Find out if you can breastfeed your mother seeds

Every mother takes care of her newborn baby, and this manifests itself even in the smallest details. That is why, before giving birth, the question arises as to what nutrition should be for nursing mothers so that the baby does not have problems with the tummy and the digestibility of milk.

Basics of

It's worth mentioning that the menu of a pregnant, nursing mother and a woman who eats extremely healthy, nutritious food is practically the same. The main task now is to abandon the harmful products and the way to prepare various dishes, like frying. And eliminate the consumption of alcoholic beverages and coffee.


Immediately after the birth of a few days, a woman is recommended to follow a strict enough diet. You need to eat light soups or chicken broths, vegetable purees, bananas, black tea. In a small amount you can try milk and sour-milk products. This is necessary first of all in order to avoid constipation, which during this period is highly undesirable, especially it is important for women who have had breaks during childbirth. Further, the menu of the nursing mother is slightly modified and simplified.2 months of the baby's life, by the way, can be accompanied by colic, which often arise from the malnutrition of his wet nurse. It is necessary to avoid foods that are pukat: cabbage, peas, grapes, etc. Also, it is not recommended that the main meal be washed with sweet drinks( compotes) or seized with fruit, which causes fermentation in the stomach, which also leads to an increased occurrence of gases.

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Useful products of

Often in a desire to pamper themselves, women are wondering whether it is possible for the nursing mother to have sunflower seeds or other products useful to ordinary people. The answer is one: of course, you can. That's just necessary to be able to correctly dose everything that is tried for the first time. Begin receiving a new product you need from small portions and monitor the reaction of the baby. If the baby is okay, you can gradually increase the dosage, but not crossing the limits of what is allowed. Overeat this or that, even if useful, a product for nursing mothers is highly discouraged.

About seeds

Everyone knows that sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are a useful product that contains a huge amount of vitamins and microelements that are necessary for each person. Is it possible for a nursing mother to have sunflower seeds? If you follow the logic, this question should not even arise. But there is one "but".This product contains a certain amount of oil, so it can affect the fat content of mother's milk. Therefore, in the first month of the life of the baby, you do not need to use the seeds yet, but a little later - please.

What for to the mother of the seeds

Positively answering the question about whether it is possible for the nursing mother of the seed, it is worth pointing out why they are so useful. First of all, this product is an excellent antidepressant, which calms the nerves. It is useful for women who have postpartum depression with all the ensuing consequences. Also, the nursing mother needs to saturate the body with useful substances to give the baby with milk the best and most useful. And in the seeds contains a dose of all vitamins and trace elements that a person needs a day. So the question of whether it is possible for a nursing mother to have seeds should not arise, because this unique product is useful to everyone without exception.