Tire Elanskogo: application( photo)

Fractures, dislocations - dangerous injuries, especially when it comes to the spine. To cope with such damage is possible only in a hospital with appropriate equipment and qualified specialists. But the patient needs to be somehow delivered to the clinic, without aggravating the situation. And in this case a variety of adaptations are used, including the so-called shield of Elansky. This tire is designed to fix the position of the human body in injuries to the spine and thighs. Many people are interested in additional information about a similar subject. What is the bus of Elansky? Photos, indications and the way of application are important moments that are worth exploring.

General information

In modern medical practice, tires are widely used. Such devices are designed to fix, immobilize the damaged part of the body, which allows to transport the injured person to the hospital.

The bus of Elanskoy

In fact, there is a huge number of clamps:

  • Cotton discs are elastic tires that are used to fix the head.
  • The Shantz collar is a device that is applied to the neck.
  • Dieterichs tires look like two boards, one of which is equipped with bushings, and the other - with corresponding holes. Such equipment allows you to immobilize virtually any part of the body.
  • Shield Elanskogo( bus Yelanskogo) - device designed to immobilize the spine.

What does the device look like?

What does the Elansky shield look like? The tire is a collapsible construction, which is made of multi-layered wood. There is an adaptation of two identical halves, which are fastened together with special loops. If you deploy the tire, it looks like a silhouette of the head, neck and trunk.

The bus of Elanskogo: photo

The upper part of the device, which usually supports the neck, has a special recess, the edges of which are trimmed with a cotton swab. On the bottom of the tire there are special holes that are designed for straps and ribbons, through which the body of the injured person can be fixed.

Elanskogo bus: indications for the use of

We have already figured out what this device looks like. What is the shield used for? The tire is designed to fix and immobilize the human body with various injuries of the spine. This device is especially effective in case of damage to the cervical region and head. Sometimes the tire is used for fixation with hip injuries.

Yelanskiy bus: application, photo

Immediately it is worth mentioning that this device can be used only by physicians with the appropriate qualifications. An inept attempt to fix the spine can lead to displacement of the vertebrae and spinal cord injuries.

Yelanskiy bus: application

The immobilization scheme is as follows:

  • First, it is necessary to fully unfold the flaps of the Yelanskiy shield. The tire is then neatly placed under the head and back of the injured person.
  • A small pad of cotton wool and gauze should be placed directly under the back of the head( the size should not exceed 20 x 20 cm).
  • Under the neck( just below the back of the neck), a cotton bud is placed under the neck.
  • With the help of bandages, the victim's head is fixed to the tire.
  • The rest of the body is immobilized with the help of straps and ribbons that come with the tire.

What is wrong with the device?

At one time, often used the bus Elanskogo. The use of this device, as already mentioned, is useful in various injuries of the spine. Such damage is extremely dangerous, because the displacement of any vertebra can lead to compression or rupture of nerve roots, spinal cord, vessels and other important structures. There is a risk of paralysis of this or that part of the body. In addition, any movement of the victim's body is associated with a risk of pain shock.

What else is worth paying attention to?

Overlapping the bus is a responsible business. Any wrong movement can have dangerous consequences. That's why the fixation and transportation should deal with physicians.

Tire Elansky: application, photo

An experienced specialist also draws attention to the presence of concomitant symptoms and possible complications, including:

  • presence of deformities of the back and neck, their nature and location;
  • presence of pain syndrome;
  • presence of bleeding, cuts, bruising;
  • complaints of the patient on numbness in those or other parts of the body, sensations of tingling and burning in a traumatized place;
  • paralysis of one degree or another.

What can I achieve with the device?

The Elanskii bus is used to immobilize the spine. This device allows you to completely immobilize the victim's body and deliver it to the hospital. In addition, this device prevents the development of pain shock, which is inevitable when trying to move the injured patient.

Pneumatic tire and its features

Some hospitals quite successfully use Elansky tires. Nevertheless, there are more modern models of such devices. Such fasteners are made of soft materials. By the way, the opinion that soft tires are only used for moderate injuries is erroneous. Such devices are often used to transport patients with serious injuries, including spinal injuries.

The Elanskii bus is used for immobilization

The most popular for today is pneumatic tires. They are several hollow chambers made of soft but resistant material. If necessary, such an article is placed under the back of the patient, fixed with tape, and then filled with air. Thus, it is possible to immobilize the damaged area.

By the way, this invention is stable and durable, and it is easy to transport it, since the folded tire without air occupies very little space in the emergency medical care. A soft retainer is much easier to place under the patient's body. It should be understood that such a device is inflated with a special small compressor. This process takes only a few seconds.

How to fix the victim independently? First aid rules

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to call a medical team on time. Yes, and the Elansky fixator( or any other tire) is not always at hand. To immobilize the patient's body in case of acute necessity, you can independently use the available tools:

  • The basis for the tire can be a wide board, a door removed from the hinges or any other sufficiently strong device. The main thing is that the base is placed buttocks to the head.
  • The tire should be placed next to the victim's body.
  • You also need to prepare dressings, the role of which can play scarves, ties, belts and other fabric products. They need to be dragged under the board.
  • If the injured person breathes on their own, it is extremely important to keep his head in the position in which she was immediately after the injury.
  • The patient is carefully lifted, holding the clothes, and gently slides the support underneath. You need to move the body as a whole - the head does not have to move by itself, and the waist should not sag heavily. All movements should be as smooth and neat as possible.
  • After that, the body of the victim is fixed using homemade dressings. One of them must be fixed head.

Of course, this is an emergency measure. It is better to entrust such work to specialists.