"Viferon": what is better - gel or ointment? Instructions for use, feedback

In recent decades, doctors are increasingly assigning to their patients funds that increase immunity. Such compounds not only can overcome the infection, but also enhance the overall resistance of the organism in the future. Medicines are available in the form of tablets, solutions, suppositories and dragees. However, more and more popular gel or cream substance. This article will tell you about the drug "Viferon".Which is better - gel or ointment, you will learn further. It should immediately make a reservation that both medicines are used in the period of colds and epidemics for the prevention of diseases or their treatment.

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Cost of both medicines

When the choice of a drug is faced to a consumer, most people pay first attention to the cost of the drug. Both types of substance "Viferon" are produced in the amount of 12 grams. However, their cost is slightly different.

On the gel "Viferon" the price is approximately 165 rubles. The medicine in the form of ointment will cost you only a few rubles more - 170. From this it can be concluded that the gel drug is cheaper. But its cost is not much lower to try to save.

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Composition of drugs and indications for use

Before deciding on the drug "Viferon"( which is better - gel or ointment), it is worth considering the composition. Both medicines contain a human recombinant interferon. However, the amount of this substance is different. In the ointment there are 40 thousand IU.Gel "Viferon", whose price is lower, includes only 36 thousand IU.As an auxiliary component, the ointment contains lanolin, vitamin E and oils. The gel is based on glycerol, ethanol and water. It also contains methionine.

Indications for use of both drugs are similar. Gel and ointment are prescribed for the treatment of viral diseases accompanied by rhinitis. Also, the medicine is used to prevent bacterial complications, bronchitis, laryngitis and so on. An important distinctive feature of one type of medicine from another is that the gel is also prescribed for the treatment of herpetic infection, infectious diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.


Before choosing a specific type of medication "Viferon"( which is better), a gel or ointment should be carefully studied. Pay special attention to contraindications to the use of medications. Both drugs are not prescribed for hypersensitivity to its components. There are many more compounds in the gel than in the ointment.

"Viferon"( gel and ointment) can be used during pregnancy and lactation. However, cream form of the drug should not be prescribed to children under the age of one year. The gel can be used from birth.

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Compare the method of application

The drug "Viferon"( gel) for prevention is prescribed more often than ointment. The fact is that it is more easily absorbed and does not leave an unpleasant oily layer on the nasal passages. If we are talking about the treatment of a viral disease, then an advantage is given to the ointment, since it contains more active ingredient.

Ointment is prescribed for application on the nasal mucosa up to 4 times a day. The duration of therapy is 5-7 days. The gel is used in the area of ​​the nose, tonsils, on the skin, mucous membranes and genitals. Multiplicity of application can be from 2 to 5 times a day, depending on the disease. Duration of treatment - from three days to one month.

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Action of medicines

The drug "Viferon" reviews is good. The active substance quickly begins to work after the application of the substance. Interferon is a protein molecule by its nature. It penetrates into the cells of the viruses and destroys them, preventing further reproduction. The drug has a general strengthening, immunomodulating effect. The content in the preparation of tocopherol helps to soften the mucous membranes and has an antioxidant effect.

Methionine is an amino acid. Recall that, unlike the other components, it is contained only in the medicine with gel substance. The component is not synthesized in the human body, but enters it from the outside. It has a wound-healing effect on the surface to be treated.

"Viferon" preparation: what is better - gel or ointment?

From all the information received, the following conclusions can be drawn. Gel "Viferon" is more convenient to use. He does not have an obtrusive unpleasant smell. This is what is reported about the drug "Viferon" reviews. Consumers say that the drug does not form a greasy film on the treated surface, which can not be said for ointments. In addition, the drug in the form of a gel has a greater range of indications. It is also cheaper. You can use this kind of medicine even for newborn babies.

About the ointment "Viferon" reviews are not so impressive. It is worth the drug is more expensive, the testimony is less. It is forbidden to use for babies. To all else, the ointment can be applied only to the mucous membranes of the nasal passages. Some consumers say that the substance has a not very pleasant smell. Plus, the drug is called what has "Viferon"( ointment) analogs at a price much more affordable than the gel. The most popular drug is oxolin ointment.

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Let's make a small conclusion

After studying the article, you can independently make a decision, it is better to buy "Viferon" ointment or gel. However, do not forget that, in addition to the benefits of gel substance, there are also disadvantages - the medicine contains a smaller amount of recombinant interferon.

Before buying a medicine, consult a specialist. If you need the prevention of colds or other viral diseases, it is advisable to use the gel. In the treatment of more often prescribed medicine in the form of ointment. Buying a drug in the pharmacy network, be sure to clarify for the seller the type of drug that you need. Before beginning treatment carefully read the instructions and all the nuances. All the best to you, do not be ill and choose the medicine correctly!