Medical center "Stolitsa": description, address, photo, reviews

The medical center "Stolitsa" is a versatile institution that provides all kinds of services, from teeth whitening to phallic enlargement. The staff of this clinic is always happy to welcome people who address them. Before the appointment of treatment, the doctors of this institution will conduct a thorough diagnosis to understand the causes of the onset of the disease, and also to make an accurate diagnosis. Today we find out in which directions this institution works, as well as what the patients themselves think about it.

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Description, address

Medical center "Stolitsa" - is not one institution, but a whole network. There are four such branches in Moscow. One of them is near the station "Prospect Vernadsky".

The medical center "Stolitsa" has the address: Moscow, Leninsky prospect, d. 90. It is at the intersection of Kravchenko street and the avenue itself.

This center is a single integrated system that provides treatment, diagnostics, as well as the prevention of various diseases. Having come to this clinic, a person will solve all his problems in one place, within this institution alone.

Treatment directions of

Medical center "Stolitsa", photo of which can be observed below, provides examination and treatment in such directions as:

  • Allergology, immunology( selection of medications for asthmatics, recommendations on nutrition, pharmacotherapy, defining preventive measures,).
  • Manual therapy: use of various techniques of therapeutic massage.
  • Gastroenterology: treatment of problems of the digestive system.
  • Hematology: research and treatment of blood diseases.
  • Gynecology, obstetrics: examination and registration of pregnant women;treatment of various diseases in future parturient women;observation in the postpartum period. Therapy of various ailments of the genital organs in women, menopause, surgery, etc.
  • Dermatology, dermatooncology( diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases such as acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema, birthmarks, warts, candidiasis, onychomycosis, seborrhea, etc.).
  • Dietology: anti-cellulite massage, myostimulation, ultrasound liposuction, mesotherapy.
  • Cardiology: diagnosis and treatment of various heart diseases.
  • Cosmetology: laser hair removal, contour plastics, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, plasmolifting, cell rejuvenation, etc.
  • Therapeutic physical training.
  • Mammology: diagnosis and treatment( including operative) of various diseases of the mammary glands.
  • Neurology: diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the nervous system.
  • Neurosurgery, microsurgery.
  • Oncology: diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Use of methods such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgical methods.
  • Orthopedics.
  • Otolaryngology: treatment of diseases of the throat, nose, ears.
  • Ophthalmology: diagnosis and therapy of vision problems. Correction of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. Getting rid of strabismus, dystrophic eye diseases, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.
  • Pediatrics: observation, diagnosis, treatment of childhood diseases.
  • Plastic surgery: face, chest, body, penis plastic.
  • Proctology: treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, polyps, chronic constipation, fistulas, etc.

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  • Psychotherapy.
  • Rheumatology: treatment of diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, gout, lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, etc.
  • Vascular surgery: therapy of varicose veins, trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency.
  • Dentistry: restoration of lost teeth, whitening, implantation, bite treatment, etc.
  • Traumatology: assistance in case of fractures, bruises, wounds, nerve and vessel injuries, dislocations, animal and insect bites.
  • Urology, andrology: diagnosis and treatment of causes of male infertility, endoscopic operations, bladder disease therapy, etc.
  • Physiotherapy: electrophoresis, UHF, currents, laser, ultraviolet irradiation, lymph drainage, etc.
  • Endocrinology: diagnostics and treatment of thyroid diseasesglands.

Judging by such an impressive list of services, the medical center "Stolitsa" can really host people with all kinds of ailments. And experts will help to get rid of both banal ARVI, and a tumor in the chest.

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Diagnostic methods used

Before the appointment of treatment, it is necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. The medical center "Stolitsa", about which will be written below, offers such methods of diagnostics of various diseases, as:

  • ultrasound.
  • MRI.
  • X-ray.
  • Computerized tomography.
  • Colonoscopy( study of large intestine diseases).
  • Allergic examination.
  • Anoscopy( examination of the rectum).
  • Biopsy.
  • Diagnosis of eye diseases: ultrasound A-scanning, computer perimetry, ophthalmoscopy, pneumotonometry, etc.
  • Arthroscopy( diagnosis of intra-articular problems).
  • Study of ENT organs: audiometry, impedance measurement, tympanometry, endoscopy.
  • Gastroscopy.
  • Dermatoscopy.
  • Orthopantomography, etc.

The medical center "Stolitsa" on Leninsky Prospekt offers the most effective methods that have been tested in Russia. They have proved their effectiveness and safety. Now this institution is popular with people, since the treatment here is held at the highest level.

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Features of

What attracts people to the medical center "Capital" on Leninsky Prospekt? The advantages include the following points.

  1. Convenient location. You can get here by metro and by car.
  2. Providing a wide range of services. A person can solve all his problems in one place.
  3. Polite and friendly attitude towards all patients.
  4. Professional team of doctors.
  5. Flexible discount system.
  6. Regular holding of shares.
  7. The possibility of free consultation on-line.
  8. Twenty-four-hour operation mode for diagnostic directions, as well as traumatology.
  9. Help in placing out-patient patients.
  10. Ability to make an appointment with the Internet.
  11. Affordable prices for services.

The medical center "Stolitsa" is considered a modern clinic, which employs professionals able to cure most diseases of both adults and children.

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Programs and subscriptions

This clinic offers its patients the following services:

  • Voluntary health insurance.
  • Annual subscriptions for the right of preferential cost of a number of medical services.
  • Advantages for women. This is the choice and purchase of programs aimed at providing a full package of services for women of all ages. You can choose a suitable subscription for yourself, for example, the program "Thrush - diagnosis and treatment of candidiasis."Or, for example, the following subscriptions: "Selection of intrauterine contraception", "Pregnancy planning", etc.
  • Programs for men. There are a lot of them, from preparation to paternity and ending with the general characteristics of health. Each program has several options for people of different ages.
  • Subscriptions for children. You can buy your child an annual supervision and treatment program in this center.
  • Subscriptions for the whole family.

Also in this medical institution are often held actions, for example, a reduction in the cost of botox, relaxing massage, laser correction, etc. Often the administration gives retirees various bonuses( for example, 10% discount for all services).If a person invites his friends to subscribe to the site of this institution, he can really get a discount on the services of the organization.

Medical center "Stolitsa": feedback from employees of a positive nature

Doctors, workers, workers of this clinic are mostly flattering about her. The workers like the management, the team itself, adequate in all plans. The administration very carefully selects employees, therefore here there are the present professionals. Doctors like to work on modern equipment, because this ultimately determines the exact diagnosis of the patient.

Many employees of this establishment leave positive comments. There is nothing to find fault with. However, as it turned out in reality, everything is not so cloudless in this institution.

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Negative assessments of former employees of

Medical Center "Stolitsa" employee reviews do not always receive positive. There are a large number of people who regret this period of their lives. The former employees argue their negative assessments about this institution as follows:

  • Cheating on social conditions, wages. People say that in an interview with the management like all the like. However, as it turns out in practice, the salary is issued in envelopes, also with a delay. Instead of 24 days, only 14 are given leave, and even they need to be solicited. About the hospital in general can not speak: the administration does not welcome this.
  • Many doctors "breed" patients for money.
  • Flow of staff. What the content workers write is a lie. In fact, there is a turnover of specialists in this center. Experienced doctors do not tolerate such an attitude, so they are looking for new places.

Many former employees believe that those positive reviews about the medical center "Stolitsa" on Leninsky Prospekt, 90, which are on the Internet, are left by bribed people or simply stupid. And on the website of the institution itself, in general, the response is written by a whole staff of specially trained people for this purpose. And if someone comes to this resource and wants to leave a negative review, then it will not work for him, since the moderators carefully check all user ratings, so they throw out the negative texts.

Late responses of patients

Medical center "Stolitsa" reviews of people applying for help, gets different. Those men and women who liked this medical institution, note its following positive points:

  • The lack of queues. Everything in this clinic is thought out to the last detail. The recording is done on time, so patients do not have to sit and wait their turn.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of treatment. Doctors help quickly and professionally.
  • A real opportunity to consult a specialist on the phone.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • Competent doctors.

Disapproving responses of patients

Unfortunately, the medical center "Stolitsa" on Leninsky Prospekt, 90, does not always receive positive reviews. There are many forums on which this institution is criticized. Firstly, people do not like the fact that the staff themselves treat them not as sick, who need help, but as a regular customer for pumping money. However, not all doctors give directions to unnecessary tests or impose a gift for a person to purchase a gift certificate. There are some who really worry about each patient. But the opinion is built on both positive and negative points. And most often negative impressions prevail. Secondly, many people believe that the administration of the institution charges a fee for its services above the average in Moscow. Thirdly, some doctors are just rude at the reception or even ignore the patient's questions. Fourthly, in some patients after treatment in this institution the state of health worsened. And this can only say one thing: the qualifications and experience of some doctors of this clinic are in doubt.

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To risk or not?

Given that this capital medical center receives both positive and negative feedback, it is sometimes difficult for people to decide on the choice of an institution for treating various diseases. But, in truth, it's hard to find the ideal clinic, which only flatteringly responds. After all, people are different, each person has his own vision and understanding of the situation. For someone it is acceptable to overpay than to sit in line. Another patient is not suitable for such a situation. One patient likes excellent service, friendly attitude, others think that it is better to have old equipment, but an experienced staff. Therefore, to say that the medical center "Capital" is considered a standard or, conversely, an inappropriate institution, it is impossible. It is necessary to visit this clinic yourself to understand for yourself whether this place is suitable for you according to your criteria or not. In any case, there are many doctors here, and no one has abolished the human factor. Some professionals can be a soul to root for their patient, worry, call and be interested in the state of his health. Other, on the contrary, after the first reception forget about the patient. It is not necessary to row all doctors under the same comb. After all, in each clinic there are both experienced and beginning doctors. And it's not a fact that a newcomer will be worse off taking a reception or, conversely, a seasoned but already tired doctor of retirement age will put the correct diagnosis.


From this article you learned a lot of interesting information about an institution like the medical center "Stolitsa": description, location of this clinic, list of services. They found out that this institution has its own supporters, as well as people who did not like the service provided here. But people are different, everyone has their own point of view, so you can not write off this center. Still, there are specialists who can really help a person, get into his position, calm and get rid of the problem.