What is better - motherwort or valerian? Methods of application of medicinal herbs

Sleep disorders, poor health, fast fatigue - all this may indicate a nervous breakdown. In pharmacies, you can find a lot of sedatives. Also popular are medicinal herbs. What is better - motherwort or valerian? Let's try to understand.

Indications for the use of valerian

Many people use Valerian as a sedative for overexciting the nervous system. At first glance, the grass is generally harmless. Droplets are prescribed even to newborns who sleep badly at night. The natural component can be used as a natural sleeping pills for adults. In addition, valerian can be used for stomach disorders. The healing herb helps to relieve spasm, helps to cleanse the intestines.

that it is better to have motherwort or valerian In drugstores you can find alcohol tinctures valerian or drug in tablets. The medicine in the liquid form is absorbed much more quickly, therefore it is preferable to take it. How does valerian work on the body? This component calms the nervous system, relieves spasm of blood vessels. Women during pregnancy can also take valerian. How many drops are required for a particular patient? Dosage is calculated based on age. How many years - so many drops.

Are there any contraindications?

It is a mistake to think that valerian benefits absolutely for everyone. Grass is the strongest allergen. There are many cases where valerian was the cause of edema of limbs and suffocation. An allergic reaction can develop immediately. At the first symptoms, you should call for emergency help. So what is better - motherwort or valerian? People with a tendency to allergies, it is desirable to choose a motherwort.

medical motherwort In some people, tincture of valerian can cause a drop in blood pressure. Therefore, people who suffer from hypotension, it is better to refuse from taking a medicine.

How is a medical motherwort used?

A herbaceous perennial plant belongs to the family of labial flowers. Tincture is obtained from dry leaves. The plant in dry form can also be purchased in pharmacies. Tincture, cooked at home, gives the best healing effect. To prepare a remedy, you need two tablespoons of dry leaves pour a liter of boiling water and press for 2-3 hours.

valerian how many drops Motherwort has a strong soothing effect. Its effect is several times greater than that of the tincture of valerian. This remedy is often prescribed to people with mental disorders, depression, and alcoholism. What is better - motherwort or valerian? Everything depends on the patient's condition. To simply overcome insomnia, it is desirable to use a tincture of valerian. Motherwort is prescribed in more difficult cases.

Who should not take Leonurus?

If the medicine is prepared for alcohol, it should not be used to treat pregnant women, as well as children. An alternative can be an aqueous solution. It is worth remembering that a motherwort in an increased dosage can provoke the development of side effects. These include pain in the stomach, lowering blood pressure, allergic reactions. Do not take medicine for patients with a duodenal ulcer, as well as gastritis. Patients with arterial hypotension before the treatment is advisable to consult with a doctor.

how does valerian work It is worth noting that the motherwort helps to thin the blood. Therefore, women with heavy menstruation at the time of bleeding it is desirable to abandon the use of medicinal herbs.

What happens if I exceed the dosage?

Both valerian and motherwort belong to sedatives. These drugs have a calming effect on the nervous system. If you exceed the dosage of a harmless drug at first sight, such unpleasant symptoms as a rapid decrease in blood pressure, indifference to others, lethargy will appear. Even a loss of consciousness is possible. What is better - motherwort or valerian? The latter is less potent, and therefore safer.

Sedatives can be prescribed even to children up to a year. However, parents should not blindly trust the advice of grandmothers. Before giving valerian to a child, it is worth consulting with a pediatrician. Some babies are hypersensitive to medicinal herbs. Alternatively, you can take frequent walks in the fresh air. The more the baby will be next to the mother, the more quiet it will be: in many cases the tincture of valerian replaces the simple sling.

Adults also should not take drugs at any convenient opportunity. Restoring health will help high-quality nutrition and good sleep.