Light-curing seal: the pros and cons. Dental materials

The quality of dental treatment depends largely on the material used to install the seal. Many patients have an erroneous opinion that it is appropriate to place a light seal anywhere, but experts have different opinions on this matter. Light dental materials are considered ideal for installation on the front teeth or nearby. They have a number of advantages, and they have practically no shortcomings. Let's try to understand what a light-curing seal is, its pros and cons.

Material features

light-cured seal

Light seals are made from a modern composite, which polymerizes under the influence of a fairly strong light source. The composition of this material includes a light sensitive substance that decomposes under the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the radicals, which gives rise to the appearance of the polymerization process in the seal itself.

Composites are:

  • microfilled;
  • macro-filled;
  • mini-filled;
  • nanohybrid.

Particle sizes affect the filling index: the higher they are, the higher it is, which affects the strength of the filling material, and it is less prone to abrasion. However, the appearance in this case is several times worse than that of a seal with small particles of composites. But thanks to nanotechnology, it was possible to solve this problem while maintaining good strength.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The greatest advantage of a light seal is the plasticity of the material, which allows for a qualitative restoration, preserving all the features of anatomy, and the doctor may not worry that the composite will harden during operation. Thanks to the layered application, the lost aesthetics of the smile is recreated. Such material is able to penetrate perfectly into cracks and micropores, which provides excellent adhesion to the natural tissues of the problem tooth.

In addition to this, unlike chemical types of seals, light is not toxic and excellent to be polished. Also it should be noted and such an important advantage, as a large number of shades, which allows you to choose the right one. Many dental clinics offer their patients the installation of a light seal.

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There are some drawbacks to this material. A light-curing seal is not at all suitable for installation in hard-to-reach places, and it can not be used as a temporary seal. This is explained not only by the properties of the material, but also by its price. But, having established it, you can forget about visiting the dentist for a long time.

Service life

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All dental materials have a certain lifespan. For a light seal, it is 3-5 years, but such an indicator does not indicate that it will just so much. Due to various factors this term can be either more or less. It depends most often on the characteristics of dental care, and on whether the recommendations of a dentist are followed.

The service life is affected by the diet. The seal will serve much less if you consume carbohydrate food: flour, sweet, etc., and well strengthen the teeth products of plant origin.

Installation of

Before the installation of the light-cured seal, first prepare the teeth. Carry out their initial processing, if necessary expand the channels, clean them and seal them.

For the installation itself, modern composite material is used, with the help of which simulation is performed to restore the destroyed tooth. After that, it is exposed to ultraviolet light, so that the seal solidifies. Then the tooth is polished, polished and varnished.

installation of light-cured fillings

It is important to know that the material hardens quite quickly, and this can cause high stress inside the tooth and it can crack. Therefore, the photopolymer should be applied gradually, in layers. Light-curing materials are most often packaged in carpules or disposable syringes. This greatly simplifies the work of the dentist, because it eliminates the need to mix all the components before installation. It is also safe and sterile.

It is possible to install such a seal even during pregnancy, since it can not harm neither the future mother nor her baby.

A very important point is when after the installation of the filling material you can eat? It should be done in 1-2 hours, only in this case the seal will last long enough. If after the installation of light material the tooth begins to hurt, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because the likelihood of a medical error is high.

Are light seals dangerous for children?

Is it possible to put a light curing seal in small children? Many parents believe that such material is contraindicated to the child, if he is not yet 12 years old. So what is harmful light-cured seals for children?

than harmful light-curing seals for children

The fact is that such a material can be installed only in conditions of absolute dryness, and in children, due to physiological characteristics, salivation is increased, and they often close their mouths. When installing a seal in such situations, complications arise - it can fall out, become leaky, which provokes the development of caries. In addition, the light-cured seal is capable of releasing substances that adversely affect the formation of the rudiments of permanent teeth.


How much is a light-curing seal? The price of the material depends on the neglect of the disease. If the tooth is destroyed strongly and is in the visible zone, then the doctor will have to work quite a lot. It is the amount of work and the amount of material used that determines the cost of establishing a light seal. Therefore, the earlier a patient turns to a doctor, the less will be the price of the service provided.

The price policy also depends on how experienced the doctor will be in installing the light seal. The higher his professionalism, the higher will be the cost of his work, while the patient gets a guarantee that the restored tooth will last several times longer.

The average cost of a seal of light polymerization is 800-3500 rubles. In very neglected cases, the price significantly increases. In addition, if the installation is carried out on the front teeth, the cost of work will also be rather large.

Light-curing seal:

how much is a light-curing seal

reviews Judging by the opinions of people who installed a light seal, it is completely invisible in the mouth. If the doctor has performed his work professionally, then no one will even be able to guess on which tooth the composite is on. Such material has long proved itself on the positive side, and patients are very pleased with the results of treatment. Negative feedback, if any, is related to the cost of installing a light seal.


Thus, to make your smile aesthetically attractive, you need to choose the right dental material. But do not forget that it is important not only that, a light-cured seal or not. A greater role in this case is played by the qualification of a dentist, since the final result depends on correct treatment: the seal will stand for a very long time, and the tooth under it will cease to collapse.