What are the signs of a heart attack in men and its consequences?

When an elderly person becomes ill, many associate it with heart problems and try to convulsively recall the first signs of a heart attack. In men, it happens much more often and the death rate from this scourge is very high. Therefore, it is important to correctly diagnose at the initial stage and provide the necessary first aid - this can really save a person's life.

Symptoms of an infarct in men usually are obvious, they are easy to recognize.

  1. The most important symptom by which you can determine the presence of a problem with the heart is the pain in the sternum. It hurts so much that it gives the impression that the chest is squeezed with large clamps. In this case, the pain can extend to the neck, hands( especially the left), lower back and lower jaw. This happens for the reason that due to damage to one or more arteries, oxygen, along with blood, ceases to flow to the heart in sufficient quantity, it begins to decrease its activity and there are severe infarction pains. These signs of a heart attack in men last at least half an hour, which makes it possible to distinguish them from heart pains, for example, angina pectoris.
  2. Symptom, to which few people pay attention in the first place and does not associate with a heart attack, is a pain in the abdomen. In this case, it is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and so many suspect food poisoning, which makes it difficult to correctly diagnose.
  3. Increased sweating is also one of the signs of heart diseases. The skin becomes pale, chills may appear, even repeated fainting is possible.

In addition, signs of a heart attack in men may be absent - in 20% of cases it passes asymptomatically. Yes, a person can feel slight malaise, lack of air or slight pain in the heart, but nothing more. Such cases are dangerous late assistance, and some may even go over a heart attack that has been carried on their feet.

The consequences of a heart attack in men can be very different, ranging from reduced performance to fatal. And in order for serious cases to be as small as possible, it is necessary to properly provide first aid to the patient. First of all, recognizing the signs of a heart attack in men, it is worth immediately calling an ambulance. Remember that every minute is precious, and the sooner doctors come, the more likely the person will have to be saved. While you are waiting for the physicians, put the patient in a horizontal position and provide him with complete peace. Unbutton the collar and get rid of tight clothes. In addition, it is important to calm a person, so do not lose your self-control and talk with him on abstract topics.

If there is a first aid kit nearby, put the nitroglycerin pill under the tongue under the tongue - it will help relieve the bouts of pain. And if you notice a decrease in cardiac activity( with no pulse at all), it is necessary to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation yourself before the arrival of physicians. Remember that the life of a person depends on your concentration and correct actions!