Kinesiotherapy - what is it? Method of kinesiotherapy

Kinesiotherapy is one of the new methods. Through this method, people's ailments associated with the spine and joints are treated. Further on, we will talk about such a method as kinesiotherapy. What is it? We will now tell. This therapy is based on the implementation of special exercises that restore the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich introduced and received a patent for this method of treatment.

Kinesiotherapy. What is this treatment system?

The essence of this method is that the body reacts to the pain that arises in the muscles. It is necessary to know that Kinesiotherapy Bubnovsky heals through pain. This specialist has developed a technique that shows positive results, but they are achieved by overcoming unpleasant feelings by a person.


It turns out that a person overcomes not only the pain in muscles that arise during the performance of special exercises, but also copes with the disease itself through the strength of the spirit.

kinesiotherapy what is it

There are diseases that can be treated with kinesiotherapy. These include:

  1. Herniated intervertebral.
  2. Osteochondrosis.
  3. Various curvatures of the spine, such as scoliosis.
  4. Osteoarthritis.
  5. Arthritis.
  6. Rheumatoid polyarthritis.
  7. Bechterew's disease.
  8. Chronic pain in the back.

It should be noted that Kyneziotherapy Bubnovsky as a method of treating back pain is prescribed by a doctor and carried out under his supervision. Not everyone can go through this course, because you need willpower to overcome the pain.

Also, some patients do not have enough strength to do the exercises. Kinesiotherapy at home is a problematic process, since there is no specialist who exercises control over the performance of the exercises. It is especially difficult to do them, overcoming pain.


Now you know the concept of "kinesiotherapy", what is it, we have already figured out. Now give some useful tips.

kinesiotherapy bubnovsky

Typically, patients who complain of back pain, after a course of treatment, doctors recommend doing physical exercises. They will provide a further process of recovery, and will also support the body in the norm. In this case, the patient can not exercise other heavy loads. After all, they can lead to the progression of the disease.

Features of

One should be aware of a method such as kinesiotherapy that is different from the traditional way to a healthy body. There are certain nuances, as mentioned earlier, all exercises are done through overcoming oneself. The method of kinesiotherapy is at odds with the appointment of complete rest.

First of all, a complete examination of the patient. This is necessary in order to determine the cause of the pain in the back. Further, the zones in which it is present are defined. After this, a set of physical exercises is prescribed. It is selected individually for each patient.

Classes are held in the hall, where special simulators are installed. Usually their number is about fifty pieces. To perform the exercises, the presence of a specialist is necessary. He will monitor the process and assist the patient. During one session the person, as a rule, is engaged in 30 simulators. The course of kinesiotherapy is 24 sessions. During this period, the patient mastered all simulators. After that, he can deal with himself, without the help of a specialist.

kinesiotherapy at home

The first time a person who is assigned to a course of kinesiotherapy, performs all exercises under the supervision of a specialist. This is called the basic course, which includes 12 sessions. Each exercise is carried out under direct supervision. After passing the whole course, the sick people feel improvements in their body, mark a surge of strength, lack of pain and others.

Specialists who control the process of training, gradually increase the burden on the patient as his muscles grow stronger. With each session, a person expands the range of exercises, as muscles become more robust.

In addition to eliminating pain in the back, kinesiotherapy is aimed at treating joints. Here, also, the course starts with a minimum level. And as the body strengthens, the load on the joints increases.

Positive impact of

When treating back pain in a way such as kinesiotherapy, do not apply any medications. In conjunction with this method, a visit to the sauna and cryohydrothermotherapy is prescribed. These techniques allow you to stretch the back muscles, remove swelling, get rid of inflammatory processes. Physical exercise and a visit to the sauna will provide a boost in vitality and a good mood. All this will help the most rapid recovery.

Differences of this method from other


Kinesiotherapy according to the Bubnovsky method has a number of significant differences from the conservative ways of the healing process:

  1. Exercises that are assigned to the patient are aimed at making the load fall precisely on the painful areas of the body. The traditional system of treatment, on the contrary, protects these areas.
  2. If a person is treated with kinesiotherapy, he will not be prescribed medications. Instead, a set of measures for improving the body will include a visit to the sauna and other activities aimed at restoring vital energy.
  3. The complex of physical exercises is done on the simulators and is controlled by a specialist who monitors the performance of the exercises. The latter increases the load as the muscles grow.
  4. People who want to use this method of treatment are advised to carefully approach the choice of a specialist. It is extremely important that the therapy be conducted by a professional doctor with experience.

Opinion of

specialists Now this method is gaining popularity. Many doctors began to use it in their clinics. This method shows good results, patients note improvement in the body.

kinesiotherapy by the method of Bubnovsky

The technique of such a plan can have a positive effect on the body not only with back pain, but also in restoring the vital forces of a person and increasing their ability to work. Therefore, those who want to increase vitality, increase energy, resort to the method of kinesiotherapy.