Plague of our time or as transmitted herpes

There is a legend that this disease was sent down to the earth by the gods, to punish people for their excessively dissolved way of life. His virus can be in the human body throughout his life and does not give any information about himself. But this happens only in cases where immunity is in order. It's worth getting sick and loosening it up a bit, and the virus, hiding in blood cells and nerve endings, will immediately begin its rapid development. It began to be called the plague of our century, although not leading to death, but capable of causing serious skin lesions and cosmetic defects, and in some cases even make a person disabled. Therefore, it is necessary to know how the herpes is transmitted and try to resist this disease.

Specialists claim that more than ninety percent of the population of our planet is infected with this dangerous virus. The first manifestations very much resemble the symptoms of colds and are accompanied by a general malaise, unpleasant body aches and fever. Already the next day, well-being is noticeably better, but on the lips are formed transparent bubbles filled with liquid. There can no longer be any doubts - this is definitely a dangerous herpes virus. And here the question arises, "how is herpes transmitted and how did I get it?".Transmission of this disease is possible with direct contact with another person, whose herpes is on the mucous membranes. Is herpes transmitted by a kiss or sexual intercourse? Yes. Moreover, this method of infection has become the most common today.

Is herpes transmitted without touching another person? With the exacerbation of symptoms, it can easily be transmitted by airborne droplets, from objects that the infected person used( towels, clothes, personal hygiene products), and from the pregnant woman to the fetus. Women who are on the last days of pregnancy need to protect themselves as best as possible, avoiding contact with people infected with the virus. But even in case of infection, you do not need to panic, as today there are effective ways of treatment.

There are two types of diseases - herpes on the lips( the first type) and herpes genital organs( the second type).How is herpes transmitted in each case? If the first type of disease has many transmission methods, infection with the second type of herpes is possible only with sexual contact. Patients with herpes simplex can easily catch genital herpes and other varieties of this disease, so they are advised to be especially careful. During a sharp exacerbation, you must give up any type of sex or protect yourself with special antiviral drugs. After touching the infected areas of the skin, you should thoroughly wash your hands.

Now it becomes clear how the herpes is transmitted. To protect yourself from infection with this dangerous virus, you can observe the necessary hygiene, using only personal belongings, including handkerchiefs, towels and utensils. It is necessary to avoid casual sexual relations with an unfamiliar partner, since the condom does not protect from infection with herpes. The virus can be transmitted by any contact of the hands and lips. But if the infection still happened, it is worth immediately contacting a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. To date, scientists have not found a means that completely kills a dangerous virus, and even with careful treatment, it will be in the body. But there are a lot of drugs that can remove unpleasant symptoms, accelerate recovery and reduce the risk of new exacerbations.