Cream from the carcasses from "Avon": composition, action and feedback

Nutoptysis - a very unpleasant phenomenon, which is a coarsening of the skin on the soles of the feet. Dry corn is not dangerous, but causes some discomfort. You can get rid of the problem at home with the help of Avon cream. This is a fairly effective tool, the composition and reviews of which will be discussed in the article.

Why do they appear on the ground?

Dry calluses( or corns) appear on the soles due to cell death due to permanent mechanical stress. As a result, on the upper layer of the skin, hardened areas with blurred contours are formed. The main reason for the appearance of a similar cosmetic defect is the wearing of tight shoes. Increases the risk of formation of areas of coarse skin excess weight.

In the fair sex, the natypes appear more often due to wearing high-heeled shoes. Seals on the base of the toes( pads) and on the heels are localized. In neglected cases, they can cause not only discomfort when walking, but also painful sensations.

sunflower cream from eivon

To get rid of the keratinized sections of the dermis on the soles of my feet will help pharmacies and cosmetics. One of the active is the cream from the hives from Avon. The active components of this agent help soften the hardened tissues.

Description of cosmetic product

Cosmetics for foot and toe skin care from the brand "Avon" is no less popular than similar products for hands. The Foot Works series has proved itself from the positive side, because it allows eliminating not only the burrs, but also improving the condition of the feet as a whole.

The manufacturer, of course, recommends using all the tools presented in this line for better care. But, if you listen to the reviews of consumers, the cream from the avalanches from Avon is able to cope alone with the most common problems - dryness and coarsening of the dermis.

The product has a fairly thick consistency and a pleasant smell. The cream is packaged in soft tubes of 75 ml volume. You can buy it usually from cosmetic brand consultants.

Cream from the Avon onions:

composition A huge advantage of the product is that it contains the following natural ingredients:

  • lactic acid;
  • glycerol;
  • peppermint oil;
  • juice of the leaves of aloe;
  • bran seed oil;
  • menthol.

This complex allows you to effectively soften and moisturize dry skin on your feet. In addition, the cream also has a refreshing effect.

cream from the avalanches of aviens reviews

Lactic acid is the main keratolytic substance in the cream composition from the carotids from Avon. Its action consists in loosening of the cornified layer of the epidermis and its gradual elimination. Glycerin helps soften dry areas of the skin.

How to use?

Manufacturer recommends using a skin softening agent on the feet once a day. To achieve a visible positive result, it is necessary to do this for 10-14 days. In the summer, when the feet need regular care and moisturizing, the remedy can be used for a longer period.


Many people consider the cream from Avon herbals to be an effective way to combat dry calluses and coarsened epidermis. The drug is quite thick and therefore absorbed after applying 10-15 minutes. To use it because of this, many recommend only at night, first steaming his feet in a warm salt bath. So the cream will have a more pronounced effect. To enhance the effect after all manipulations, you can put on socks.

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You can apply a foot care cream on a regular basis. One tube will last for 1,5-2 months. The cost of such a cosmetic product is very attractive and is only 200 rubles. Very often the manufacturer makes shares in which it can be purchased at half the price.