Calcium Active supplement: instructions, reviews

"Calcium Active" is a biologically active additive, which is a source of calcium and vitamin D3.About what properties this drug has and how it should be properly taken, you will learn a little below. calcium active

Form release, packaging, composition of the biological additive

The preparation "Calcium Active" is manufactured in the form of tablets. They contain 50 mg of calcium, as well as 50 IU of vitamin D3.Also it should be said that the composition of this dietary supplement includes such additional components as calcium carbonate, calcium complexone and dried amaranth.

You can buy supplements "Calcium Active" in cardboard boxes, which contain blisters with 10 tablets.

Properties of the main components of dietary supplements

What are the properties of the "Calcium Active" dietary supplements? The composition of this medication is such that it has the following features:

  • vitamin D3 improves the processes of calcium assimilation, and also participates in the process of regulating the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium;
  • dried amaranth is a plant whose leaves are able to accumulate calcium in easily digestible form( due to it calcium deficiency is eliminated);
  • calcium complexon normalizes the work of the construction system of bone tissue and participates in the processes of calcium metabolism regulation. calcium active price

Action of the drug( biological supplement)

The preparation "Calcium-Active", the price of which is presented below, is highly effective when there is a lack of calcium in the body. Its reception helps stop the process of destruction of bone tissue.

Due to its composition, this dietary supplements promotes faster and easier absorption of calcium.

What is the purpose of the drug?

Supplements "Calcium Active" is indicated for reception in the following cases:

  • With parodontitis, gingivitis and other lesions, a decrease in the strength of the enamel, as well as an increase in its sensitivity and the development of caries, are often observed. With such conditions, the use of the drug helps to eliminate bleeding gums, reduce the risk of carious cavities and teeth mobility. Positive results can be achieved only if the intake of BAA was accompanied with traditional methods of dental treatment.
  • In osteoporosis, the process of bone destruction and bone tissue density decrease is observed in humans. Such a disease is usually accompanied by increased fatigue and aching pain in the back. In this case, the bones and vertebrae themselves become brittle, and the risk of fractures increases significantly, including with minor injuries. The reception of the preparation "Calcium Active" helps to reduce pain in the spinal column, increase the density of bone tissue and improve overall well-being.
  • With a slow recovery of bones, various fractures and growth disorders, and also during the period of active growth of children, the deficiency of vitamin D3 and calcium should be replenished by using this biologically active additive.

Contraindications to the intake of dietary supplements

This tool has almost no contraindications. It is not recommended to be taken only with individual intolerance of the constituent elements.

The preparation "Calcium Active": instruction for the use of

The instructions state that the drug in question can be prescribed not only to adult patients, but also to adolescents from 14 years of age. calcium active instructions for use

Calcium-Active tablets are taken orally during a meal. Typically, the dosage of this supplement is two tablets twice a day. In some cases( for example, with osteoporosis), the dosage of the drug should be doubled.

For the prevention of dental diseases, the drug in question is prescribed courses. Usually their duration does not exceed 1.5-2 months.

This treatment with active supplement is carried out about three times a year.

Side effects after taking dietary supplements

Does the negative reaction of the dietary supplement "Calcium Active" cause? Studies conducted empirically indicate that the use of this additive does not cause any negative effects.

Term and method of storage, terms of sale

The "Calcium Active" medication is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. This drug should be stored for three years in a dry, dark and inaccessible place for babies.

Drug price and consumer reviews

The cost of the BAA in the pharmacy network is about 90-115 rubles. Such a low price of the drug is very encouraging for patients who regularly use this remedy. According to their feedback, this medicine shows itself only on the positive side. It really eliminates signs of vitamin D3 and calcium deficiency, and also strengthens bone tissue and teeth. calcium active composition

According to the patients, the supplements "Calcium-Active" never cause side effects. In addition, it has almost no contraindications. Therefore, to fill the lack of calcium and vitamin D3 in the body, most consumers choose this particular drug.