Hirudotherapy. Contraindications should be known

Hirudotherapy is a treatment with the help of leeches. Such a healing method in modern medicine has found the widest application. It does not use any leeches, but only medical ones.

Treatment hirudotherapy is currently able to save a person from a huge number of diseases. Sometimes the use of this method of treatment can be the patient's only hope for recovery. It is very important to note that treatment with hirudotherapy does not lead to negative consequences. With its help you can treat not only adults, but also small children. First of all, people who are prone to the development of stagnant phenomena in the body are recommended to undergo a course of treatment with leeches. This procedure perfectly copes with the treatment of mastopathy, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and legs, thrombophlebitis.

Complex hirudotherapy has proven itself in the treatment of gynecological diseases: endometriosis, uterine fibroids, inflammatory processes, menstrual disorders and climacteric disorders. She is able even to help women suffering from infertility.

Complex hirudotherapy is also actively used for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, such as: hypertension, dystonia, angina pectoris, heart attack, stroke, etc. Skin diseases also recede under its influence: acne, psoriasis, dermatoses, furunculosis, lupus erythematosus, etc. This procedure has a pronounced effect in the treatment of trophic ulcers. Leeches are very helpful in the fight against diathesis, stones, obesity and cellulite. Recently, medical workers began to actively use leeches and in the treatment of diabetes, thyroid gland, eye diseases, otitis and sinusitis.

It should be noted that not every person can use hirudotherapy. There are some contraindications to this treatment technique, but there are very few of them. Leeches should not be treated for those people who have a congenital blood coagulability, have hemophilia and anemia, in which a sharp decrease in the number of red blood cells occurs in the blood. Pregnant women are also banned from hirudotherapy. Contraindications for this group of patients should be strictly observed. The use of leeches in expectant mothers can lead to the development of an individual intolerance to one or more of the components contained in the salivary glands of the leech.

What else exist when using a method called hirudotherapy of contraindication? If the patient has a temperature setting the leeches can be done, but very carefully. As a rule, after the procedure a person becomes lighter, but still everyone should be guided by the personal state of health. People suffering from hemophilia, drugs based on the extract of the leech saliva are strictly contraindicated, as well as hirudotherapy. Contraindications state that people with such a disease after a procedure can have a lot of blood loss.

What is the effect of hirudotherapy? Leech when applied to the body gradually introduces into the patient's blood the secret of the salivary glands. In the area of ​​the diseased organ is about 50-70% of all active components contained in the leech released by the leech. Then the leech slowly begins the process of sucking blood. After a bite, the place of treatment for a few more days can give off lymph and blood. One session of hirudotherapy usually lasts no longer than an hour, although it should be noted that the leeches themselves determine when it is possible to finish the treatment and fall away from the enclosed space. The duration and number of courses for each person is formed individually by specialists. It usually takes 8-12 sessions to feel the improvement. To conduct sessions more effectively three times a week. Hirudotherapy, contraindications to which should be strictly observed, is well combined with massage, phytotherapy and other various methods of treatment.