Is it possible to have Almagel during pregnancy? Doctor's advice

During pregnancy, a woman may experience various ailments. It is especially difficult for her to suffer pains in the stomach, heartburn and flatulence. And these symptoms are quite common in pregnant women, especially in the second and third trimesters. The difficulty is that most drugs take at this time is contraindicated. And there are not a lot of drugs that take such symptoms. during pregnancy, Almagel These are mostly antacids. The most popular of them is Almagel. It has been used for about 50 years and is effective against pain and heartburn. It's good that you can take Almagel during pregnancy. Therefore, after consulting a doctor, a woman can get rid of suffering with this drug.

Problems with digestion during pregnancy

Quite often in the second half of the period of bearing a toddler a woman suffers from heartburn, abdominal pain and belching. Many believe that this is inevitable and is due to the fact that the child's hair grows. But the causes of heartburn and abdominal pain are more prosaic:

- this is often due to the fact that the growing uterus presses on the stomach, reducing its volume;because of this part of the food, along with the gastric juice is thrown back into the esophagus;

- heartburn can also be explained by the fact that the growing level of progesterone relaxes all the smooth muscles of the internal organs, so the sphincter of the stomach passes food back to the esophagus. Almagel is available in pregnancy

Since it is not desirable for pregnant women to take any medication, and not to tolerate unpleasant symptoms, not everyone can safely, it is best to prevent them:

- eat more often, but in small portions;

- do not go to bed after a meal;

- do not eat fatty, sour, hot and fried.

If the same problems could not be avoided, then the only way out is the use of antacids. The most famous of them is Almagel. Taking it in reasonable doses does not harm either mother or child.

Is it possible to "Almagel" during pregnancy?

The long-term use of the drug has proven its effectiveness and safety. If you take it after consulting a doctor and do not exceed the recommended dose, then "Almagel" will only benefit, alleviating the condition of a woman. The drug can help cope with stomach pain, heartburn and even some symptoms of toxicosis. The main active ingredients of the drug are alkaline compounds of magnesium and aluminum, which, when reacted with gastric juice, neutralize its acidity and turn into water and ordinary insoluble salts. They are not absorbed into the blood and are easily excreted through the intestine. Almagel during pregnancy instruction The positive qualities of the drug also include the fact that it does not cause flatulence. But, taking "Almagel" during pregnancy, you must strictly follow to not exceed the dosage. If you drink the drug too long, you can damage the health of the child and complicate the course of pregnancy.

Composition of the preparation and form of the release

"Almagel" refers to the first antacid preparations, since it appeared in the 60s of the 20th century. After him, on the basis of the same components, many other drugs have already been created, but this drug still remains popular. Its main active substances are magnesium and aluminum oxides. They quickly and effectively neutralize hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In addition, it contains sorbitol, which has a mild laxative effect. Now there are several types of the drug. They are distinguished by the presence of active substances and the form of release. This drug is more commonly known as a suspension. It is packaged in convenient bottles of 170 milliliters, complete with which is a measuring spoon.

whether Almagel is possible during pregnancy

There are three types of suspension that can be distinguished by color:

- Normal "Almagel" green. It has the simplest composition, and it is recommended to pregnant women, since it is the safest.

- Almagel A also contains benzocaine, an effective analgesic. But because of him, this drug is forbidden for pregnant women. This form of medicine is yellow.

- "Almagel Neo" during pregnancy is not recommended, but in some cases this is permissible. An additional component of this form of medicine is simethicone, which helps to eliminate gassing in the intestine. But with severe flatulence and bloating, you can not drink it. The drug is packaged in bags of 10 ml, which is very convenient for one-time administration.

There is also "Almagel" in tablets, but it is not prescribed for pregnancy.

Mechanism of action of the drug

The main active ingredients of the drug, besides neutralizing hydrochloric acid from gastric juice, have another effect:

- have a weak laxative effect;

- help outflow of bile;

- envelop and protect the walls of the stomach from irritation with hydrochloric acid;

- have a small adsorbing effect. neo-neoplasm

The positive property of the drug is that after neutralizing the acid, it maintains the environment inside the gastrointestinal tract at a neutral level for a fairly long time and does not lead to the formation of gases.

When is the drug used?

Medication is taken:

- with gastritis with high acidity;

- stomach ulcer;

- inflammatory bowel disease;

- reflux-esophagitis;Almagel during pregnancy reviews

- cholecystitis and pancreatitis;

- swelling of the intestine;

- heartburn and abdominal pain due to inaccuracies in the diet;

- sometimes it is prescribed for flatulence and for the removal of some symptoms of toxemia and gestosis.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

Not always during pregnancy, "Almagel" is the drug of choice. It can not be used for kidney disease and in cases where a woman has an intolerance to the components of the medicine. In addition, in some cases, the drug can cause constipation, which for pregnant women is no less painful and dangerous than heartburn. Almagel during pregnancy Sometimes, nausea and vomiting may also occur, so the drug is rarely used to relieve the symptoms of toxicosis. But most often complications occur if a woman too often takes "Almagel".In this case, a deficiency of phosphorus may develop in her blood. Dangerous overdose also for the baby: excess magnesium causes hypermagnesemia, which can lead to his death. But a single dose of the drug and even the use of it for 2-3 days absolutely do not harm either mother or child. However, after giving birth it is necessary to refuse the use of this medicine, since it is able to penetrate into breast milk, which is harmful for the baby.

How to apply Almagel during pregnancy?

The instruction does not recommend the use of a medicine for women in the position for more than three days. Only in this case the drug will not harm either mother or child. But usually after the first reception there comes relief. Liquid gel substance is distributed on the walls of the stomach, permanently protecting them from adverse effects. Therefore, most often the drug is used once, to relieve symptoms. It is recommended to drink 1-2 mg of "Almagel" during the pregnancy half an hour before meals. Before use, shake the bottle well. And in order to better distribute the drug on all the walls of the stomach, after taking it is better to lie down. Because of this, it is not recommended to drink anything for an hour. When pregnancy "Almagel" is better not to take more than three times a day. This is quite enough to alleviate the condition of a woman, because the protective effect of the drug lasts about 5 hours.

Feedback on taking

For many years, Almagel has been used in pregnancy. Feedback on its use is mostly positive. The drug quickly brings relief and relieves the symptoms of toxicosis. Studies have confirmed that its components do not penetrate into the blood, so they can not harm the child. The positive experience of using the drug suggests that "Almagel" can be drunk during pregnancy. Women like its quick effect, pleasant taste and low price: the bottle costs about 120 rubles, and it lasts for a long time. But if heartburn torments a woman very often, it is better to consult a doctor about the appointment of a safer and more effective drug. After all, during pregnancy, "Almagel" is not recommended to drink for more than three days because of the danger of complications.