First aid kit AI-2: composition, application, storage

Individual first aid kit AI-2 is an outdated version of a set of tools for the first self-aid and mutual assistance in case of injuries or after the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Non-emergency rescue units( ASF)

As a rule, these are independent structures, formed on a freelance basis, but equipped with all necessary equipment, materials and tools for carrying out during emergencies.

They are created on the basis of collectives of state institutions and undergo special training courses, how to act in urgent situations. With these people algorithms of behavior are worked out, which must be learned before automatism. Then the certification is carried out, and if everything goes perfectly, then the subdivision receives permission from the Ministry for Emergency Situations to participate in the liquidation of the consequences of emergency situations.

Civil defense

These are also non-standard formations created in each organization to carry out state measures for civil defense. Their function is not related to the immediate threat to life and health of people during an emergency. But, by providing all possible assistance, they help to prevent an increase in the number of victims. Each detachment of civil defense has its purpose:

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  • surveillance and intelligence( bacteriological, chemical, biological, engineering);
  • analysis of blockages;
  • lifeguards;
  • techniques;
  • firemen;
  • protection( radiation, chemical, biological).


First aid kit AI-2 is a plastic orange box, inside of which are bottles with medicines and a disposable syringe in two rows for their introduction. In addition, for NASF issued an individual anti-chemical package, a set of individual civil protection, anti-burn and dressing bags, soft stretchers, sanitary bag, which was laying for first aid.

first aid kit AI 2

Since 2008, such manning, such as the AI-2 first-aid kit, is no longer issued not only to army structures, but also to civilian divisions. Instead, there are AI-4 and AI-N-2.

Composition of

This is a list of drugs that contains the first aid kit AI-2.Its composition may vary, so that the averaged version is given.

first aid kit AI 2

  1. Anesthetic is a syringe tube with a two percent solution of "Promedol"( in some sets of morphine), the route of administration is intramuscular.
  2. Antidote from FOV( organophosphorus substances) - this is usually the drug "Taran".In a small pencil case of red color contains six tablets. To prevent poisoning, take one tablet and put on a gas mask. If symptoms such as miosis, blurred vision, shortness of breath, still appear, you need to take another pill, but not earlier than six hours after the first.
  3. Antibiotic sulfadimethoxin is in the form of tablets in a sealed vial. Accepted in violation of the function of the gastrointestinal tract caused by a bacterial infection. Single dose - seven tablets, then every day four tablets.
  4. The radioprotective agent is a tablet of "Cystamine".It is taken for prevention from radioactive radiation. One hour before the proposed radiation, six tablets should be taken; by the time of the threat the effect will manifest itself, but if the duration of stay in the radioactive area exceeds six hours, the tablets should be taken at the same dose.
  5. Antibiotic of a wide spectrum of action - "Tetracycline".Take not only with bacterial infection, but after burns and injuries as a preventive measure. Single dose - five tablets. Take it twice at an interval of six hours.
  6. Antiemetic - "Etaperazine".Instead, it can still be "Aeron".It is shown after the radiation exposure, as well as after contusions, craniocerebral trauma, poisoning, if nausea or vomiting occurs. Single dose - one tablet. The action lasts four to five hours, if the symptoms do not go away, then the tablets must be taken one at a time every four hours.
  7. Tablets of potassium iodide are a remedy protecting the thyroid from radioactive iodine. One tablet is taken half an hour before the proposed exposure or before eating radioactive products. If radiation is supposed to take more than a day in the zone, then every 12 hours you need to take another pill.

Features and recommendations

The first-aid kit AI-2, the composition of which is presented above, is somewhat obsolete in its configuration. There are no modern antibiotics that could be used as a substitute for "Tetracycline" or "Sulfadimethoxicum", and there are no sedatives. As practice shows, they are necessary in an emergency situation. Therefore, the civilian population is recommended to carry tranquilizers such as "Sibazon" or "Phenozepam".

first-aid kit individual AI 2 composition

First aid kit AI-2 is designed for an adult. For a child under the age of eight, all doses should be divided into four parts, and for a teenager - into two parts.


The first aid kit is AI-N-2.Spetsnaz and other military special forces use it for long-term autonomous use, as well as assistance to the victims. It contains thirty names of preparations, compactly packed in a small handy bag, which distinguishes it from the previous version.

first aid kit AI and 2 special forces

First aid kit AI-2 has already been discontinued, it can only be found as an exhibition copy.