The drug "Azithromycin" for a child: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

Every mother tries to avoid the use of antibiotics during a child's illness. When a pediatrician declares the need for such funds, most parents begin to panic. However, not everything is so terrible. In some cases, antibacterial drugs can quickly cope with the infection and return the baby good health. One of the most frequently prescribed medications is Azithromycin. Instructions for use( for children, the drug is used often enough) will be presented to your attention below. Also you can find out about the substitutes of this drug and the reviews about it.

azithromycin for a child

What is "Azithromycin"?

For a child, the choice of the drug is very important. This medication is an antibiotic. He represents a group of macrolides. The drug has a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect on the patient's body. The drug is available in dosage of 100, 125, 250 and 500 milligrams. The main active substance is azithromycin. Depending on the form of release, the drug may have additional components. Thus, the drug is available in the form of capsules in a gelatin shell, hard tablets, suspension and powder for its preparation.

"Azithromycin" for a child is one of the often prescribed drugs. It is very convenient to use and can give a quick positive effect. Also this remedy is quite safe for a child's body.

When do children need a described antibiotic?

The drug "Azithromycin" for a child should be administered exclusively by a pediatrician. Independent application can lead to negative reactions and unpleasant consequences. The drug is usually prescribed after the analysis. Also, an antibiotic is indicated when other medications did not give a positive result within five days. The following are the main indications for the use of Azithromycin for a child:

  • diseases affecting the upper respiratory tract( tonsillitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, nasopharyngitis, and so on);
  • infections that have affected the lower respiratory tract( bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and others);Scarlet fever
  • ;
  • infections that cause damage to soft tissues and mucous membranes;
  • urinary tract infection.

This medication can also be prescribed by medics in other situations. Each case is individually examined.

azithromycin instructions for use in children

Contraindications to the treatment of

In what cases is it necessary to limit the use of the medication or completely to refuse treatment with the drug "Azithromycin"?Instructions for use( for children, contraindications are particularly important) reports the following situations:

  • the age of the child is less than 12 years( capsules, tablets) or less than 6 months( suspension);
  • kidney failure in a built-up form;
  • liver diseases, including those acquired;
  • hypersensitivity to azithromycin;
  • certain diseases of the stomach and intestines.

azithromycin instruction for children

Dosage of the drug

Usually, doctors prescribe a medicine "Azithromycin 250 mg" for children. However, for children up to three years it is preferable to give a suspension. The dosage of the medication depends on the age of the patient and the choice of dosage form.

For children under 16, the drug is prescribed in the calculation of 10 milligrams of azithromycin per kilogram of body weight. Since a drug up to 12 years is preferable to choose in the form of a suspension, the dose is calculated as follows. For example, your child weighs 10 kilograms. In this case, he needs to give 100 milligrams of azithromycin. The syrup is available in two doses: 100 and 200 mg per 5 milliliters of the drug. So, in the first case, the baby needs to give 5 ml of the drug, and in the second - 2.5.

Tablets in a dose of 250 mg are recommended for children after 12 years. At the same time a day should drink no more than one capsule or pill. It is worth noting that the treatment with this medication is only three days. Only in particularly difficult situations this period can be increased to 4-5 days.

azithromycin 250 mg for children

Features of the drug

If tablets "Azithromycin 250 mg" are prescribed for children, they can not be chewed and crushed. The drug should enter the stomach unchanged. When using the suspension, shake it well every time before use. Also the medicine should be washed down with a lot of water. Especially it concerns the liquid dosage form.

The medication is taken one hour before a meal or two after a meal. Also worth recalling the simultaneous use of other drugs. Many drugs can suppress or enhance each other's action. That's why doctors recommend taking a break in two hours between different drugs and "Azithromycin."

azithromycin suspension for children

Side effects of

What does the "Azithromycin" medication say about the medication? For children, according to the abstract, antibiotics should be prescribed only by a doctor, because this drug can cause side effects. However, doctors say that if the dosage is observed, the medication is well tolerated. Among the most common side effects, experts note weakness, malaise or anxiety, abdominal pain, stool or nausea.

Reviews of doctors and consumers about the medicine

Parents of babies say that the most convenient form of medicine "Azithromycin" is a suspension for children. The instruction, which is attached to it, tells how to properly prepare the drug and subsequently give it to the child. This product has a sweetish taste. That's why children gladly agree to such treatment.

Comments from consumers indicate that this drug is very convenient to use. After all, there is no longer any need to take the medicine for a long time. It is enough to drink the prescribed medication only three days. Also, the convenience of using the drug is that you only need to take the medicine once a day. The effect of treatment is not reduced.

Doctors say that this medication is quite strong. It is active against many pathological microorganisms. The medicine penetrates into the affected cells, and also acts on them from the outside. Specialists report that the composition has a positive effect after only two days of use. The child becomes much easier, and the main indicator of the drug is a decrease in temperature.

How to replace the medicine "Azithromycin 250"?

Instructions for use( children are prescribed medication often) reports that the active ingredient of this drug is the same component of azithromycin. Among the analogs of this medication, we can distinguish "Azitrus", "Azivok", "Azitrox", "Zitrolide" and many others.

One of the most popular analogues, which are often prescribed to children of all ages, is Sumamed - it is azithromycin( suspension).For children, the instructions clearly indicate the dosage of the medication. For each age and weight category, the doses are different. It should also be said that the drug "Sumamed" is available in the form of tablets and capsules. However, these kinds of medications are not prescribed for children who can not yet swallow the whole tablet.

azithromycin 250 instruction manual for children

Summing up

Now you know what "Azithromycin" is. This antibiotic is often prescribed to children. Remember that this type of medication should only be taken after a doctor's examination. Also, doctors recommend taking a combination of beneficial bacteria at the same time. Health to your child!