Contact lenses Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua: reviews

So, today we have to figure out what the contact lenses Ciba Vision are. This product, as a rule, is not particularly advertised and advertised by doctors. Only he is still kept at rather high positions among the means for vision correction. Let's try to understand if it is worth paying attention to them. Perhaps, it's no accident the doctors do not advertise contact lenses Ciba Vision? Or are they really as good as some buyers say? contact lenses ciba vision


The first thing you should pay attention to is the proposed range of available diopters for vision correction. Not all manufacturers produce contact lenses that can help with farsightedness or nearsightedness of a severe degree. But this is not our current product.

The fact is that contact lenses Ciba Vision correct vision, ranging from -8 to +6 diopters. The step is 0.25.This means that you can easily and easily pick up lenses. But in the running versions of Ciba Vision are powerless. Only glasses will help. Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare. So, we can say that Ciba Vision contact lenses are universal. Each buyer will be able to use them to correct their vision. And all this, according to the manufacturer, without harm to health and comfort.

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What do we promise when buying this product? Contact lenses Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua is nothing more than soft lenses that help to correct vision. This fact already means that the eyes will be comfortable. After all, "soft" options are really more convenient, rather than obsolete and almost not encountering hard lenses. contact lenses ciba vision air optix aqua

In addition, for the eyes, this optics is almost imperceptible. Its thickness is not more than 0.08 millimeters. Yes, there are such lenses that you can forget about them in general - with a thickness of 0.05 millimeters. But this option is also quite good. Discomfort contact lenses Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua can cause only in extremely sensitive eyes.

Also worth considering - this optics is designed only for daytime wear. At night, you must always remove them, and then put in a special solution for lenses. In case of non-observance of these rules, as many buyers note, you can simply "drive" the lens under the upper eyelid, where it will be extremely difficult to get it. Sometimes you even have to see a doctor for help.

The manufacturer assures that contact lenses Ciba Vision Focus Monthly Softcolors( and other variants of "Siba Vision") do not cause allergies and are absolutely safe for the eyes. Practice and feedback confirm this. Exceptions, of course, happen, but they are extremely rare.

Term of use of

It should not be forgotten that contact lenses themselves have different effects. And we are talking only about the period of their operation. Contact lenses Ciba Vision Focus Monthly Softcolors reviews( like all the rest "Siba Vision") get in this regard very good. After all, the manufacturer offers a variety of operating times. Each buyer can choose the appropriate option for him. contact lenses ciba vision air optix night day aqua

The most popular are daily replacement lenses, as well as a month-long wearing. True, the price they have is quite high. In addition, you can find contact lenses Ciba Vision Dailies Aquacomfort Plus for a week, 3, 6 and 12 months of use.

Plus, at "Siba Vizhn" there are lenses not only of day time socks. You can find and order one-day overnight options. They are not very popular. There are reasons for this. Someone is just uncomfortable, someone pushes the price. Nevertheless, this approach to vision correction takes place to be. So, you can easily pick up what you consider to be the most profitable and suitable for you. Freedom and almost complete absence of restrictions - that's what attracts consumers to the goods.

Time of wearing

The time of day wearing of lenses also plays a big role in the issue of vision correction. Most manufacturers simply indicate that they can wear their product for no more than 6-8 hours. This, as shown by practice, is not entirely convenient. Especially if you work a lot and do not watch the time. In the middle of the working day, changing lenses to glasses is pretty stupid, is not it? contact lenses ciba vision focus monthly softcolors

Therefore, before buying "Siba Vision", you should know that they can be worn for about 12 hours. That is all day. The exception is the contact lens Ciba Vision Air Optix Night Day Aqua. As you might guess, this is a round-the-clock version - something that millions of ostentatious dreamed of.

But in the case of daylight lenses, as it became clear, there are no special restrictions. They must be removed before bedtime. Or earlier, if you feel discomfort. But buyers assure that such cases are extremely rare. This means that you can wear as many Ciba Vision Air Optix Aqua contact lenses as you wish. And all this without causing harm to health. The quality of vision correction will not be affected.

The convenience of the

Ciba Vision receives a variety of feedback regarding their convenience. Nevertheless, most of them are positive. After all, these are hypoallergenic lenses that can be worn all day without fear of eye conditions. So it's worth paying attention to them. contact lenses ciba vision focus monthly softcolors reviews

However, for particularly sensitive people this is not the best option for optics. After all, the thickness of the product is 0.08 millimeters. In case of increased sensitivity of the cornea, you will feel some discomfort during wearing. Therefore, we will have to look for other lenses, thinner.

But to insert and remove Ciba Vision is extremely convenient. After all, their diameter is no more than 14.2 millimeters. With such optics it is quite easy and simple to handle. It is worth putting on the lenses, and you will not be able to notice that you have something in your eyes."Siba Vision" is absolutely imperceptible on the cornea. This is a definite plus, pleasing to buyers.


Price tag is one of the determining factors, capable of alienating from the purchase. In our case, Ciba Vision contact lenses have mixed reviews in terms of cost. Some argue that the price tag is not so frightening. For monthly lenses, for example, you will have to give about 800 rubles, for three months - 600-800.And someone, on the contrary, assures that the cost is too high.

Here everyone can remain at the opinion. But, as practice shows, Ciba Vision - far from being the cheapest lens. Rather, they have an average cost. One-day and night versions of this company are expensive. A set for a week will cost about 1500 rubles. Not quite pleasing figures. Especially if you have a permanent vision correction. contact lenses ciba vision dailies aquacomfort plus


As you can see, contact lenses "Siba Vision" have quite mixed reviews. Doctors also can not give any specific information about this product. But, nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to it, if your eyes are not very sensitive.

Generally, before buying Ciba Vision, ask for advice from your ophthalmologist. Explain why you decided to use this particular variant of optics, and then ask the doctor about the products in more detail. Most likely, it is the oculist who will help you to decide the choice. If you want to experiment on your own, you can buy a Ciba Vision of a monthly action. They are not so expensive, then later regret buying if the lenses do not suit you.