Gel "Adov Root": medicinal properties of the preparation

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system cause a lot of inconvenience to people. They limit mobility, cause pain, interfere with sound sleep and significantly impair the quality of life. In some cases, the use of synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs is impossible. Then the recipes of traditional medicine come to the rescue. One of these assistants is gel( ointment) "Adov Root".This drug, which includes a plant complex, facilitates the condition of patients with spine and joint problems. Means worthy of talking about it in more detail.

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Along with the prepared water and other ingredients that bind together all components of the product, the gel contains

  • Indian onion. This plant has several names. In different sources there are Indian, Chinese and Japanese onions, and more capaciously this plant is called adov root. Traditional medicine recommends the plant as an effective means for anesthetizing and warming up muscles, joints and spine. In addition, it has an antiseptic effect, relieves swelling and increases blood flow.
  • Willow bark. The extract has a large amount of salicin and is saturated with natural vitamins. It is able to regulate metabolic processes, penetrating to the cellular level. The willow bark extract enhances the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of the gel.
  • "Adov root"( gel) contains a composition of red pepper extract and mustard powder. They additionally enhance the heating effect and stimulate the blood flow, which speeds up the process of getting the active substances into the affected areas.
  • Glucosamine. A healthy organism accumulates this element in tissues as a building material for cartilage, joints and bone tissue.
  • Chondroitin. The property of this component of the "Adov Root" ointment is to accumulate and retain in the bones of calcium. It is indispensable in the repair of connective tissue. In addition, chondroitin stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, strengthens cartilage tissues, tendons, ligaments and skin. In addition, the enhancement of regeneration depends on this component.

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Recommendations for the application of

"Adov root" is recommended to apply a thin layer on the painful areas( joints, back, muscles).It contributes to the improvement of well-being at the following conditions:

  • in the period of exacerbation of rheumatism;
  • with inflammation of the joint bag( bursitis);
  • for arthritis and osteochondrosis;
  • in the painful response of joints to weather changes;
  • with radiculitis and other "lumbago" in the lower back;
  • after sprains, dislocations, bruises;
  • after hard work or training with intense physical activity.

The gel "Adov Root" intensively affects the skin, causing considerable burning. After applying the product, it is necessary to lie down and cover the treated area with a warm cloth or towel. It is desirable for the patient to be at rest for 30-40 minutes. The therapeutic effect begins a few minutes after application and is maintained within 12 hours. It is advisable to apply 2 times a day( morning and evening).

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Therapeutic gel

The healing gel "Adov Root" acts as follows:

  • eliminates discomfort, relieves puffiness and reduces pain in the joints, spine, muscle tissues:
  • stops the process of salt deposition;
  • removes the inflammatory process;
  • stimulates the movement of blood and lymph;
  • promotes metabolism improvement;
  • accumulates substances necessary for the re-creation of connective tissues in the joints and tendons;
  • accelerates the regeneration of tissues after injuries, restores the mobility of joints.

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Gel "Adov root" can not be used for individual intolerance of components.

Children under 12 years of age should not use the product. After 12 years - only with the permission of the doctor, in the absence of an allergic reaction.

For pregnancy and lactation, the Adov Root can be used after consultation with a traumatologist or orthopedist.

Special instructions

The product is only used for external application! Do not allow to enter eyes or mucous membranes.

Due to the fact that the product causes an intense local skin reaction( burning), it is advisable to perform a test application on a small area of ​​the skin. With a strong burning sensation, the product is not washed off with water, but with sunflower, sea buckthorn or olive oil.

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Examples of application of

In what cases did patients apply Adov Root gel? Reviews suggest that buyers often purchase this remedy on the advice of friends. Women lubricate the ankle with ankle joints and feet before long wearing shoes with heels. Often the need for this medication occurs after construction or repair work, as it relieves back and lower back pain. Irreplaceable gel "Adov Root" can be in the dacha first-aid kit, because after digging up or weeding the beds often it hurts not only the back, but also the wrists and knees. This medication is actively used by amateur athletes, especially after intensive training before important competitions.

In case of falls and injuries, it is advisable to first see the doctor and use the gel "Adov Root" after consultation or as an additional therapy.