( normal) should be from 11 to 33 nmol / l. Determine it yourself is impossible. Therefore, if you have any suspicions of having any hormonal failures, it is best to see a doctor right away. With the help of a simple blood test, a specialist will be able to find out the cause of the ailments.

Low testosterone levels are fraught with negative consequences. It is proved that the disturbance of the hormonal background primarily affects metabolic processes and leads to a gradual decrease in muscle mass and often to an increase in fatty deposits. In addition, the deficiency of the "male hormone" causes and problems with the intimate life, including a decrease in sexual desire, deterioration in the quality of sexual intercourse, etc.

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In addition, a decrease in the level of this hormone affects the behavior of men. Representatives of the stronger sex become irritable, they are more likely to develop depression. Insomnia is also considered a very common symptom.

How to increase testosterone?

A very important part of therapy is diagnosis. After all, symptoms of hormone deficiency are sometimes masked for a variety of diseases. In addition, the doctor is required to determine the cause of the violation of the hormonal background and eliminate it.

To date, there are many drugs that can increase testosterone. These are tablets, capsules, and injectable solutions. Quite popular are special patches, which, after fastening on the skin, constantly throw small amounts of artificially synthesized hormone into the body.

But remember, hormonal drugs can be prescribed only by a doctor. In addition, he is obliged to notify you of possible side effects and changes in behavior. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that long-term use of drugs inhibits the work of the adrenal glands - the amount of own testosterone is significantly reduced. Therefore, to take medication should be a serious medical testimony.

How to increase testosterone naturally?

There are several rules that you should adhere to if you plan to normalize the body and increase the level of testosterone.

  • To begin with, we should not neglect a full-fledged healthy sleep, which normalizes the work of the whole organism, and also positively affects reproductive functions. Remember that the night is best for sleep.

  • Regular walks in the fresh air will be very useful.

  • Do not forget about proper nutrition. In particular, the ration must necessarily contain the necessary amount of proteins, which serve as raw materials for the synthesis of testosterone. Include in the menu beef, fish, nuts, eggs and lentils.

  • The body should receive a sufficient amount of minerals and vitamins. If you can not provide it with food, then ask the doctor to prescribe an effective multivitamin complex.

  • Positive on the condition of the body will affect and physical activity. Scientists have long proven that regular exercise increases the level of testosterone in the blood. So do not forget about physical exercises and visit the gym 2-3 times a week.

And, of course, the emotional spirit is important. After all, the mental state directly affects the work of the body.